Achieving World Peace – Part 5

Soldiers Laying down Weapons(Continued from Part 4.)

Let’s add what terrestrial ascended masters Matthew Ward, Saul and Jesus say on achieving world peace to what Archangel Michael and SaLuSa have said.

Matthew Ward

Matthew warned us back in 2007 that, as regards “the onset of the Golden Age, not all of its glories are sitting on its doorstep, so to say.” (1)  Entry into the Golden Age would not mean the instant descent of peace on the planet. And he’s been proven right.

In 2008 he predicted that “the higher energies engulfing the planet cannot be weakened much less halted, and these energies are awakening minds to search for truth and opening hearts to actively work for peace for all humankind and respect for all life.” (2)

In October of 2012, Matthew described the gradual shift to peace that would follow our entry into Fourth Dimensionality at the end of that year.

“Despite [the cabals’] ability to delay major progress of reforms, Earth with her vanguard of lighted souls has continued moving apace toward fourth density. With the countdown now measured in only weeks, before long you shall see current upheavals and conflicts start evolving into a unified desire for a world at peace and the onset of Earth’s Golden Age.” (3)

Having told us that Dec. 22 would be a day much like every other and having been proven accurate, he asked us in his most recent message not to succumb to our disappointment: “What comes next is exceedingly fulfilling and gratifying—restoring to Earth and all her residents peace, health and harmony. You mustn’t ‘fall down on the job’ by letting disillusionment dim your light!” (4)

So it’s time to revive ourselves and get down to business – the business of creating a world at peace.  Matthew explains that only when the collective consciousness reflects our avid desire for world peace will this condition arise. “Only when the collective consciousness reflects the intense desire and determination of a civilization to live in unity and harmony instead of divisiveness and killing can this come about.”  (5)

He described the spiralling down of consciousness that followed the introduction of darkness into our world and reminded us that we’ve come to lift Earth out of this dark condition.

“After darkness entered this universe and the collective consciousness of some civilizations spiraled downward, only through one self-destructive era after another has a third density world been able to shake loose from its dark mooring and embark upon the pathway to peaceful, cooperative living. You all came to help pave that pathway on Earth and usher in a new, different era, the Golden Age.” (6)

Now, he says, “the day of dictators is over and so is the day of supporting those dictators for self-serving reasons.” (Matthew’s Message, March 25, 2011.)  Just as SaLuSa did, he reassured us that war would end incrementally and soldiers would return to their homes.

“All warring will end incrementally and troops in foreign countries, whether in combat, occupation forces or simply because military bases exist, will return to their own countries.” (7)


Early in 2012, Saul predicted that “the way that humans experience life is due to change dramatically for the better in the very near future.” (8) He offered a detailed description of the expected shift.

“As the year progresses and the higher vibrations are dominant peace will descend upon Earth. Already there are noticeable changes in the mass consciousness levels that can be registered by us, and more souls than ever are being lifted up.” (9)

Whether peace has descended on Earth as of the end of 2012 is a matter of interpretation. No major wars between nations have broken out but stubborn civil war continues to tear Syria apart. Saul describes the faults in our belief systems that support war.

“For eons, conflict, distrust, and betrayal have been the standard modes of behavior for the vast majority of those living on Planet Earth, and for that majority it is almost impossible to conceive of any other way because it appears to be standard and normal, and to actually trust anyone would seem to invite betrayal and would therefore be insane.

“Instead of trusting, you invest in defense, believing that that is the most effective way to ensure your safety, and from there you come to the next logical conclusion, namely, that the best form of defense is attack.  Wars are started and suffering is your constant companion.

“Guides and teachers have been constantly pointing out to you the fallacy of this belief system for a very long time.  Now, at last, their wisdom is being heard and understood by enough of you to enable great changes in the ways that you interact and communicate with each other – whether within families or nation to nation – to be put into operation for the benefit of all on the planet.” (10)

After 21/12/12. he said that “the new energies which ushered in the New Age are affecting all on the planet.” (11)

“They are opening up a new sense of awareness that is replacing the once-blinding cloak of insensitivity within which most have been living, as they soldiered on through the daily struggles and problems with which the illusion presented them. They are now opening to the awareness that life can and should be a far better experience than most people are having.

“That awareness is building the necessary motivation within them to do something to change their lives, to make them more meaningful, to live them peacefully and harmoniously by making them lives of loving service, instead of states of enslavement ruled by circumstances over which they seemingly have no control.”  (12)

People are now less willing to follow the authorities and more willing to follow their own hearts.

“The willingness to just do what the authority figures in their lives – governments, employers, religions, even friends and relatives, who have sought and often obtained unquestioning obedience from them – tell them to do is falling away, as they recognize and honor the right and responsibility to make their own decisions about how to live, and whether or not to obey orders or follow instructions from those who claim positions of authority over them.”  (13)

He predicted that “peaceful demonstrations will grow in number as the old order dithers, confused and frightened, as it tries to maintain its position of power and entitlement.”  (14) It will become obvious to the planet’s former controllers that their situation is now untenable, he said.

“It is obvious to even the most unaware that the present state of affairs is untenable. Only those who have ruled, and are continuing to try to do so, are in denial about their inabilities to maintain their positions of power and control.

“The New Age has arrived, and the old established order is peacefully (for the most part) crumbling, as the overall support it once enjoyed falls away.  New people with new ideas and compassionate hearts are coming forward to replace those who have been running the broken and unworkable systems of government that have caused so much damage – going to war, for instance – in their insane determination to remain in power.”  (16)

He describes how the populace is awakening.

“[The authorities] have no power; they never had.  But humanity chose to raise individuals up as heroes and leaders and then gave away their power to them.

“No longer.  It was a mad offering on the part of the misguided to the insane that is now being rescinded.  The peoples of the world have realized that no one has the right to control or repress them, and they are no longer willing to submit themselves to the authority of those who have consistently abused the positions of trust that they held.”  (17)

He predicted that those who try to remain in power will be abandoned by their minions.

“As the old system collapses there will obviously be some violence as the once powerful attempt to maintain their authority.  But those who enforce it for them are also realizing the complete unacceptability of the old ways.

“ They have worries, because they earn their livelihood by serving the system, but the divine energy field is leaving no one unaffected and unable to see the damage that has been, and still is being, caused by authoritarian systems of government, and they mostly no longer wish to be part of the dishonesty and corruption which have enabled them.” (18)

He advised us to focus on the loving energies arising within us if we wish to bring peace to the world.

“Focus on the loving energies that are arising within you.  Share them freely, and know that you are ready to release your fears and anxieties as you move forwards to take your places in the cooperative and harmonious world that you are building to replace the one that has so miserably failed you.

“The new energies are flowing through you powerfully and abundantly, so avail of them by embracing them and learning to use them.  They are a divine gift, given to you so that you can reconnect with Yourselves, recognize who You really are, and open into the perpetual joy and wonder of that divine state.” (19)

Finally let’s listen to what Jesus has said about bringing peace to the world.

(To be continued in Part 6.)

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