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Obstacles to a Smooth Ascension: Perpetrations

Perpetrations make a bumpy road

I’ve posted the remaining articles in this series here: “Obstacles to a Smooth Ascension,” at for those who are following it.

I’d almost like to do a Top Ten of the obstacles to a smooth Ascension. One thing that fazes me in doing so is to give the impression that I’m somehow not subject to these obstacles, along with everyone else.

I ran an inch of water in the bathtub today to see if I could walk on it and I sank below the surface. So I’m not there yet myself. But I benefit from a discussion such as this, along with anyone else who does.

Number One on my list of obstacles to a smooth Ascension was vasanas, the reaction patterns we inherited from the trauma of our younger years. We spoke about that a few days ago. (1)

Number Two would be perpetrations.

Perpetrations are harmful acts we deliberately and mindfully commit. If we commit a harmful act but without deliberation and mindfulness, we usually call it an accident. Often when we perpetrate and get caught, we may try to represent the act as an accident, but it still has consequences for us, even if we succeed in fooling others – perhaps especially when we succeed in fooling others because we’ve perpetrated a second time thereby.

The consequence is to take us out of alignment with our higher self, out of integrity or wholeness. We tend to start a skewing within ourselves that just grows and grows with each fresh perpetration.

A perpetration can be a lie, a threat, an attack – anything that harms. It can be big or small, blatant or subtle. It can be a one-off or part of a pattern.

An example of a pattern might be to perpetrate and perpetrate and then tell others that they should forgive us or they aren’t good people. Once forgiven, we  perpetrate and perpetrate again. We call this pattern an act, a number, or a racket.

There are several problems with perpetrations. One stems from the way life was designed. It was designed so as to foster the divine qualities and wean us from unwholesome qualities. The law of karma brings us a return for all our acts. The return for unwholesome acts is usually not something we find pleasant. So perpetrations bring us an unpleasant return.

And then our lives (this one or the next one) can take a turn for the worse. We can face conditions of disability or poverty or broken relationships – some condition that’s designed to show us how it feels, so to speak, as a learning situation on the road to developing the divine qualities.

SaLuSa referred to this in his Dec. 3, 2012 message:

“It was known that most souls would be drawn into the negative side at times, and it is not held against you.

“After all, in most cases you have already overcome your weaknesses by understanding your problems through karmic experiences. Freedom is a wonderful attribute to have but, as you have found out, it comes at a price as you are responsible for your actions and even words. Your Sword of Light has been honed in the depths of darkness, and now it shines out brighter than ever.

“You were already highly enlightened souls when you took on duality, but now you are even more powerful as a result of your experiences.” (2)

A second problem with perpetrations is somewhat more difficult to describe. All of us are like Babushka dolls nested around our higher self or soul. The soul’s communications to the outer levels of consciousness are often called “the voice of conscience” or “the still, small inner voice.”

When we perpetrate, that inner voice or conscience responds and it’s usually a variation on “no” or a response of disagreement or disapproval.

That response doesn’t feel good and so it sets off a rift between the pleasure the outer consciousness feels at having done something agreeable and the displeasure the inner voice feels over it.

The outer voice feels good. Perhaps it’s gloating over showing someone a lesson or feeling triumphant at having gotten back at someone. But the inner voice feels disappointed or disapproves, etc. So we now have the two out of alignment with each other and this has an impact on our character. We now lack integrity or wholeness. We’ve now put a kink in our character.

Moreover, the more we perpetrate, the more we lose touch with our inner voice., Eventually we may not be able to hear it, which is worse than feeling its disapproval.  After all, it’s there to guide us whether we appreciate the guidance or not.

The pleasure we feel at perpetrating is what makes it so hard to do the right thing. Putting someone else down, getting even, winning at the expense of another can often feel downright good. If it didn’t, there would be far less impetus to perpetrating.

Sages make reference to this situation:

The Upanishads: The wise prefer the good to the pleasant; the foolish, driven by fleshly desires, prefer the pleasant to the good. (3)

The Upanishads: The good is one thing; the pleasant is another. These two, differing in their ends, both prompt to action. Blessed are they that choose the good; they that choose the pleasant miss the goal. (4)

The Buddha: I have been wounded by the enjoyment of the world, and I have come out longing to obtain peace; I would not accept an empire free from all ill even in the third heaven, how much less amongst men. (5)

When we live in alignment without perpetrations, then life, love and energy all flow. We experience bliss and joy when we live in squeaky-clean integrity.

When we live a life of perpetration, we lose touch with our aliveness, joy, spontaneity, satisfaction, and full self-expression. When we perpetrate, we may experience a short term gain, but we eventually lose 100 percent of the time. Life is set up to see that we do.

Squeaky-clean integrity is a high bar, perhaps, but then it becomes a very desirable goal in this lifetime, as opposed to any other. If we approach life allowing ourselves the luxury of perpetrating, we erect barriers between us and a smooth Ascension.

Instead of getting even, the road gets very uneven and we treat ourselves to a very bumpy ride.


(1) “Painting with Awareness: Dealing with the Most Common Obstacle to Ascension,” at

(2) SaLuSa, Dec. 3, 2012, at

(3) Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester, trans., The Upanishads. Breath of the Eternal. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1957; c1948, 16.

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(5) The Buddha in BMT, 119.

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  1. Thank you for opening ‘comments’ here.

  2. There still seems to be some ‘disagreement’ about whether ascension is earned or is a gift. As a gift, one has only to accept it. To be earned, it is implied that we must DO more of certain things.

    I believe that ascension is earned, and that every human being on earth has ALREADY earned it. Acceptance is the only remaining action to be taken.

    I accept.


    • Promotion to every level does require a raising of one’s vibrations. If that’s what you mean by “earned,” I suppose you could say that, Adrian.

      But most sources shy away from the connotations of the word “earned” because it postulates one or more people who generate criteria and make assessments, whereas the process is governed by natural law and the Creator’s will.

      So it isn’t that it’s incorrect to say it’s earned, but it’s not a preferred metaphor.



  3. I agree with your concern that this may not be the time for such thoughts. On the other hand, I feel relieved that I’m not the only one who still “perpetrates” from time to time, and since AAM seems to think that YOU are well on your way, then I guess I’m not doing too badly and that is reassuring! Since the last major energy portal, I am calmer, and I also feel noticeably less worried about “will I make it?” or even “What if the galactics don’t arrive before Dec 21st?!” Now, I’m OK about it even if they don’t appear before that. Now, I can SEE myself doing these perpetrations, AS I do them and recognize them for what they are. That’s a MAJOR step that is! I can’t always stop them in their tracks, alas. But I do try to make it up to the person afterwards. And sometimes I do random acts of kindness above and beyond what I ever used to do. The energy that will come on the 12th, will help this even more, I think. We are getting LOTS of help, and it isn’t the 21st yet…we’ve got time to finish and BE ready. Love to you all!!!!!

  4. I agree with Adrian. Has not he law of grace has been activated? It would seem that dwelling on what people may be doing wrong will just magnify that in the higher frequencies now so intensely effecting humanity.

    Is it not time to focus our creative powers on what we are doing right and magnify that? Is it not time to take conscious responsibility for what we create? We are creators and we are always creating, whether we are aware of it or not. Is it not time to become conscious cause and effect rather than unconscious cause and effect?

    Appreciating what people are doing right is also greatly magnified in these higher frequencies. “Appreciation” means “to increase in value” and Gregg Braden discovered in his research into ancient ways of celebrating and praying to the Creator that they simply gave gratitude and appreciation for everything in creation. He claims this is the most powerful way to pray and wrote an entire book on the subject, THE IASIAH EFFECT: Decoding The Lost Secrets of Prayer and Prophecy.

    In fact, did not AA Michael said something to that effect recently, that he spends part of everyday in celebrating his gratitude to the Creator? Those are not his exact words, but it was something similar.

    • Hi, Shauniel and everyone.

      There are people who wish to know what can cause them to have a rougher ride during Ascension than otherwise. Actually not just during Ascension, but also during 12/12/12 and any of the other preliminary events that may occur.

      And, at the same time, there are also people who are having meltdowns as a result of 11/11 and are perpetrating left and right, but not knowing that they’re doing so or what’s occurring. My intent in publishing this series is to actually give people a benchmark against which they can compare what is happening for them so that they can weather the storms. By naming these situations and describing them, I hope that people will be able to look and see if this is happening for them.

      Yes, the law of grace forgives our karma, but it doesn’t ensure a smooth transition. That’s up to us, which is why channels are saying “be in love in these next days and weeks so that when the tsunami of love hits you, you won’t have a negative reaction.” (That’s me paraphrasing.)

      If people can have a set of categories of what to avoid and what to see to, my hope is that they can respond to events more effectively and leap over the obstacles rather than failing to transcend them. But if there are a raft of comments asking me not to focus on this at this time, I will let the subject go.



  5. Sspeaking of AAM, Steve, you quoted him yourself:

    “He tells us that the passport to Ascension is love. In another place he gives the example of an African woman who knows nothing about Ascension or ascended masters, etc., but who is pure and assures us that she will ascend. ”

    Having genuine (and let’s include that handy word “unconditional”) LUUUUUUV for people is what’s important for Ascension, IMO. The lady in Africa probably never heard of vasanas either. ;)

    “I’m sorry, please forgive me. I thank you, and I love you.”

    Love Sparkles

  6. I enjoyed this article, and think it’s valuable. I am someone who is unable to just ‘believe’ in something that i haven’t experienced, so for me, pragmatic timeless wisdom such as this is valuable regardless of whether we ascend now or in 50 years!! Isn’t it all about deepening one’s awareness and greater consciousness….? The eastern wisdom traditions teach that we are subject to the law of Karma and coupled with that is the freedom of choice that all beings, ascended or not appear to have. So for me the lesson never ends, the reminder is always needed and appreciated. I am always learning and need reminding, and that, i hope, will always be the way it is. The reminder to maintain ‘squeaky clean integrity’ as Steve so beautifully put it, is always appreciated, so keep it coming Steve! People will likely say I am negative, but if we’re all still here and operating in this reality a year from now, these are the sort of important issues that will continue to need to be vigilant about. In the end LOVE is all we need, but what’s wrong with a few reminders along the way?

  7. Ok, I have a “third” way (Archangel Michael encourages us to find a third way when two people disagree).

    I’ve posted the remaining articles in this series, done so far, as “pages.” They can be accessed from this page: “Obstacles to a Smooth Ascension,” at

    Sixteen days to go. On to the next topic.

    Thanks, everyone.


  8. Thank you everyone for the courage to self disclose and be vulnerable, and for you, Steve, to even dare to approach what may trigger others easily. Two frailties that I can confess today after many years of seeking the light are love triangles, and the lifetime anger from suffering in victim/victimizer/caretaker triangles.

    I am learning that when we feel, maybe pleasant, but not exactly good about another lover at the same time that when it feels pleasant like the right thing to do, we may be appeasing our anger and our need for vengeful drama.

    When I lack a connection with Spirit, nothing works to escape a codependent triangle except to say NO without saying why, and just withdraw. Duality is so precise to show us us over and over again for generations how it feels to receive what we dished out before, and maybe the best way to learn remains by experiencing our karma as a gift of Atonement, not any punishment.

    Mirrors always appear in Duality, and they are ours to embrace by forgiving them all, not denying and ignoring the darkness that shows up in our life. Guru means from darkness into light, and enlightening the darkness is how we experience growth by just being ourselves, not staring into the light like a deer in the headlights, or a moth to the flame.

    This post speaks volumes for me today and I am very grateful because I am surrendering more to Spirit than my anger ever has allowed me to. My anger has kept me alive till this very month of high energy letting go because it made me believe that I had some power over my fear. I am sensing how a wet noodle might feel after having some stiff fear and control over which end is which, so thank you for confirmation that surrendering to my anger, fear, and shame is really winning, not ever losing.

    • I know that one well, telempathy. I used to use my anger to fuse myself together, which may be much like your lending strength to yourself.

      It’s too bad we have so little time and so few workshops that source the vasanas that underlie the anger. I did many, many Enlightenment Intensives, that gave me the room and the technology to really allow my vasanas to play and run to completion. I’m not sure I would have escaped my anger towards a violent father otherwise.

      I love the human-growth conversations myself. The path of awareness is my path.

      OK, thanks all for the discussion. If I leave comments open, it obliges me to keep revisiting them to see if I’ve missed anything. People sometimes can get annoyed if they make comments and someone doesn’t answer them and I’m afraid there isn’t the time to do that any more.

      But I did enjoy listening to your shares.