What We Post and Don’t Post

There are lots of matters we don’t report on here. Others do, so you aren’t deprived of that news.

We don’t report on the latest solar flares because we know that the catastrophic ones are being mitigated by the galactics and that the good ones bring us much benefit.

We don’t report on troop movements because we know the Company of Heaven is in charge of largescale significant events like these. We have faith that they would not allow something like martial law or an overthrow of the government to occur unless it was part of a Divine Plan to remove the dark souls and benefit us all. (1)

We don’t report on the possibility of a nuclear war between Israel and Iran because we know that it isn’t possible to explode a nuclear bomb on the planet. (2) For that reason we don’t report on Iran’s alleged attempts to create a nuclear bomb either because these will go nowhere for the same reason.

I personally also suspect that the American military machine is obsolete and outmoded and merely invoked to strike fear into unwary opponents. So I don’t report on saber-rattling.

Why do I say that?

Because Russia, China and Iran possess Sizzler and Sunburn missiles that can unstoppably take out a carrier, making carrier fleets obsolete. Because the Chinese have the ability to interfere with a plane’s controls and force it to land as they did with VP Cheney’s plane and may have done with the B-52 carrying nuclear bombs to the Middle East a few years back. Because the Chinese have inserted Trojans into every American military motherboard that will cause them to fail under battlefield conditions. (3)


I could talk about the American Navy’s capture of the nuclear football during the Georgian War. Or their interception of planes bound for the Middle East with nuclear weapons aboard. Or their takeover of Northern Command or the secret space fleet, Solar Warden.  (4)  And I could go on.

I haven’t said a word so far about how our galactic family will not permit a world war to break out, even if they have to allow limited conflicts to run themselves out by universal law.

Many people have been asking me why we don’t post very much on Mr. Keshe’s free-energy technology. There are several reasons.

The first is that we have less than three months left and it isn’t clear if anything will come from it.

The second is that Mr. Keshe plans to release his technology through governments and it’s governments who’ve sat on the technology for years and years. This choice simply reinforces our belief that little will come of it before Dec. 21, 2012.

And there are other reasons.

There are other stories which are floated by the cabal which we won’t report – stories about Mr. Obama, about menacing galactics, or about planets hurtling towards us and promising extinction-level events. These are not going to happen and are only designed to raise fear in us.

We know we have a responsibility to bring you news you want and need to know about. But we also believe that we have a responsibility to refrain from posting manufactured news designed to instil fear, news that likely will have no outcome and get us needlessly exercised, and sensational news that has very little impact on where we’re headed or what we need to accomplish between now and then.

Just so you know, we take pride just as much in restraint as in expression, in what we don’t post as in what we do.


(1) For a general compendium on all our fears and dreaded scenarios, see “Ready-Reference Guide: There’s No Need to Fear,” at  See also the wide range of articles on the impossibility of disaster scenarios under “The Time of Troubles,” at

(2) On the impossibility of exploding nuclear bombs on the planet, see “Warmongering,” at

(3) See “The Myth of Invincibility Exposed,” at Also see “Does the Reactivation of Tenth Fleet Hide a Takeover of Northern Command?,” at

(4) See footnote (3).

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