Our Greatest Challenge

Matthew Ward and SaLuSa have said repeatedly that the people who may have the most difficulty when the truth of our history is revealed will be people of a strong religious background – this may include religious leaders, religious orders, fundamentalists, etc.

The task of lightworkers is to see that as many as possible ascend. That’s why we incarnated, many of us leaving higher dimensions and other planets to come here at this time to assist.

So not to judge or separate ourselves from anyone, but to understand how we can better assist those groups whose native impulse would be to reject Ascension, let’s look at what the galactics, masters and celestials say about the strongly religious whose views might see them oppose the idea of ascending.

Matthew Ward confirms that reaching the deeply religious will be our greatest challenge.

“Your greatest challenge will be the people who will rebel against the truth that will be revealed about the origin and purpose of religions. Religion forms the belief system that extends to all facets of billions of lives, and the initial reaction for the majority of adherents will be total rejection of the revelations, which if accepted, would shatter the very foundation of their lives.” (1)

He attempts to convey how we’d feel if we were in their position by constructing a different story of what our future holds for us and asking us how we would react to encountering the “truth”:

“Consider how you would feel if suddenly information disclosed worldwide were akin to this: An eternity in heaven or hell follows death; the only close connections between you and anyone else are family ties and friendships; the only civilization in the universe is on Earth; when you talk to God, if you hear an answer, it’s from Satan; and if you believe differently from this, your whole life is based on lies.

“You KNOW this is not your truth, and your entire being would reject it. Those billions whose beliefs also are their very being don’t know that they are living in the veil devised by dark deceivers, and they will react the same as you would.” (2)

Many who believe that Christ is the only way to salvation may be shocked to learn that this is not a true statement. Others hold that their version of God is the only god.  The apocalyptic views that many fundamentalists hold are also not true, SaLuSa tells us. They may have been once, but our evolvement has altered our destiny.

“Those who uphold [fundamentalist] religious beliefs … feel bound by the apocalyptic prophesies of their ancient teachings. Many are no longer applicable as they were given at a time when they seemed possible, but events since have changed the outcome. This year will sorely test their beliefs, but obviously like anyone else they have a future of their own creation.” (3)

Matthew tells us that accepting truth is one of the requirements for ascending.

“To physically ascend with Earth, however, does require more than living a good life, a godly life. It also requires leaving behind third density’s deceitful foundation of religious beliefs and accepting the brilliant light of spiritual truth.” (4)

He tells us that those who hold mistaken views of religion must re-educate themselves into cosmic and universal truths if they are to ascend.

“If they are to make the journey with Earth into the higher densities, their reeducation into the cosmic and universal truths will be essential. And painful. For many, it will be too painful to keep on living in a world where the ‘anti-Christ’ for the Christians, and by whatever other terms equally apply to those firmly in the grasp of other religions, has taken over the planet.” (5)

SaLuSa discussed this matter as recently as Sept. 14, 2012, when he said: “Those souls who are deeply immersed in their religious beliefs will be amongst the last to accept the truth.” (6)

Matthew said they may depart rather than abandon their views:  “Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught.” (7)

He then goes on to describe what he, as an ascended master, regards as the truth that differs from the views that many among the strongly religious hold.

“The truth is, as equal parts of God — by whatever name you call the ruler of this universe — all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited powers to manifest whatever you choose to think, feel and do.

“The truth is, religions were devised to keep you from knowing who you truly are, to keep you ignorant of the universal laws, and to create divisiveness within the populace.

“The truth is, peoples you call ‘natives of the land’ or ‘aboriginals’ are closely attuned to the universal consciousness whereas religious dogmas, especially in Western religions, were made through the centuries by church leaders to obliterate that natural attunement, control the masses and acquire wealth for themselves.” (8)

A very uncomfortable truth, he tells us, is that many at the pinnacle of religion have altered the truth to serve their purposes of wanting power and control over the masses: “Over time [the] interpretation [of the truth] has been deliberately changed to place more power and control into the controllers’ hands, so much so that the true meaning has become obscured.” (9)

Matthew shares SaLuSa’s view of the darker purposes of some religious leaders and says that many religious people will choose to die and remain in Third-Dimensionality rather than accept this truth.

“A large number of people who have lived in godly ways will choose not to ascend with Earth after the truth about the origin of religions emerges: They [religions] were designed in darkness to deceive and control the peoples, by the most divisive element of life on Earth, and reap wealth for the heads of churches.

“Although everyone on Earth knows that truth at soul level and it is a contract choice to consciously remember it, many of the devoutly religious will be unable or unwilling to accept that their deep-seated faith is founded on false teachings.

“By so doing, these individuals deny the light within truth, that they are god and goddess selves, eternally inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Their next pre-birth contract will again include the provision to become consciously aware of that truth during their next physical lifetime, which will be in a third-density world.” (10)

In another message, Matthew calls the acceptance of these truths the “final exam.”

“The ‘final exam,’ if you will, is whether they can accept the truths that shortly will start emerging about the darkness that for so long has kept your world ‘in the dark,’ especially control of the masses through religious dogma. Individuals who cannot accept the truths—enLIGHTenment—will choose at soul level to physically leave the planet.

“After a suitable time in Nirvana [the Spirit Planes], where they will see how they veered from their soul contracts wherein they had chosen to awaken, they will welcome the opportunity to embody in other third-density placements and resume learning at the level where it left off.” (11)

SaLuSa mentions especially those who live in or follow the advice of religious orders as having the greatest difficulty accepting these hard truths.

“We know that the most reluctant souls will be those who have placed their complete faith in religious orders. They will find it difficult to accept that they could have erred in their understanding, or have even been deliberately mislead.

“For some the challenge will be too much, and they will prefer to hold onto their existing beliefs. That is of course accepted as a show of their freewill choice, and it will be honored.” (12)

I’ve written a number of articles on the return of the masters. The masters like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara), and others will return to speak to their respective followers and move them away from their current views and towards the higher, universal truths.

SaLuSa, on Sept. 14, 2012, said “that problem has been foreseen, and the respective teachers on whom their beliefs are based will return to explain what their true message was.” (13)

Matthew advises us to “not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is—when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will.” (14)

So bringing the devoutly religious into the fold, so to speak, may present lightworkers with their greatest challenge. It will require a great deal of patience, understanding and compassion. What we have tried to do here is present what most likely will be their world view and spiritual understandings, as well as what the Company of Heaven calls the real purpose of some religious leaders.

These matters are something that many among the devout will not want to hear. To assist us in our work of gently trying to present to them the true view of what is happening to their world when the galactics suddenly show up above and upon it, many of the ascended masters will return to help us with our task.


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