Building Nova Earth: Toward A World That Works for Everyone

Thank You, Everyone! Farewell, Sedona!

I’m sitting here in Phoenix Airport awaiting our flight to Vancouver.

Dave Schmidt has driven D’Arcy, Kathleen, Graham Dewyea, Geoff West and I to the airport, where we very reluctantly said goodbye.

Prior to that we bade goodbye to Blossom Goodchild, Stephen Cook and Anthony Morrison over breakfast before they set off for the Grand Canyon. There’s some speculation that the Grand Canyon has a special meaning for White Cloud. Perhaps we’ll hear about that later.

Was it all a dream? What one participant called a “love fest” was, for us at the front at least, a special occasion that we’ll never forget. Someone asked me at our table, where sat Blossom, Suzy Ward, Mike Quinsey, and Linda Dillon, who was the keynote speaker at our conference and I immediately replied, “A 19-year-old named Wes Annac!” Well, 19-billion-year-old, I suspect.  I personally could not claim to have a fraction of the knowledge that Wes has! I’m sure the rest of the honored speaker-guests would humbly agree!

There were so many surprises at the conference – Mike channeling SaLuSa directly, Linda channeling the Divine Mother, Gaia and Archangel Michael, Blossom staging Shirley Valentine and then the wonderfully deep wisdom of White Cloud (and the Federation), Commander Ananda, one of Sierra’s braid-ins (it takes too long to write “braided walk-ins”) speaking for the first time through her, Wes addressing the conference by Skype after his son fell sick, Stephen Cook falling into a deep trance during Linda’s talk (I have it on video), Genii announcing the leap in progress with the City of Light over Sedona that occurred as a result of the two conferences, on and on.

But the biggest surprise was the bonding – I’m tempted to say, “fusion” – that took place among the entire group of starseeds that gathered in Sedona. Truly it was a love fest.

Suzy Ward expressed it this way: “Attendees, speakers and support staff at both 3-day 2012 Scenario conferences felt the phenomenal love energy that prevailed throughout our time together. ” (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 21, 2012.) Indeed that is a true statement for me as well.

I’ve had the chance to speak to as many of you as was humanly possible and I’ve benefited greatly from hearing how from you. I feel a deep connection and warm sense of fulfillment out of what we all accomplished spiritually there.

They’re announcing pre-boarding for our flight now so I’d better hurry to get this off.

Before I go, I want to thank Sierra for sourcing the conference, Stephen Cook and Dave Schmidt for doing so much the of the organizing and other heavy lifting, Anthony for all the graphics, Jeniffer for anchoring the conference, Suzy for assisting at it, and the dozens of others who joined together to make it a reality.

It’s my intention to transcribe the conference presentations. Jules has already offered her assistance and I welcome others coming forward to join in that effort. Please write us via the “Contact Us” form or leave a comment here. Some have offered in Sedona and, if I don’t get back to you, then I’ve misplaced the pieces of paper on which we all hurriedly recorded our intentions. Just write us again, thank you.

For the rest, I’ll be taking some time off this evening just to rest and then back at the keyboard by perhaps noon on Saturday.

I learned a new word at the conference: Obamanos. Vamanos is Spanish for “let’s go,” right? Obamanos is Spanglish for “let’s go, Obama!”

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  1. wow. that is very beautiful dear Steve. we honor that. we are looking forward for new news. it is said that disclosure is about to happen and that gives us an amazing excitement. we love hearing something like that. thanks again. loves from Turkey…
    your brother Mehmet.

  2. None of this could have ever happened without YOU Mr Beckow! So THANK YOU!!!!! You and your team along with all of us participants embarked on a very magical journey together that I feel, after 20 years of intensive spiritual work, is finally getting under way. I finally ‘get it’. This past weekend has deeply and profoundly changed my life and my outlook on life. Ive been walking around with so much Love, Light, and Joy in my heart all week and I cant stop smiling and laughing for no reason and I never want it to stop. I can feel and see the effect it has on others and how the joy and love spreads to the people I work with and work on. (Im a massage therapist) And in turn, they spread it to others and the next thing you know, its going all over the planet! I know how humble you are, Ive seen and felt it from you. But please, PLEASE give yourself a big pat on the back and know that by following YOUR heart, YOU have helped to bring a beautiful shift in this world that, like a giant tsunami, is sweeping up everything in its path! YOU, Mr Beckow, are a beautiful human being! You ARE a channel of Light and Love. TRUST in that. And know that you have a LEGION of angels here to help you, physical and non-physical alike, and that TOGETHER, we will bring Peace to this beautiful planet!

  3. …And I add my big THANK YOU to all who made this event happen. Even though I was not there physically, I was there spiritually. I could easily feel the expansion of Love and Peace through everyone’s words. I look forward to reading the articles, comments, and watching the videos I know will be coming in the near future. Again, THANKS TO ALL for raising the Love Energy! Namasta, Kathy

  4. Wow, what is there left to say that everyone has not already said before me….

    A heart felt thank you Steven on behalf of all attendee for both conferences and those who could not attend but we knew were with us all anyways in spirit, I am sure.

    I thank all the 2012 Scenario and the In light Radio family and all of the people behind the scene who made these extra-ordinary events happen.

    Sierra, what can we say, except we love you and all that you represent. You moved so many of us with a peek into who we were and where we came from.

    You all moved us into different areas of our hearts and for that, we hold great gratitude.

    I think the attendees also need a jolly good pat on the back also, as coming together, as we did, not only did we create a soul family connection of enlightenment, but we furthered the anchoring of our light into dear Gaia and propelled earths evolutionary shift closer.

    Can you imagine if we could come together more often the power of change that we could all create?? Indeed, we are all a powerhouse of divine god..
    I set my intent before I left home in Toronto Canada, to head for Sedona, and it all came to pasture and then more.

    Lets continue to hold the light and the love that we gathered for all earth members, and create the world that we want, so that we can all get there and end the tiresome journey for all those that are suffering.

    My love cup is full. Thank you all for being there.
    5D com’on down !!!!

    In love and light

    Kiran & Dipti