SanJAsKa’s Special Message for Listeners of 2013 – Hope for Our New World

Wes Annac 2-02-02SanJAsKa’s Special Message for Listeners of 2013 – Hope for Our New World

Stephen: This is the special message from SanJAsKa, channellled through Wes Annac, that Wes read out during the 3-hour live InLight Radio Special, 2013 – Hope for Our New World which aired tonight, Sunday January 20, 2013.

You can listen to the whole program here:–hope-for-our-new-world

SanJAsKa’s Message:

We are here for every one of you dearest souls who feel as if you have been misled or as if the events surrounding December 21st did not Live up to the expectations that have been garnered.

We wish for each and every one of you to know that your ability to bring the vibrations of the higher realms unto yourselves is stronger than it could ever be at present, as the alignment of the 21st served to bring-forth a very powerful expelling of the grid of darkness that has been fed and established on the surface and within the collective consciousness of the Earth for a millennia.

Mankind had been previously feeding and contributing to the manifestation of the densest energies that could be expressed, and the very darkness that has kept its grip upon the minds and hearts of humanity is now finding its influence diminishing in every moment. The despair that some experienced surrounding the 21st of December can now be taken and turned into a further drive to assist your planet and to bring your collective consciousness back into the higher vibrations permeating your world and your perspectives.

We will continue to discuss how much Light you have to contributed to the surface of the Earth, and those of you who may be feeling the most down at present about what you perceive to be a lower dimensional experience and existence that is never-ending, will be the ones contributing with all of yourselves to the repair and restoration of a world whose citizens truly do know that the time for real, positive, blatant and uplifting change has come.

The few with influence, money and power on your world cannot survive in the higher vibrations you are traveling to as a planet, and will be offered the opportunity to jump ship and join the side of the Light. Every action the cabals have committed will have Light shined upon them in the time ahead, and so many of you have already worked so hard to spread the truths that will bring the impetus forth to enact change. Everything you have done up until this point has set the stage for the New World you have waited for and worked so very hard to attain.

We ask you, dearest souls, not to give up in this crucial and important leg of your journey for you are so much closer to your goal than you realize.

The Light at the end of the tunnel is revealing itself to each of you individually, and you have the opportunity to not only recognize this Light, but to bring it through yourselves and radiate it out to all who are lost in the same tunnel of lower dimensionality as you. Perhaps “lost” is not the best word to describe your inhabitance of the lower realms as indeed, many of you are on Earth to do exactly what you are doing now; namely, introducing the vibrations and concepts that underlie a higher dimensional experience.

During this important and magical year of 2013, we will focus much of our energy on helping you to realize the power you possess as a collective body. As a collective consciousness, there is no change you cannot enact and no truth you cannot bring to the Light and truly, you have been separated on purpose with stereotypes and assumptions about your fellow Man that are designed to hold you back and keep the Light away from you.

This has been for the purposes of maintaining the dark’s influence upon your world and those of you who may feel disillusioned at present as a result of the perceived continuance of third dimensionality after a date and timeframe that has been highly publicized, will only feed the lower energies that can no longer survive on the surface of the Earth if feeling in a state of despair or distraught because of the New Earth energies having not descended in the expected manner.

We tell you that they are truly all around you and can be felt even now, and while your attempts to feel these energies may not place you within the fifth dimensional experience we know you are so ready to return to; you will be introduced to healing Light planes and fourth dimensional planes that will leave you in awe, and you will take the vibrations and insight you will gain from such planes and use them to uplift, inform and reintroduce the collective of Earth to the concepts of Love, Oneness, harmony and sustainability for all.

We Love you all so very much, and we look forward to helping you along your now-heightened and refined missions as your year 2013 shakes things up exponentially, in your personal Lives and on the world stage. We are looking upon you and will continue to be, and we will admire your Light for eternities to come.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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