Reality Check on the Declaration of World Peace

I wanted to know whether I’d captured Archangel Michael’s intended words in the Declaration of World Peace. (1) I’ve only channeled twice formally (I’m aware that my guides send things through me informally) and I had no idea whether it had gone well.

So I asked Archangel Michael in a personal reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on October 10, 2012, whether I had come close.

I do believe – I have to say – that the Declaration of World Peace, will travel around the world. It’s a beautiful expression of the longing for peace.  I don’t say that for myself.  I have everything I need and want and have no connection to the document outside of literally “lending a hand.”

But I say it because it’s a beautiful expression from a very eloquent speaker and writer, whose amenuensis I was permitted to be for a very few minutes.

I might add that most documents I write, I edit, change and polish through as many as thirty-eight iterations (the highest number I ever did – for a museum publication on anti-Orientalism in British Columbia).  But short of going back and removing a few places where my mind kicked in, I’ve been unable to change a word AAM wrote. Maybe you’d have to be a writer for that to really hit you, but it certainly hit me.

At the end, AAM said a few nice things about me and I very nearly took them out. But I know he wants me to leave them in, as painful as it is to risk sounding self-serving. It does show you how wonderfully kind a boss he is.

Steve Beckow: Can you confirm that you wrote the Declaration of World Peace please and can you discuss with me any ways that it diverged from your message if you did write it.

Archangel Michael: You have allowed me to write this declaration for world peace. You know, my beloved friend, brother at arms, brother at peace, brother at heart, that this is my mission and purpose and that for a long time my Strategic Peace Initiative has been underway and this is the next step.

It is not just the anchoring. Yes, of course it is important that it be anchored in physicality both within and without, but it also has to be declared both far and wide and that is part of the anchoring. That is part of not just my expression, but the expression of human desire.

So I thank you for allowing me to come through you and you have allowed me to express my message, my wishes, my desires. So do not think that you have missed anything. You have not. We do not want this to be a protracted document. We want this to reach right in to people’s hearts and psyches so that they may claim it as their own. So I may have penned it but it is for everybody to claim ownership.

So, dear heart, you may claim ownership with me, but do not think, in this particular case, as excellent a writer as you are – this is not your piece.

SB: It’s a very delicate thing, channeling. I wasn’t sure at points whether i I was just accessing my own mind or you had come through.

AAM: It is a fine balance and at times you got a little sidetracked and became nervous and did access your mind but then you were diligent in weeding out what was not mine.

SB: Is there anything that I can do to help foster the ability to channel you?

AAM: You are very open to channeling through the written word and what you can do to open further is to give me a platform. Now I know how busy you are, dear friend, and I know how much I have asked of thee. But if you gave me a platform of even ten to fifteen minutes a day there would be at least an article or two a week. So in this way we could continue to grow together.

SB: I am here simply to serve you. I’m very happy to do that.

AAM: And you are also honored. That is why I take you by the hand and guide you into the present, so that you know the joy, the laughter and the sweetness You have always been diligent in your service and our gratitude, not just mine, but our collective gratitude to you is enormous. But, dear one, we also want you to play, to find the lightness and the joy. That is part of your service as well. (2)

I’m deeply impressed with how delicate the art of channeling is. (3) I do plan to lend AAM a hand for at least 10-15 minutes a day. I’m thrilled by the idea. You’ll have to forgive me. The ride is as getting as exciting as the thought of reaching the destination. I may get lost in all the fun along the way and never get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


(1) “Archangel Michael: The Declaration of World Peace,” at  Archangel Michael is also the author of the Declaration of Human Freedom: See “Archangel Michael: The Declaration of Human Freedom,” at

(2) Personal Reading with Archangel Michael for Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 10, 2012.

(3) For my thoughts right after the experience, see “When Your Writing Isn’t Your Own,” at

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