Gaia’s Message: Each of You Have Responded

Linda delivering Gaia’s message

Attached is Gaia’s message given through Linda Dillon on the second day of the second Sedona Conference.

We may not be aware of it but one of the most challenging features of being a channel is that we must be very, very self-effacing. The more we remove ourselves from visibility, awareness, thinking, etc., the better we serve as a channel.

At the same time, Linda is one of the wisest and most developed people I know. But who knows very much about Linda? Who knows for instance that she spends most of her nights on the Neptune? Who knows that she travels to the Middle East many nights and assists Archangel Michael in assisting the people there?

I did not know any of this until perhaps a month or two ago. And there are more and more things I learn about Linda every day. But Linda has never put herself in the spotlight.

Today Linda channeled Archangel Michael, Maitreya, Gaia and the Divine Mother. I have her channeling of the Mother on tape and may post it as well if I get the time to transcribe it. But I actually transcribed Gaia as she spoke and so here is Gaia’s message to us – from Day Two of the Second Sedona Conference.

I am Gaia. Yes, the Mother speaks of how you are her children, birthed from her heart, her soul, her core. But, beloved ones, you are also my children, the ones that I have welcomed, to my heart, to my home, to my breasts.

Speakers at Sedona, Linda Dillon in the left foreground. Thanks to Becky Frazier.

I ascend with you and I have waited and waited for this opportunity to begin my journey back home, like each of you. But I do not do this alone. I do this in tandem with you, yes, with the collective, but also with each of you.

Yes, I have many children. Billions. I have the largest family of all and that is before we speak of the kingdoms, but I wish to speak to each of you this day and I wish to speak of this hurricane, of the earthquakes, of my adjustments.

Because I am anxious. I am already underway and they are needed, no, not in violence, but in love for a little cleanup. And the purpose of this hurricane is more profound and more deep than you imagine.

There are several layers that are taking place and we bless and we thank those who offered and are sacrificing their homes, their energy, their jobs, and their security in order to allow this cleansing to take place.

St. Germain stands with me and as you know this is the country, the nation of freedom and yet so many are still enslaved, in illusion, delusion, poverty, and hunger in the richest place on Earth.

This density cannot be. This is a starting point of our travels together. Yes, I know that the channel speaks that it is not of levels, that it is a circle of vibrations. But I say that your vibrations are rising with mine, in tandem with me. And I thank you, not only for hearing my death pleas, but the intermittent pleas I put out urgently.

And each of you have responded, not only collectively but individually. And I experience your love and it sustains me and it has sustained me in some very dark hours, much the same as your star brothers and sisters have sustained me from many races and many collectives. For a long time they kept me in a pink cocoon while the archangels redid my grid. They are here today as we all are. Allow your eyes to see us and your hearts to sparkle as they do with you.

Two fingers to the heart [an exercise we did earlier in the session with Linda] will be the way of greeting in the future. For many of the star brothers and sisters that come to visit you now, this is the way that you will greet them, so that the heart link is first established, so that the vibrations are adjusted, so that there is harmony, as they stand on my Earth with you.

I ask that each of you that greet them stay calm and smile a lot and extend to them all over the planet this greeting. I finish by telling you that those who have been affected by this being called [Hurricane] Sandy will be attended to in ways of love, responsibility, accountability and effective action. It will mean a great deal.

I give you my blessings, my heart, my love, always.


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