Light Stewards: Agreements on Accountability

Light Stewards: Agreements on Accountability

Yesterday, Light Stewards – Sisters and Brothers of Unity posted the document Building and Preserving the Light as a tool for Lightworkers to consider using when associating with others.

Today we share Agreements on Accountability (below) that individuals and teams may also find useful when working on projects together.

We encourage you to use it and share it as you see fit.

Light Stewards – Sisters and Brothers of Unity is a new group that has taken upon itself the educational and facilitative role of providing suggested guidance for lightworkers who wish to adopt high standards of integrity and the embodiment of Fifth Dimensional qualities as we prepare ourselves for ever-expanding roles in the Golden Age.

Our goal is to generate and share documents which help us to be squeaky clean in our behavior, which in turn allows bliss to rise within us. We also feel that these documents align us with the new paradigm of the divine qualities which we think will make Ascension easier and smoother.

Agreements on Accountability 

I agree to the following:

  • To make my work here a priority, not a side attraction
  • To be truthful with myself and others
  • To be open-hearted and vulnerable
  • To not engage in or foster drama
  • To respond and communicate to others in a timely manner
  • To attend scheduled meetings and be on time
  • To complete tasks in a timely and high-quality manner
  • To close the communication loop by reporting task completion
  • To follow through on guidance and recommendations for improvement
  • To pull our own weight and do our fair share
  • To deal with disagreements and conflicts head on, in in a timely manner, while communicating harmlessly (ahimsa) and doing everything possible to preserve the peace
  • To let go of ego and attachment (which could be considered to be captured in the words “I want”) as much as possible
  • To embrace personal growth, expansion, and unfoldment for the highest good of all
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