Momentum for World Peace Multiplies in New Discussion Group

I haven’t seen something take off like the World Peace Now discussion group.

Within a day of starting up, they’re up to 77 members and already creating pages on Facebook and Google, discussing creating a video on world peace and ways to go viral with creating a commitment to world peace.

Here are the Google and Facebook pages, created by Jared:

Gregory made a beautiful statement that I’d like to repost here:

“I can already imagine the forgiveness amongst people. All the hugging and crying as people start to come to the realization of whats been going on and all racial walls come tumbling down as the oneness starts to materialize. The deep love and emotion that will be going on will in itself shed a huge amount of negativity and thus help them shift into the higher vibrations. The road towards world peace will be paving the way, it will be shining its light for all we are waiting for and freedom for humanity. It comes down to loving your neighbor as your self.”

Werner Erhard used to talk about “an idea whose time has come.” Before an idea’s time has come, espousing it was like rolling a big boulder uphill. Once an idea’s time has come, it spreads like wildfire without any pushing. “World peace” has often attracted only mild enthusiasm in past years. But as the energies rise on the planet, it may very well be an idea whose time has come.

One of the things that the experience of creating the video I Know My Galactic Family is Here. Do You? did for us who participated in that project was the knowledge that it wasn’t even just the number of people who viewed the video or even videos that came out from the project that mattered. It was the fact that the idea of our galactic family being here entered the collective consciousness that mattered in the end.

And the same with our work for world peace. It isn’t only the fact that some will see the blogsite or participate in the discussion group that matters in the end. It’s that the idea will re-enter the collective consciousness with renewed force as a result of these efforts.

That plus the Law of Attraction will bring world peace to us, we believe. And we give an expression to the Company of Heaven as well, freeing their hand to intervene on the side of peace in the wold too. So everything we don on this front will have a greatly-multiplied effect, in my view.

Finally, not only might we create a groundswell for world peace, but we may also bring the reality of Ascension to the minds of many people in the process and thus increase the number of people who ascend. That in itself is gratifying.

The URL of the World Peace Now discussion group is:

The URL of the Achieving World Peace Now blogsite is:

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