Obama 44 Wins with 44 Days to Go!

Updated with SaLuSa’s current message.

Final tallies:

Popular Vote: Obama, 50.3%, 59,725,606; Romney, 48.1%, 57,098,650.
Electoral College: Obama, 303; Romney, 206.

It’s 10:00 p.m. Pacific time, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 and Mitt Romney has conceded defeat in the U.S. Presidential election. He reports that he called President Obama and congratulated him on his victory.

At this time, the popular vote is 49% to 49%, numerically 51,341,990 votes for Obama to 51,092,409 votes for Romney. However, the electoral seats stand at 303 for President Obama and 203 for Mitt Romney. A candidate needs 270 electoral college seats to win.

The results were virtually a repeat of 2008.

It’s impossible for me to give a standard political analysis, discussing what may happen in the next four years, etc., because we know that matters will change irreversibly and for the better in only six more weeks. The 44th President of the United States has been re-elected only 44 days away from Ascension.

It seems in retrospect that Hurricane Sandy played a large part in his re-election, stopping the momentum of his opponent, Mitt Romney, forcing Gov. Romney to sit on the sidelines while the President attended to duties that only he could fulfill.  Negative ads on the part of the Republicans also seem to have backfired.

Nonetheless, if the popular vote were the final arbiter of the election, we might expect to see the outcome in dispute for months. I personally have always opposed the electoral college system (and still do), But that system has been the means in this instance of ensuring President Obama’s re-election.

The President faces a split Congress again, the Democrats in control of the Senate and the Republicans in control of the House, but it will soon be a matter of little importance when the entire basis of the political process in this country and in all other countries is reorganized and corruption and unjust laws disappear from the planet.

President Obama was attacked virtually from the time of his election to the present day by a well-oiled machine which I believe was composed of Republican and Democratic politicians in the pay of the Illuminati, a captive media, the alphabet agencies, parts of the military, and the leadership of financial,  commercial,  educational, religious, health and social institutions.

Many, many people, including lightworkers, have bought into the aura of negativity and accepted the disinformation flowing out of a media owned and serving the Illuminati. It’s my hope that soon we’ll have the evidence of the Akashic Records to reveal what the true history of this era is.  I believe that that history will reveal that the President has made some mistakes but was more or less blocked in every beneficial initiative by the coalition of Illuminati forces ranged against him.

Our perspective has to take into account the preparations for the Golden Age. Unlike the pundits, our speculation would be about the role that President Obama is slated to play in the fall of the remaining Illuminati and the winning of world peace and prosperity.

SaLuSa predicted victory for the President.

“In the U.S. the Presidential elections are coming to a close, and President Obama will return to power to take you all into the Golden Age.

“So far you have seen little of his real abilities or desire to bring about World Peace. The dark Ones may have used their methods to appoint their choice, but we of the Light are not without our way of making sure our choice succeeds this time around. It is a victory that is assured.” (1)

Archangel Michael informed us that the President’s re-election is the signal for events to begin: “Yes, this will inaugurate the whirlwind so get ready.” (2) And SaLuSa affirmed that the re-election of President Obama would be the signal for things to really start happening:

“… and then you will really see things taking shape. Indeed you will be taken quite by surprise by when things really start to take place. There are but few weeks left to carry out whatever is needed for you to enter a new period in your lives. Be prepared for the changes so that you are able to accommodate them without any difficulty. They are not intended to make your life difficult, but improve it beyond your wildest dreams.”  (3)

In a message given while Obama was leading but not yet acknowledged as the re-elected President, SaLuSa said:

“The excitement grows in anticipation of the coming weeks as the first real step towards Ascension looms near as Obama holds his position in the lead in the Presidential Election. Much is depending on the result, but the people have not been fooled by the antics of the opposition.

“They recognize in Obama his earnest desire to work for the people, and see his achievements in spite of the attempts to deny them. The tide has turned as people awaken to the truth and are now more intuitive when selecting their leader. There is also a strong feeling that it is time for far-reaching changes that lead you into the New Age. …

“We suggest you take notice from hereon of what Obama says, as you will get the first clear signs of one who is now able to go ahead unimpeded. Hitherto, he has been hampered all the way, and even discredited when he has made decisions that have been of benefit to the people. Let the real Obama loose then you shall see the leadership that will carry you forward at great speed.” (4)

In his acceptance speech, President Obama said that “we are an American family and we rise and we fall as one nation, one people. … Whether you held up an Obama sign or you held up a Romney sign, you persevered and you made a difference. … We [Romney and Obama] may have fought fiercely but it’s only because we care for this country deeply.” People in this country are fighting and dying just for the chances to argue in this country and to cast their ballots, he said.

“This country only works when we accept certain obligations … among them are love and charity and duty and patriotism. That’s what makes America great.”  I regarded this as a reminder of John Kennedy’s remark: “Ask not what your country can do for you.”

He rehearsed his trademark stories of individual Americans, one being a farm family that would have lost everything they owned to pay for their daughters medical bills if it had not been for health care reform.

“Hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists that something better awaits us as long as we have the courage to keep working, to keep fighting.” He praised the people whom he represents and who voted for him, including a wide spectrum of minorities, and ended on an “I believe” note reminiscent of Martin Luther King.

This may be the last American election in Third-Dimensional history. The countdown for the Golden Age now begins in earnest. I personally expect the major events to begin very soon and for all of us to be about as busy as we can  possibly imagine.


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