Poco Celestial

Thursday, 10:00 p.m.

Today, the other speakers arrived.  Suzy Ward had a two-hour flight from the other Vancouver (Washington); Blossom travelled for 25 hours including stops. Mike Quinsey had arrived earlier after an 18-hour flight. Linda Dillon and her husband Isaac rounded out our channel speakers and was at Poco Diablo when the rest of us arrived from Cottonwood.

All of us immediately began organizing for the conference. However to suggest that we did any of the heavy lifting or endless organizing would be to misinterpret things. Sierra, Stephen and Dave not only have been working for weeks, but have taken care of details down to a level that very much impressed me, through endless complication.

Participants began rolling in – from Virginia, Australia and many from Sedona.  I’m not sure how I can say this very well, but all of us seemed so much on the same wavelength, it was comfortable to speak to anyone – organizing committee, participants, local visitors who stopped by. It really did make real and communicate how we’re all from the same soul family.  Some people said how relieved they felt that they were among people they could discuss what really mattered with.  I felt the same way.

Having organized conference bags and set up for more than 300 people, we relaxed on the patio of this lovely resort, the red-rock hills in the background, and again the gathering was surreal.

The conference room, awaiting tomorrow’s opening day

Perhaps the oldest acquaintance for me was Suzy Ward. Matthew and Hatonn guided me personally through some delicate situations in 2009 and one could say that Hatonn was really the force behind starting the 2012 Scenario.  That would be one version of things. (Another would be that I fell sick and had to do something in my time of convalescence.)But seeing Suzy, Mike, Blossom and Linda together was inspiring.  2012 Scenario editors were also gathered on the patio, InLight Radio hosts and Hope Chest people.  The whole group had come together.

Even though we all spoke on Skype practically every day, we’d never met each other and people from the various projects were not necessarily familiar with each other. So it was common just to see someone take a moment out and gaze around the group filled with love.

Sedona itself is a beautiful setting. Although I took a lot of photos of the red rocks and the contrasting green trees and bushes with my iPhone, the camera would not do the scenery justice. I may select an online image instead.  The city is much bigger than I thought and the shops are beautifully laid out and beckoning to some of our party who slipped away in the later afternoon.

I was seated next to Genii, who told me a great deal more about herself, her work empowering women and her years in marionettte theatre. She filled me in on the spiritual side of Sedona and all the vortices in the area.

She and a conference participant had both said that life in Sedona can be intense. If one is of a negative persuasion, one only lasts a matter of months before feeling compelled to leave.

I’d had the opportunity to spend some time with Mike Quinsey and hear his background with various spiritual groups before starting to channel SaLuSa in the early years of the new millennium. I can’t believe how grateful I feel towards Mike and SaLuSa.

Linda Dillon was at another table but we had a few minutes to just hug and smile at each other and are prepared to wait for a better time later. It’s hard to share people and there are so many people to get acquainted with.

After dinner it was back to the Poco Diablo to learn how to wear our microphones, figure out seating arrangements, plan Powerpoint presentations for those who wished to use them.

I don’t think you could keep me tied down to a chair. I’d much prefer to walk among the family.

I’m more excited about speaking than I can say. I have the task of fitting Ascension into the total life journey of a soul. I’ll have notes in hand but probably won’t refer to them. Each of us seems to have a piece of the puzzle to communicate and we seem to work so well together.

As I write this in the typing room of the lobby, two conference participants have just come up to say hi and exchange hugs. I feel quite blissful and satisfied with this four-year journey that we’ve taken together. And it promises to get immeasurably better for all of us.

Thirteen hours to go. I wish it was tomorrow.



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