Ascension Has Been in the Works for a Very Long Time

Evidently Ascension has been known and planned for a very long time.  Melchizedek reminds us that the end times are the culmination of an evolutionary life cycle:

“At this juncture of Cosmic events, your World is drawing near to the end of one phase in its evolutionary life wave cycle and into a new beginning filled with hope, peace and harmony.

“These are the end times that have been prophesied many times in many ages past and now these times are upon you. You who read this are Ones who chose to be here in order to anchor the Light upon the Planet in preparation for these times.” (1)

“From the commencement of the last cycle over 12,000 years ago,” SaLuSa said in 2009, “it was known that it would be completed through the process of Ascension.”

“It is therefore an extremely important time for all souls engaged in the experiences of duality. At the end of every cycle there is an emergence of those who are ready to move on to the higher realms.” (2)

Ascension is the fulfilment of an ancient promise, he reminds us: “You were always promised that the end times would see you restored to the higher dimensions, and in reality you have never lost faith in those who made it to you.” (3)

“The plan of enlightenment,” Atmos of Sirius tells us, “started long ago and has brought about an awakening that has moved you onto the path of Ascension.” (4) The process of Ascension is not something that just started in recent years, SaLuSa reminds us. “The process of Ascension … has been taking place for many years, and has now reached its final stages in readiness for the great upliftment in 2012.” (5)

The particular people here today are here because they decided to ascend before they were born, Archangel Michael says.

“Each of you who have decided, consciously and within your very core of your being, that you are undergoing Ascension, and that you are welcoming it eagerly and profoundly into your life, into your consciousness, into your being, this process began even before you chose it in reincarnation. So it has been going on and building your entire life.” (6)

The Arcturian Group asks us to “know and remember this–you have chosen to be here. There is free will for all, no one has forced anyone to be on earth, especially at this time.” (7)

We may not remember that choice because it was a higher aspect of ourself that made it, says the White-Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, a celestial group: “The Higher Self already chose to experience Ascension in this incarnation prior to your birth into third-density matter.” (8)

And it’s the fulfillment of work done over many lifetimes, SaLuSa says: “Each one of you has spent many lifetimes working towards this final year in the cycle of duality. There are some that are best forgotten, yet they have been part of the plan for your return to the Light.” (9)

We planned it down to the minutest detail, Wanderer of the Skies says. “This is what you have lived lifetimes for, what you have planned for down to the minutest detail, and what you are now experiencing. It is your right and deservedly so.” (10)

The starseeds who are here to help with Ascension have experienced it before, Archangel Michael reminds us. “You [world servers] should … be aware that you have experienced different phases of the ascension process many times before in a multitude of locations and realities.” (11)

The pathway to ascension, St. Germain tells us, is something that we create so it cannot be predicted ahead of time.

“You have been preparing for Ascension for eons of time and subconsciously have known that the end-times would bring a complete change. What you could not foresee was the manner in which it would take place, as you have been creating that pathway yourselves.” (12)

Thus Ascension is an evolutionary event that happens at the end of predictable cycles and has been in the works for eons. We all of us chose to be here before birth to participate in it, some as beings who have reached the end of the cycle of Third Dimensionality and some as servers from higher dimensions. The exact pathway to be followed is something we ourselves have chosen and so it cannot be predicted in all respects beforehand. Those here to ascend have worked on that process over many lifetimes and were well on their way to it before this present incarnation. We’ve planned for it and are now about to enter into that culmination.


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