Achieving World Peace – Part 6

Peace 321(Continued form Part 5.)


Jesus attributed the the drive towards world peace to the rapid evolution of those on the planet who’ve opened to the light.

“Humanity is evolving spiritually, and the rate of that evolution has increased enormously during the last fifty or sixty years, which is why you now see so many — not ego-driven but loving beings — actively involved in bringing peace and harmony to the planet as they strive to raise humanity’s awareness of the insanity of the old ways.”  (20)

Jesus spoke directly to starseeds, revealing how they had entered physicality to bring peace to the world.

“And when you use those peaceful states with loving intent, you not only correct your own imbalances, but you also assist humanity as a whole to move back into alignment.  You entered physicality to do this, and you are exceptionally well suited for the task that you have undertaken because you never completely lost your sense, your awareness of your true divine nature.

“Yes, your growing years did impose blocks or screens on your awareness as you learnt to fit into the cultural environment into which you incarnated, but always you retained a sense, an intuitive understanding of your divine essence which is absolutely indispensable if you are to carry out your holy task.  It was also necessary to undergo as fully as possible the enculturation through which all humans pass as they grow and develop, so that you could fully understand what they had to overcome or shed in order to awaken.” (21)

He explained to us what our parts were as lightholders and lightworkers.

“Here on Earth, as you play your parts as Light-bearers and wayshowers, the field of divine Love is having ever greater effects on all sentient beings because your Father wants you all to wake up.  This period in your spiritual evolution is not a random or chance event, where a momentary surge in the creative energy field that contains all that exists has temporarily engulfed your planet.

“This energy field is eternally expanding as creation itself expands.  There is nothing outside it because it contains all that exists, but – using an analogy to give` you a picture with which you can resonate – Earth, which was in its outer reaches, is effectively being drawn in nearer to its center where its power and strength are less easily ignored.

“This was planned eons ago and is occurring precisely on schedule to help humanity awaken from the nightmare of separation and abandonment in which it seems to have been enclosed, unaware of anything but this illusory realm of pain, suffering, and finally death.” (22)

Some authoritarianism remains, he said.

“Nevertheless, the energy of the old ways still maintains its hold on those who have bought into authoritarian attitudes as a way to feel secure, and the results of that are apparent in areas where the authorities continue to maintain order by means of enforcement.” (23)

But this barrier will be dissolved by the love of lightworkers and lightholders.

“You, the Light-holders and wayshowers, are changing that by extending outwards from yourselves the ever-intensifying, divine field of Love, into which you are permanently integrated and anchored, and by intending to share it with all of humanity.

“You have been doing this for most of your present earth life time, ever since you awoke to the reality of your essential spiritual nature and became aware that your reason for being embodied was to assist in this massive task of bringing all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.”  (25)

The forces of darkness can never win, he says. It’s the Divine Plan that love will triumph

“The intent for that state is spreading through your collective consciousness and will not be denied, despite the efforts of those who would maintain the old structures that have been dividing you and setting you against one another for so long.  Their time is past, and their power structures are crumbling though poor maintenance and lack of support.  Love is sweeping across the planet and melting all resistance.

“Know that this is so, that it is the divine plan, that it cannot fail, and continue to focus on the Light within you so that it blazes out more and more enticingly to induce all with whom you interact by thought, word, or physical presence to go within and find their own Light blazing there and intending to be seen and shared.  You are divinely supported in every moment, and your Father’s Will for Love to prevail, which is also yours, will not be denied.” (26)


Therefore in large measure, the war with the cabal is over. All the decision-makers among the Illuminati are in containment and their forward momentum has been stopped. Pockets of vengeful feelings remain among people, primarily in the Middle East, which will continue to smoulder for a time.  By Divine Decree, all war is destined to end on the planet and all military personnel are to return to their own countries.  The galactics are now enabled to take an active role in suppressing conflict whereas before they were restricted to a passive role for karmic reasons.  The coming of peace will be aided by a wave of love expected to sweep the Earth soon.

It’s time to revive ourselves from our disappointment at not finding ourselves fully anchored on the Fifth Dimension on 21/12/12 and assume our roles in building Nova Earth.  The old order is crumbling daily and will not revive itself. Instead people with new ideas and compassionate hearts are coming forward to take their places and build a New Earth in a Golden Age for the planet.


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