SaLuSa of Sirius on President Obama – Part 2/2

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 Obama’s Future Role

SaLuSa tells us that President Obama’s best work is still to come.

“You have been informed from a number sources already that President Obama is the one chosen to lead you through the coming period.

“His work cannot fully commence until the restraints upon him are removed so bear in mind that he is under much pressure to follow the advice he is being given.

“You will see the real man and exalted soul that he is come to the fore when he is able to fully express himself as a Being of Light.” (1)

“His best work is still to come and he is well aware of his destiny to lead the people out of the darkness.” (2)

He predicts that the President will galvanize the people into action towards world peace.

“For many years the Illuminati have used their power to manipulate other countries’ affairs. It has been done through covert actions, so that their influence can bring about changes beneficial to them. The populace, who react against such illegal actions and interference in their sovereignty, knows the truth.

 “We ask you Dear Ones who causes insurrection in the first place? Many of you understand such situations, and you look for a leader who will take note of your desire for peace with all nations. We will say again that you have a wonderful soul named Barack Obama, and he is clear in his mind as to what he wants to do given the opportunity. With your continued support he will galvanize people into action, and set the path towards  a peaceful world.” (3)

In a future in which the cabal does not figure, President Obama’s actions will be firm and decisive.

“There are days to come when at a single stroke the U.S. President shall astound his critics by the changes he will authorize. No President of late has been one specifically chosen by the people, and therefore his decisions will reflect that aspect of his appointment.

“He is in any event, a highly motivated soul bringing much wisdom and authority with him. He has a great responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, but is equal to the task.” (4)

He reveals that President Obama will be retained when the new governments are set up.

“You will have so much to enjoy in the near future, as you realize that you are being freed from the clutches of the dark Ones. With the governmental changes there will again be some surprises in store for you, as you will see those who are of the Light take positions of power and authority.

“The US Government will still have Barack Obama amongst those retained.” (5)

 But Our Support is Crucial

The galactics congratulate us for continuing to hold the President in high regard.

 “Dear Ones, you are wonderfully loyal to those you respect and we are pleased that many still hold President Obama in high regard.” (6)

But our support remains crucial, SaLuSa says:

“Support for the new look way of governing is vital; as the dark forces will do all they can to disrupt its progress. Read carefully into reports that twist Obama’s words, as much disinformation will be circulated. Be intuitive, and measure the soul that is Obama by his intentions as expressed with wisdom and love for all people.

“He is charged with a task that holds the future of Mankind in its grasp, and it must not, and cannot fail. His emergence is one that the people of the world can take credit for, as your prayers and longing for a trusted and worthy leader to make peace a reality has been answered.” (7)

And it will be amply repaid, according to him:

“There is a chorus of unsettled people who have already lost patience with President Obama, but look for the positive signs and allow for slow progress until he can draw about him the right team. The future of your world lies with him, and it is support and not criticism that is needed.”

“Your faith in him will not be found wanting, but make allowances for the task that lies ahead. He will not fail, and we are his assurance of successfully coming through this period.” (8)


I myself regard sources like SaLuSa as among the most credible of those available to us. His estimation of President Obama is glowing and their support of him has been unfailing. And his assessment weighs with me.

Most of the world does not know what we know.  Many would not believe it if we told them. But our support of him is enough, I think, to give him the strength he needs to complete the defeat of the Illuminati and provide the leadership we need into the new freedom that has been promised us.

Knowing the wider view that only the Company of Heaven can supply us with, I support President Obama wholeheartedly. Their support for the President being unequivocal, so is mine.

The attempts of the cabal to bury the President in a flood of criticism have lost him much support even among lightworkers but in the end they won’t deter or defeat the President.


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