A World that Works for Everyone: What Are We Waiting for?


Poster for A World that Works for Everyone event, Werner Erhard, around 1979

I’m hoping that, over the course of this next week, with all the articles posted on people around the globe joining together to build Nova Earth, you’ll see that “the human collective,” as Archangel Michael calls it, is definitely on the move co-creating Nova Gaia in the Golden Age of humanity.

I could list a page full of men and women and organizations who are awake to the task and at work. Many people are using different language to describe what they’re doing.

Some call it life-affirming. Others speak of the new paradigm. You know that we speak of it as manifesting the divine qualities in our lives. People are all pointing at the same thing. Best to look at the moon and not at the finger pointing to the moon.

Humanity is on the move and it isn’t adequate to say that we all somehow hit upon this in a crazy fit of synchronicity. All of this attests to the blossoming of consciousness under the effect of the continuously-rising energies on the planet, just as our sources have been saying.

There are two phases to this work. One is to stop the behavior that we conditioned ourselves to for so many centuries – just to stop!  No more ifs, ands, or buts. Never mind saying that guns don’t kill, people do. Get rid of your guns or put them away. Never mind saying “she got what was coming to her.” Stop violence against women. Never mind calling universal medicare “socialist.” Step up to the plate and provide free health care for everyone, as so many other countries have.

The second phase is to open up to the expansion of consciousness sweeping the planet and let it in! The second phase is to really understand at a deep level that we have taken a fundamental turn in human existence. That turn is to commit ourselves now to consciously refine and expand our manifestation of the divine qualities in our lives every minute of every day. And it isn’t a goal and an agenda for this lifetime only, but for every other lifetime we live from this moment on.

I see that so clearly now and I just wish it was an idea that one could pass along as one does a business card. But it isn’t. It’s something each of us has to get for herself or himself.

It now makes a huge difference whether or not we align with the divine qualities because there’s a mammoth price to pay if we don’t. The train is leaving the station and those who insist on behaving as if nothing they do makes a difference or those who continue to practice violence, greed and selfishness, will, one way or the other, be left far, far behind. It’s definitely “Showtime!”

Playing small or playing brutal will no longer make it. Those who insist on playing small will be left behind in the tidal wave of divine emergence that is already occurring. And those who insist on playing brutal will simply not be allowed on the train.

It’s our time as lightworkers to clamber aboard the Freedom Train and shovel coal, or seat the passengers, or make the food, or make the beds. This is our train.

And this is the Day of Deliverance. It’s the “We Shall Overcome Some Day” Day.  It’s the Day the Earth Stood Still – and then took off at lightning speed.

We’re headed for a world that works for everyone, as Werner Erhard said more than forty years ago. He saw it clearly, just a few decades ahead of his time.

He called it an idea whose time has come, a shot heard round the world. And you can hear its echo this week here in these pages. The question is: What are we waiting for?

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