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Matthew Ward: President Obama is a Major Factor in the Master Plan for the Golden Age – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1.)

Matthew, Hatonn, and SaLuSa have not wavered in their support of the President or retreated an inch since before he was elected. They have at their command resources for knowing that are unavailable to us and I trust their opinion.

Matthew Ward says that “US President Obama is a major factor in the master plan.”

“Some see his administration moving boldly in new directions, others see it following the same policies as the former administration, and still others see it acting on too many fronts without well-defined objectives. To all who regard with pessimism the decisions and actions thus far, we say: Wait and see!

“Despite the formidable situations Obama inherited and the determined opposition of Illuminati members of Congress and those who are acting under that dark group’s influence, whether by bribery, blackmail or death threats to family, he will pursue his visionary course to benefit his nation and the world.” (1)

He tells us that, when President Obama speaks, his soul essence is expressed in his words, something that cannot be said about most politicians today, I’d imagine.

“The soul essence of Obama is expressed in his words, and you may remember that he wisely said to believe in yourselves. When you eagerly ‘raised your hand,’ so to speak, you knew that you would experience the deception and corruption in politics, laws and the socio-economic strata, and you incarnated specifically to free your world from the destructive nature of that divisiveness and inequity.

“And you are doing it! In villages and towns, cities and metropolises worldwide, the energy of the populace is breaking down unjust systems that have been making the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, and there is growing impatience to accomplish profound changes. This, too, is in response to the higher vibrations of intensifying light, and so is the desire for peace that underlies the growing discord even within military personnel. All actions and reactions are being accentuated in accordance with the energy acceleration, which you perceive as time passing faster and faster, and the wrangling and bickering over issues will evolve into unity of larger purpose as Earth continues approaching her Golden Age.” (2)

In a video on economic matters, James Rink alleged that the President stole $400 billion and committed other crimes. Matthew Ward gave his opinion of the video.

“Repeatedly I have described Obama’s highly-evolved soul status, spiritual and moral integrity, purpose and intention to help create a peaceful world, and both Hatonn and I have spoken about the powerful and relentless forces Obama has been up against all along.

“With the light intensity in this energy plane Earth has reached, people who are light-receptive know which information about him is the truth and which isn’t; people who have not responded to the light will believe the lies and won’t be convinced otherwise by any additional comments from either Hatonn or me.” (3)

Suzy Ward asked him in 2010 if he was still convinced of Obama’s leading role in the Golden Age.

“Suzy: Are you still convinced that US President Obama is a highly evolved lighted soul who came from an advanced civilization to lead us into the Golden Age?

Matthew: “Yes! There is no reason for us or other messengers in high stations to doubt that, but we understand why some of you do. Assessments and conclusions can only be according to information available to you.

“You don’t have our vantage point in the universe or our information sources, and you have no way of knowing all the undercurrents that will be ushering in your new world.

“Doubt about Obama’s light-filled intentions is arming his opposition — that is why we urge you to withhold judgment and to envision him and your world in golden light. Negative thoughts and feelings about Obama’s leadership are reducing his ability to persuade his own government and other leaders to act in harmonious cooperation to achieve a peaceful world with shared wealth and well being for all. This is not his failing, but rather the law of attraction in operation — negativity aimed in any direction brings back to Earth more negative situations.

“Along with vibrations intensifying the best and the worst of human traits, the law is producing divisiveness in politics, ideologies and philosophies that form all systems and organizations that regulate life in your world. Each side of any issue is blindly digging in its heels instead of giving an inch. But do not despair — that stubbornness to keep the status quo and to resist reform attempts is but one element in the picture whose full design soon will ‘come to light.’” (4)

Matthew and the others of his spirit group who together construct his messages are aware that some lightworkers are wracked with doubt about President Obama.

“We know of the opinions that US President Obama is leading his country in the wrong direction, and we tell you that if only you could know how prudently and wisely he is moving behind the scenes to upset the entire Illuminati apple cart, instead of concerns about his direction, there would be rousing cheers.” (5)

He did not feel he needed to defend the President.

“Certainly the highly-evolved soul that Obama is does not need our defense, and that is not what we are doing by explaining what he is dealing with. Our purpose in speaking of this is to state that not only is an individual’s balance disturbed by the energy of distress—or discontentment, disappointment, disillusionment, anger—but also that energy goes forth and adds to the negativity Earth has to transmute into light. Thus, far better than feeling negative emotions about what Obama appears to be doing is staying positively focused on the world as you want it to be.” (6)

In 2010, he cautioned us that our negative thoughts had an impact on Obama.

“The larger purpose to be served by assuring you that Obama’s intentions are aligned with the light is of utmost importance. The energy of negative thoughts about his leadership and all other situations anywhere on Earth that are seen as worrisome is flowing out into your world and delaying effective resolutions to tumultuous happenings everywhere.” (7)

So we need to know that we’re holding up the show and incapacitating President Obama by holding or spreading negative views about him.

We may not realize that our negative thoughts enter the collective consciousness and have effect. They also invoke the Law of Attraction and bring to us the negative outcome we wish for in relation to the President whom we disbelieve and oppose. And finally they tie up the hands of the galactics and celestials who won’t abrogate our freewill in a matter like this.

So it’s imperative that we wake up to the fact that the disinformation campaign against Obama is being orchestrated by the Illuminati rump and their minions in the controlled press, that the President is hampered by their total commitment to unseat him, and that we lightworkers are the strongest source of strength the President has.

If we want President Obama to lead us into the Golden Age, as was intended in the master plan, then we need to see through the campaign of disinformation and enthusiastically get behind him.


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  1. I,as I am sure we all….want change. In my own life, which is all I can
    Knowingly speak of….have learned that, talk is just that…talk. Change
    comes from action(s). Excuses are just a missed opportunity for
    change that was unrecognized. When one takes an unbiased look at
    the loss of opportunity for personal growth and expansion back to
    source that Mr. Obama has not supported….it becomes more and
    more difficult to champion him as the changeling we had hoped he
    would be. HWB

    • Couldnt agree with your comment more.

      As Goenka says to numerous Vipassana meditators (Buddha’s undistorted teachings before Buddhism, and many other ism’s) “there is no God that is going to save you”. It seems we are always trading one “God” for another and not taking full responsibility for all that is our lives and world we have created. When will we learn that we are all part of source and quit deferring our power and responsibility to others?

      This desperate need to be saved, the victim mentality squared these days, plays especially well with the latest presidential offering from the oligarchs.

      Isnt it remarkable we now have a whole nation of the “left” that now seem to be in love with wars, have full tolerance for Guantanamo, and full tolerance for unlimited destruction of individual rights all under the watch and full approval publicly by the president? We have legions of light workers so enamored with this second coming that they lose all perspective. Fascinating.

      Just as its remarkable that a whole nation can have its memory of the actual events of the OKC bombing removed (events and live footage that are available still today to review), its also remarkable that all words, deeds and yes energy of the president can be lost from awareness.

      Seems the plan has worked. Yet another establishment offered candidate under the illusion of a free political system has won over the masses and become the saviour. Clinton set up terrorism as as a fear tactic for Bush to utilize, and Bush set up Obama with a start of a crackdown on all that is freedom in this country. I particularly am disgusted by the censorship of those disapproving or questioning the president. It is icon worship among other brain washings. Light workers if anyone should embrace these alerts from so many intuitives and know that something is amiss.

      Remarkable. Looks, smells, walks and talks like any other incredibly well played hand by the same rulers for an ever more malleable public.

      We can hide behind our channels, hide behind our light workers words, enjoying their efforts at providing a release valve for all that frustration and fear the world is feeling, but at some point it would be wise to own up to full responsibility for all that is our lives and world. Obama didnt get us here, and Obama will not get us out. That comes from each of us cleaning up our own inner landscape. This constant championing of someone who has done nothing except show up and follow the existing dangerous course and have a different colored skin speaks of mass brain washing, not “aware” people.

      Since we are all part of source, I suggest we all get to taking care of inner workings and quit hiding behind more hero worship and victim mentality.

      To our full and complete responsibility for all that is our lives. There is nothing external that is going to save you.