What Will Ascension be Like? – Part 2/2

Depiction of Archangel Michael

(Continued from Part 1.)

What Dimension Will We Go to?

S: And on one side [of Ascension] we’re in 3D or 4D, and on the other side we’re in 5D?

AAM: Or higher. (1)

It is the elevator to the Fifth. And further, there will be some who simply choose to keep going [to dimensions higher than the Fifth]. But as a collective, that is the plan. (2)

AAM: Yes, you are going to the fifth dimension. But I again draw your attention to the fact that when you are in the fifth dimension, anchored, Gaia, and therefore you — because you cannot live where Gaia does not live and continue to have your physical form; so understand that — but that does not mean from that place of anchoring that you do not have access to the fourth dimension, to what we would call the higher reality of the third dimension, (3) to the sixth and to the seventh.

But yes, the shift is into the fifth, and will continue — no, probably not in your lifetime — through to the seventh. There are some of you who will want to stay within the realms of the seventh in terms of the realm of pure love, of Christ consciousness, of oneness. There are some of you who love to be in the realm of magic.

It matters not. You will have access, but your new home, your new dimension, your new reality will be in the fifth. That is where Gaia is anchored. And we would suggest to you that, by and large, she is already there. (4)

Where is the Earth in the Ascension Process?

AAM: The Earth has already done most of her transition.

S: It has?

AAM: And a great deal of the Earth changes that you witness are actually helping the collective souls, the humans, to adjust as well. (5)

Will People Disappear from Third-Dimensionality?

AAM: Let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You’ve had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, “Oh, … yeah, that used to bother me,” and then you will continue with your day.

The shifting can be incremental. This is going to depend on the readiness of the population, but what we are seeing right now, is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.

Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the Third as you could think of it as … and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, … say who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember … or have dim sense, ‘I wonder where so and so went?’

People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing. (6)

Will the Earth Continue in Third Dimensionality?

AAM: The 3D Earth has done her cosmetic change. It is not there [after Ascension].

S: It is not there.

AAM: The same way you, dear heart — as the embodiment of a singularly third-dimensional being — are no longer present. [Because I’ll be in 5D and not in 3D.]  At that moment, you both, and all jumped.

S: All right. So is there anything left in 3D?

AAM: No, it is all transmuted, transformed, elevated. …

S: So there is no 3D Earth after that date?

AAM: That is correct. … She does not want to duplicate herself and to continue to be the carrier of that energy.

S: Uh- Unlike, say, Venus?

AAM: Yes, there has been a division there [i.e., on Venus], but that is not how Earth is choosing to do this.

S: I’ll be darned. I haven’t heard that before, and I’m just trying to digest it.  There won’t be a 3D Earth. The people who say “no” will go to the astral planes, the people who say “yes” will continue on with Earth.

AAM: That is correct. (7)

Steve Beckow: What will happen to this Earth, 3D Earth, that they cannot stay? Is that what you meant, Lord?

AAM: Yes, that is what I mean. Understand, 3D Earth, it is not existing. …

S: What about — for the people who say “no”? Will they remain on this 3D Earth, or will they find themselves somewhere else?

AAM: They will find themselves elsewhere.

S: And will they find themselves elsewhere as babies, or as they are now?

AAM: They will return home. They will return out of body.

S: To the astral planes?

AAM: Yes. And they will be counseled and then reassigned as they choose. (8)

Is There Any Possibility that Ascension will not Happen on Dec. 21, 2012?

AAM: What if somehow this is all a cosmic joke. … It is not that we do not appreciate jokes. We love jokes. And our idea of a joke may be very different from yours. But it would never be a joke to hurt so many. …

This is the Mother’s Plan. It is not our plan. It is not your plan. Yes, we are the fulfillment of that plan. But there is no plan for postponement or delay. (8)

AAM: There is no ‘what if?’” The ‘what if?’ is a fear that you are going to be let down. You say, ‘Yes, Lord, that is true, because I have been let down, many, many, many times. You have given us predictions and they have not come to pass. You have given us dates, and they have not come to pass. Am I on a fool’s errand?’” …

We are not putting the brakes on. We are not about to say to you, ‘Well, there has been a change in the Divine Plan.’

We have waited for eons. There has been alignment on more levels, in more realms, than you can imagine for this to unfold. It is not simply about whether you, individually, are ready. You were ready the moment you said to the Mother/Father, ‘I will go, I will help, and my purpose is to ascend.’ And you will do so. (9)

AAM: We are not in the habit or in the business of setting up false expectations. It is contrary to universal law, and it is contrary to love. If anything, my beloved friend — and we keep telling you this — you are ahead of schedule. But do we want you to be wedded to a date? No. Do we say that the dates that have been given are accurate and significant? Yes. If you were paralyzed, and let us suggest that in many ways the collective has been paralyzed, if you were paralyzed, and you were praying and praying and doing your sacred practice, and meditating for healing, and you were given the date of December 2012, would you be upset, dear friend, if it arrived in September? I think not. (10)


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