Two Commentaries on the First Sedona Conference

View from the floor by Becky Frazier

Two commentaries from Bea Weir and theterritouch on the First Sedona Conference. Werner Erhard used to say that unexpressed joy is an upset. Here we express joy.

My Three Days of Living in 5D by Bea Weir

Where should I start and how should I end it? How could I express in 3D words what I experienced at the Sedona 5D Conference?

I guess I can start from the first moments on Friday morning when waiting in queue to enter the Conference room we, the attendees, started by hugging each other and talking like long lost friends or family members gathered around the Thanksgiving table.
Of course we were long lost friends! Of course we reacted spontaneously when we saw each other because we are all part of the same magnificent, loving Soul-Family! And the Soul recognition continued throughout the days.

The first day brought an incredible infusion of energy just by being there and being in the company of hundreds of soul brothers and sisters (attendees and speakers) as well as the Galactic and the Angelic realms representatives who where attending in overwhelming numbers, from what we sensed!

Lots of people had questions for or expressed their gratitude to the speakers, or to whom they represent as well as to the organizers. And there were lots of tears too, tears of Joy and immense Love for one another, for the Ascended Masters and the Galactics (it was actually good to see the men crying too, stripping down the society belief “men don’t cry” and allow themselves to be who they truly are: pure, loving, caring, sensitive Souls!)

Wow! Powerful first day! Makes someone wonder what else can be said and done or expected on the second day? Is there anything else left? Probably not from a limited 3D perspective, but from the 5D perspective there is more LOVE and JOY to tap into.

So, after a 10 hours sleep “like a log” (had to recuperate from arriving at 1am the previous day and had to absorb all the energy of the first day) I’m back on the horse (so to speak) for the second day of discovering new lost soul connections and stepping even deeper into Ascension!

We were showered with more gifts from the speakers and strengthened our connections.

The hugs never stopped, the line-up for hugs during the breaks and lunch time became part of our common agenda. We could even feel the invisible hugs of our Galactic Family and the Angelic Realms when the air became warm in the conference room ( and it wasn’t because the A/C was not functioning, oh! it was working the whole time and set at 71 Fahrenheit whatever that is in Celsius lol).

And if at the end of the first day I was so overwhelmed by everything and couldn’t think much, toward the end of the second day it hit me: how can I take them all (and I really mean ALL) home with me and live happily ever after? The answer was almost instantaneous: Only in 3D you feel the need of taking something or someone with you, in 5D everything and everyone is always with you in the continuum!!!

Therefore I decided not to get caught up in the drama and sadness of this conference being over soon, but to stay in the NOW and take it all in, enjoy every bit of it not wondering or worrying about what tomorrow or the day after tomorrow might bring.

We ended the day by holding hands, singing and laughing together being outside at one of the energy vortexes with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters who where winking at us from their rainbow light ships :)

Day three arrives and takes us by storm with the detailed information (always more!), Love and Laughter from every angle. More hugs, of course, and tears if joy!

We have created our own hurricane of Light, Omnipresent, Vibrant Energy* (LOVE) that will swipe the world from East to West and North to South so hurricane Sandy will just have to bow and move out of our way. So good bye Sandy, welcome LOVE!!!

As a final note, what this Conference helped me remember is that we are limited human beings only when we live in our mind, but when we decide to live in our hearts we realize that we are infinite, limitless spiritual beings. To use a personal example, my mind tells me that I am not a writer and never to try and express myself through writing. My heart says that I am everything I want to be including a writer (I wrote this after all, didn’t I?).

I am ready and prepared for Ascension now, let’s just bring it on!

See you on the other side.

Beatrice Weir
Family of Light Translators
(Romanian Translator)

* Light, Omnipresent, Vibrant Energy was the answer that AAM gave me during the Conference, when I asked him how can LOVE be defined.

From Theterritouch to the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group

I attended the first conference. I am so deeply grateful and filled with residual elation “after-effects” like smiling all the time, not knowing I’m doing it! What’s with that?!

I experienced some truly life changing moments. I highly recommend this conference. I promise you, worth all the efforts to make it. Really!

All who attended were smiling ear to ear possibly holding Kleenex in their hands, still smiling through the emotional tears during breaks and bathroom visits. The abundant amount of open hearts, filled with love and excitement was quite simply “out of this world”. Meeting someone new was so easy and effortless! I didn’t need to put up any type of protective walls! I felt so safe and open with each person I met. I haven’t felt safe in crowds for about 10 years. I did this weekend.

I believe everyone was thrilled to be in the company of so many lightworkers. The feeling of being “alone” was completely absent. Questions we asked of the speakers were actually answered. This, in itself, was such a blessing. We were all surrounded by so many people, from all over the world, who had absolutely no hidden agendas. We were filled to the brim with such love and acceptance of everything and everyone around them.

The speakers took each of us along with them, no one was left behind. Humor played such a lovely role that it made the conference so much more enjoyable. Laughing, with everyone, I felt the energy level & light we were producing with our happiness ratchet up another notch. This was such a welcome experience, breath-taking actually, simply breathtaking.

Physically, myself all those people around me, were experiencing such energy of love that to describe this energy, is simply impossible to explain in human words. We do not have the words to describe the wonder, the intensity, the depth. This energy is to be experienced as individually as we all are. When you feel this energy you know it. You know it and it feels so good. (Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!)

What I can tell anyone reading this, is that I finally understand that my life always truly did have value, my life did have a purpose. There is most definitely a reason why I am here, now, on Gaia, at this point in time and have lived the “life” I have. I found that I am lovable. I really always was loved, by someone, somewhere. I was never sure of this, not from my first thoughts.

If I remember correctly, I distinctly remember thinking, “How did I get here?” & “What is wrong with these people?” I’ve thought those two thoughts so many times during my life. So many puzzle pieces found their spot, snuggled in close to my heart and I changed, felt a definite shift. The shift lifted my load, opened my heart and my spirit soared with possibilities. All in a large room, filled with so many people I didn’t know and yet…and yet…

Sedona, all speakers, all attendees, to my very best friend and to my new friends, I love you all. To these wonderous speakers, see you soon with my morning coffee and my computer. Thank you all for some of the most unique moments of my life.

(Get home safe, I’m waiting for pictures and your thoughts on the conferences & our beautiful Sedona!)

Take Kleenex folks!

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