Be Aware of Extensive Higher Light Radiation from Sedona this Weekend…

Be Aware of Extensive Higher Light Radiation from Sedona this Weekend…

Stephen: Dave Schmidt and I shared the MCing duties on the first day of the first ever 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension yesterday. We had a ball – and this post came through from Kauilapele (singing up a storm, left) just as we were returning from a break. I read the entire post of Kauila’s, below, word for word, to the full room of speakers and conference attendees – and the applause and buzz was really  a ‘blast”. It was  almost as if Kauila was there himself!

See separate story above re: the Live Streaming of Conference 2 next week.

By Kauilapele – October 26, 2012

I’m not here to advertise for anyone or any event and in particular the 2012 Scenario Sedona Conferences (even though it’s linked so if you’d care to buy one of the few tickets left to conference number 2 you may go there to do so). But I will share my “sense” for these conferences, which was actually “transmitted” to me some weeks ago.

This congregation of Light Beings in Sedona comes at a very pertinent time in this planet’s history. We are on the cusp of (and actually in the process of) a Grand Awakening of all Humanity. A major shift in consciousness. A major upgrade in “awake-ness”. This (these) conference(s) are a key part of Humanity’s Ascension process.

Three important gateways have already been passed through, the 9-9, the 10-10, and the subsequent 10-21 gateway (you may call it a window, a doorway, a portal, whatever suits you). We’ve got three more to go, the 11-11, the 12-12, and, that long anticipated and (possibly over-hyped) 12-21-12.

These Sedona Conferences come at a “critical” point of inflection, right between the 10-10 and the 11-11 portals.

So what’s all that about? Okay, I’ve got to get “the brain” out of the way for a minute………….. Okay, we’re back.

These conferences bring together a group (the 12 speakers, plus all attendees) that represents and embodies the Higher Intentions of all Humanity for a New Planet, a New Consciousness, a New Peace, and a New Life, for all on this planet. For all of humanity. The emanations of Higher D Light from the collective group at Sedona, in conjunction with the already upgraded vortexes over there, begins (or perhaps more accurately, “quantum leaps”) the planetary upgrade process, and “blows away” every last shred of shadow and darkness from each and every last corner of the planet, and from each and every last corner of every individual on the planet.

Bottom line… there is going to be a Heaven of a Lot of Light emanating from Sedona this weekend. If you feel a “blast” of something bright, fresh, and rejuvenating, then you’ve got the effects of that “blast”… from Sedona.

This planet will never be the same.

Perhaps a new beverage is in order, in honor of this weekend at Sedona, and in honor of those participating… “The Sedona Blast”!

So let’s all go have a Sedona Blast!!

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