The Nova Earth Society Needs Your Help for Expansion and Sustainability

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What We’re Up To

The Golden Age of Gaia (formerly the 2012 Scenario), InLight Radio, the Hope Chest and the Pre-NESARA Team announce the foundation of the Nova Earth Society.

We’re taking steps to ensure our sustainability and expand our work to co-leading efforts to create Nova Earth, a new-paradigm, global society founded on the divine qualities, in a world that works for everyone.

To accomplish these ends, we’re beginning a two-week fund-raiser and will record our progress.

We’re a group of 20 dedicated lightworkers who publish this blog, produce radio shows and videos, develop and publicize the new paradigm, administer a discussion group, secure charitable funds for lightworkers, and are at work establishing a Pre-NESARA pipeline for lightworkers.

To donate to the Nova Earth Society fund-raising campaign, hit the Hope Chest logo.


We’re cognizant of our responsibility to co-create Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone, along with the folks who’ve come here for that purpose – the lightworkers, starseeds, galactics, ascended masters, and archangels. We take that task seriously and pursue it passionately.

Just as we laid out the Ascension scenario in as much detail as we could, so we’ll now lay out the path of co-creation of the New Earth in the same detail.

We continue to work for the Company of Heaven; that hasn’t changed. But part of our focus is shifting now from supporting the Company of Heaven in the work of publicizing Ascension to supporting them through hands-on work to co-create  Nova Earth. We’re a part of the human collective that’s stepping forward onto the world stage, partners in creating the New World.

We intend to expand our work.  It’s just a question of time before there’s an InLight TV as well and this needs planning and creating also.

Down the line, we plan to host a series of conferences on co-creating Nova Earth. And we’re at work building a Pre-NESARA financial pipeline for lightworkers.

Our present campaign has several purposes.

  • It’s intended to raise money for the Hope Chest to disperse to other lightworkers who are struggling.
  • It’s intended to support a number of editors in urgent need of assistance to remain at their posts until a more permanent funding arrangement can be found. That’s its sustainability component.
  • It’s also designed to give us time to plan an expansion of existing print and radio capabilities and enter the field of television eventually. That’s its expansion component.

We’ll be seeking funding from other sources for the expansion phases of our work. That we can’t comment on at present although team members are working on them.

We considered putting a subscription rate on the site and on InLight Radio programs and we don’t want to go there. We’d like to keep our offerings free. However, we now need to put in place a realistic means of financing our work, which this fund-raising campaign and other future and related elements of it aim to satisfy.

Other lightworkers are doing the same work. We have no desire to represent ourselves as somehow pivotal or indispensable. We’re only one lightworker group among many doing as much as we can and willing to cooperate with all who aim to build a Nova Earth.

Before we look in detail at the fund-raising drive, we’d like to tell you more about aspects of our work that will benefit from it, one of which we haven’t discussed publicly before though it’s been ongoing for a year.

The Hope Chest

All of you know the work of the Hope Chest and many of you may have benefited from it. Lightworkers have been kept from homelessness by it. Others have been helped to pay their heat and electricity bills.

Others have had pressing medical procedures attended to, dental work, clothing for winter gotten from storage lockers that were padlocked.  One lightworker can only buy her medicine because of it.

The Hope Chest was the first charity that I’m aware of that specifically helped lightworkers and its work goes on.

Casey, who’s now President, succeeding Dave who began the Hope Chest, sends these four letters from recipients to give an idea of what it’s been used for.

1. Oh, Wow! I am so very Grateful and Thankful for you Wonderful People! You have made my Children and I so Very Happy! This is like a Miracle, you have no idea how much this means to us! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


This will pay the gas & electric bill for this month (heat + electricity!)

Thank you so much — I’d SO much rather be donating than asking for help!

And, yes, this DOES give me hope that things will get better! Again, bless you!

3. This will take care of the rest of the month’s bills. Thank you so very much for making our life easier through the Hope Chest gifts!

Blessings to you, Steve and anyone else involved in your work! You are making such a difference!

4. Beloved Dave and the “Hope Chest.” You probably already know this, but you have kept so many Lightworkers off the street with a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs, so that they have been able to focus on the needed “work” to transform our world. MAY GOD BLESS you ALL for the very kind and generous assistance that you give.

The work of the Hope Chest doesn’t depend on what did or did not happen on 21/12/12. The need remains and so our work goes on and will go on until it’s no longer needed.

So part of the fund-raiser that we’re planning is designed to replenish the Hope Chest to continue its task until Pre-NESARA or NESARA kicks in.

The Pre-NESARA Team

Most readers don’t know that we have, and have had for a year, a Pre-NESARA component to our work. Its work has been ongoing behind the scenes.

What is meant by “Pre-NESARA” is a component of the abundance program intended solely for lightworkers, to get them back on their feet and ready to start their missions.

The Pre-NESARA Team was originally called the Bridge Fund. I know that people think that nothing’s been happening behind the scenes in this whole area. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A team of people has been laboring for more than a year, sharing their means, and existing on minimal funds, some with families to house and feed, foregoing salaries as professionals in mainstream employment to work for the sake of lightworkers.

One lightworker recently said that Pre-NESARA was not real. Yes, it’s real. Others think the secret sources of wealth do not exist. They exist. The flow of funds has simply been held up by the banking cartels.

Our efforts have been stymied by corrupt banking officials who either held up attempts to create a funding channel or demanded kickbacks for the cashing of financial instruments, which had to be raised from and paid for by willing deep-pocket lightworkers. No matter how many hurdles we leapt, the labyrinthine structure of global finance imposed more. It’s as if they battened off attempts to end the financial distress of lightworkers.

The world’s population have been unable to stop the 1% from concentrating and siphoning off the wealth of the planet. Prosperity now needs to be extended to all and it’s the object of our work and that of other groups to bring abundance at least to lightworkers. We leave it to the Company of Heaven to bring in NESARA itself.

Other teams out there are engaged in this work. There are rumors that one Pre-NESARA fund has started (Clayton Hannah) but no firm indications.

One team member willingly exhausted her entire fortune supporting this effort and another exhausted a good portion of hers, while other team members also shared whatever they had with each other to keep the team in place. The common struggle to remain together and finish the task has created strong bonds among the members of the team.

These people are unsung heroes and their stories cannot yet be told. I’ve been unable to refer to this team’s workings at all until now. And even now I can only give you the barest of details.

The work of the Hope Chest will be replaced by the Pre-NESARA funds when they arrive.

The Golden Age of Gaia (formerly the 2012 Scenario) and InLight Radio.

Our teams overlap. Some who are editors or radio show hosts are also members of the Hope Chest and the Pre-NESARA group, etc.

The Golden Age of Gaia, formerly the 2012 Scenario, grew from a small, one-man blog fighting the cabal to a large lightworker daily publishing 365 days a year with what would be considered anywhere else to be a very small and dedicated all-volunteer staff.

We receive on average 50,000 hits a day and on some days 120,000 hits. We’ve never charged for any of our products or services and want to continue along those lines.

Graham Dewyea began InLight Radio, which has involved several different radio programs throughout the week. It just passed one million listens, with an average of 7,000 listens a day. To date, shows have covered spirituality, current events, news, and the Ascension scenario and have brought thousands and thousands of listeners and lightworkers into contact with the galactic and archangelic realms.

In addition, InLight Radio produced the video We Know Our Galactic Family is Here. Do You? which passed 4 million views back in the mid-December, despite the 240,000 figure that Youtube reports.

The new mandate of the Golden Age of Gaia and InLight Radio now becomes building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone – relieving poverty in the world, ending conditions of exploitation and oppression for women and children, overturning economic arrangements that saw the raping of the Earth and the channeling of the world’s wealth into the hands of a few,  transmuting the medical model into practices and therapies that benefit all, building a tolerant, cross-cultural spirituality, and similar goals.

And during all of this, its mandate is to propagate the new paradigm of the divine qualities and to bring all social groups together in this task.

The cabal is now contained. The Company of Heaven is attending to the largescale events like NESARA, Disclosure, Accountability and the next phases of Ascension. We believe that the Company of Heaven intends for us to co-create with them the new society that Nova Earth is.

We suspect we may face criticism. We’ve been roundly criticized in the past. But we also know that we must start the work of taking this Earth out of the old paradigms of exploitation and oppression by working as an entire world to enter into the era of the new paradigm of the divine qualities.

Our group of teams is multi-faceted, organized and dedicated. We have the infrastructure, experience and the commitment to do the work we intend to do. And we have a track record of proven success, as far as it’s in our power to deliver.

Our hearts are in continuing this work, but we must have help if we’re to spearhead building Nova Earth, as we want to do.

Our Fund-Raising Campaign

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in two weeks from those already experiencing abundance. Donations must be by choice. No one should feel obliged to.

This appeal is not being made to lightworkers who are struggling. We’re appealing to those lightworkers who have abundance, deep pockets, the wherewithal to assist. Please if you have little to give, hold onto it. It’s our task to see that you receive rather than give.

What is that money to be used for?

Half of it ($50,000) goes to replenishing the Hope Chest to continue providing relief for lightworkers until NESARA arrives.

Half of it ($50,000) is destined to assist a number of our twenty editors, radio hosts, and Pre-NESARA team members who, with the non-eventuation on 21/12/12, now face the need to continue working but with no means of support.

Over the next two weeks, those with the means (and only they) are invited to contribute by donating to the non-profit Hope Chest, using the Hope Chest button in the righthand column. The money donated in the next two weeks will be used in the ways described above.

The other phases of the campaign we cannot discuss at the moment, but they will also be pursued. Once they’re in place, we’ll be able to share about them as well.

When they’re in place, we hope to host two types of conferences to begin the planning of Nova Earth.

  • One will be for world leaders, specialists and experts in a number of fields from humans rights to governance and legislation, from universal health care to spirituality. This first type of conference is not intended as a public event though it may be broadcast later.
  • The second will be public conferences with speakers who discuss various topics connected with building Nova Earth. Once NESARA comes, these events will all be paid for but until it does, lightworkers should realize that we cannot make them free. Expenses must be paid for.

So we invite you to be our partners in our plans and their accomplishment. You know us. You’ve benefited from what we’ve created. You know we can deliver if given the support we need. We intend to use that support to co-create Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone and to create the pipeline through which can flow abundance to lightworkers.

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