Fleet of 12 Spaceships over Sedona During First Conference

I’m going to repost this story because Casey, with Jim’s help, has created a larger image from the photograph. If you click on the photo, the image expands and you can see the twelve or so lightships much more plainly.

I’m not sure if people can make out the 12 spaceships in this photo from Jim, taken by his wife Donna during the first Sedona conference.  Of the shot, Jim writes:

The photo of the Galactic Federation fleet of 12 craft was taken by my wife during the last session with Suzy Ward.  The time stamp is 7:31 PM CST which is 5:31 PM Sedona time.

The camera is an Olympus e-PL1 with a Panasonic H-FS014042 lens.  The camera was set to “Auto”, so it set the exposure parameters.

Here is my wife’s statement (Donna):

“I had gone to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona and I spent some time there, walking around, being in the peaceful energy, photographing the beautiful light and angles inside and outside of the chapel.

“As I was leaving, the moon was beginning to be visible just beyond the massive rock formations, and I felt drawn to take additional photos of the vista, even though I’d already made many from the same viewpoint before entering the chapel.

“I could not explain why I kept photographing the same view over and over—I told myself to stop, but I continued making photos of the same vista. I finally put my camera away and started back to my car, but then suddenly felt totally compelled to get it out again and make two more photos. One of them is this photo. As soon as I finished taking the last two photos, I remember saying to myself, ‘Okay, that’s it, you can put your camera away now.’”

So Steve, these 12 craft appeared in my wife’s next to last photo of the Sedona rock, and like so many photos around the world, represents a simultaneous de-cloaking of craft where eleven of the craft synchronize to the lead ship, and the lead ship synchronizes to the camera and operator, even to the point of guiding the person with the camera to take additional photos until a good craft-to-camera sync occurs.

My interpretation is that the 12 craft represent the year 2012, and the formation resembles a heart, and the purpose was to let the people attending the 2012 Scenario Conference know that the Galactics are there with them and send their love.

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