The Divine Mother: You are Ready to Come Home

Linda Dillon channeled a message from the Divine Mother at the second Sedona Conference on Oct. 31, 2012, which reported that we were past the tipping point for Ascension.

My embrace is gentle and it is strong and it will fortify you for the days that lie ahead. Yes, Ascension.

[Ascension] is my plan. It is the Divine Plan and it is what we have waited for. Your countdown is on and so is ours. Every day we take the measure of the quotient of light and love on this planet and in the collective, and, dear hearts, it is growing.

It is not growing so that you will reach a tipping point. You are already there. You are all ready to come home. No, not to what to what you think of as the outer realms or Nirvana.

You are ready to come home to your Fifth Dimension, to your Nova Earth, to your nova self in your magnificent form of crystalline, diamonds under pressure. That is what we have worked so diligently with you for so long. Oh, long before you were born.

I come this day to infuse you yet again with my radiance. As you step through this portal with me, as you travel up, not going around the golden spiral, (1) but traveling up through the center of the golden spiral. Come with me, as I infuse you with joy, temperance, prudence, awe, and strength.

I assisted anchoring you on my daughter Gaia. Whatever you need. And Michael has spoken on my behalf many times and asked you to dream big. You’re not there yet. So let me infuse you, let me gift you that as you expand your creations expand. Your being expands. And the feeling, the knowing, the anchoring of my essence within reach and every one of you expands. Let it be dear hearts, let it be.

Allow and receive right now.

Go with my love. Farewell.


(1) In my discussion of my vision, I described a spiritual spiral that we follow as we complete our sacred arc from God to God. Our journey follows a spiral as well as an arc because we return again and again to the karmic lessons that we haven’t completed, which brings the same type of events to us again and again. This return to the same place lifetime after lifetime can be visualized as a spiral.

Sage Vasistha, millennia ago, referred to this spiral as the “rise and fall in evolution” that is brought about by “the law of cause and effect.” (Swami Venkatesananda, ed., The Concise Yoga Vasistha. Albany: State University of New York, 1984, 94.)  Twentieth-century Christian Master Beinsa Douno described it as a “partial rise and descent in an oscillating curve.” (“Brother of the Smallest One,” Lectures, 1 January 1917,, downloaded 7 March 2005.)

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