InLight Radio Team Releases Global Disclosure Video: ‘I Know My Galactic Family Is Here – Do You?’

InLight Radio Team Releases Global Disclosure Video: I Know My Galactic Family Is Here – Do You?

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The InLight Radio team – Graham Dewyea, Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, Sierra Neblina, Dave Schmidt and Stephen Cook – has produced and released an 18-minute, free-to-share video announcing Disclosure to the world.

The video titled I Know My Galactic Family is Here – Do You? – is premiering on the new InLight Radio YouTube channel  – – from today, Friday September 14, 2012. The team is asking people to send the video viral throughout the world as soon as possible.

In the video (below) each member of the InLight Radio on-air team shares their own personal disclosure stories. The production also includes specially researched and collated starship and lightship footage, UFO photos and historic news clippings as evidence that our star brothers and sisters are indeed here.

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The video also includes appearances by people from around the world in short cameos, who ask viewers: “I know my Galactic family is here – Do You?” in a variety of languages, including Russian, Turkish, Armenian, Cantonese and Hindi.

“As the title I Know My Galactic Family is Here – Do You? suggests, the video we are releasing to the world today speaks to how our Galactic family has been with us since the beginning by offering specific ways our Galactic family is visible in our skies today and has been and continues to assist the Earth and humanity,” says InLIght Radio’s Founder and Producer Graham Dewyea, host of Our Galactic family and Heavenly Blessings.

“One of our main goals with all of the InLight Radio programs is to raise awareness about our star brothers and sisters: that they are family, they are here to help, and that they come in peace and to make people aware of the role our Galactic family has been and is already playing in our planet’s and our Ascension.”

The video has been produced in a relatively short space of time to ensure that the announcement it features will create news beyond the Lightworker and UFO-watcher communities.

“Steve Beckow, co-host of An Hour With An Angel and owner of the 2012 Scenario, had the terrific idea just a few weeks ago of creating this Disclosure video to advance that effort, and also to formally announce the presence of our galactic family,” says Graham.

“The whole InLight team saw this as a great opportunity for us to take the issue of Disclosure and run with it to lead the way and take it into our own hands – as ordinary, every day members of our world.

“We no longer have to wait for our governments, religious leaders, military heads and mainstream media to make such announcements on our behalf – we can do this ourselves.

“And that’s exactly what our video does! It says to the world that we know our Galactic family is here, we’ve seen them and been with them and we know they come in peace and are here to help us to create the world we all deserve – a world of peace, pristine environments, equality on every level – racial, financial, sexual – and, importantly, love.”

I Know My Galactic Family Is Here – Do You? has been specifically produced to be shared on social media by everyone who sees it, with their friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues.

“It’s our hope that this video will be widely shared by everyone who sees it to bring hope and awareness about the presence of our Galactic family to their friends, their families, their neighbours and their work colleagues – and get all of them them to then share this, free, with their own friends, family members, neighbours and workmates. And hopefully this process of sharing our video continues on and on.”

The InLight Radio team who produced and recorded the video, I Know My Galactic Family is Here – Do You? is (in order of their appearance in the video):

Graham Dewyea – Montpelier, Vermont, USA. Founder of InLight Radio and host of Our Galactic Family and Heavenly Blessings.  Graham Dewyea has had over 16 years in public administration, including serving as a hospital executive.

Steve Beckow – Vancouver, Canada. Founder and Owner of the 2012 Scenario and co-host of An Hour With An Angel. Steve is a former member of The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Dave Schmidt – Edmonds, Washington, USA. Former US State of Washington Senator, co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond, an editor of the 2012 Scenario and Director of The Hope Chest. Dave is also an ordained minister and has a B.A. in Religion and an M.A. in Biblical Studies

Geoffrey West – Toronto, Canada. Anchor of Cosmic Vision News and co-host of An Hour With An Angel. Geoffrey is a former CTV News staffer with a Bachelor in Radio and Television and a Masters in Peace Education.

Linda Dillon – Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA. Channeller for The Council of Love and co-host of An Hour With An Angel and Heavenly Blessings. Linda has an extensive professional background in the social services, behavioural and mental health arena, where she was a successful healthcare executive and consulting CEO.

Sierra Neblina – Sedona, Arizona, USA. Co-host of Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond and an editor of the 2012 Scenario. Sierra is a Desert Storm veteran, a minister and a Cherokee medicine woman.

Stephen Cook – Sydney, Australia. Host of The Light Agenda and News Editor of the 2012 Scenario. Stephen is a journalist, writer and broadcaster and was Public Relations Manager and Media Advisor for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Together with some of the editors from the 2012 Scenario and researchers from Inlight Radio – led by Allen Atkinson, together with Alice C, Andrew Eardley, sage and Anthony Morrison – the InLight Radio team scoured the internet looking for suitable clips, pics and clippings from around the world for the video.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and involvement on this project from many people who are so excited to welcome our star brothers and sisters as we co-create a wonderful future together,” says the video’s script co-writer Steve Beckow.

The team also had the assistance of Luisa Vasconcelos (a Lightworker in Portugal who regularly ensures many of our favourite channels from SaLuSa to the Galactic Federation of Light are translated into various languages and shared around the world), who helped bring together a diverse team of translators from a variety of countries especially for this video. They each recorded the video’s title phrase: “I know my Galactic family is here – do you?” in their own language.

Those who provide international language cameos are: Armine Zargarian – Armenian; Edgar Alan – Filipino; Claire Mastri – French; Mounir – Arabic; Jimena Yantorno – Spanish; Ian Lee – Cantonese; Inna Lobanova-Heasley – Russian; Marco Missinato – Italian; Daisy Chu – Cantonese; Anita Camera – German; Özge Şimşek – Turkish; and Amit Jain – Hindi.

Los Angeles-based, Italian-born musician, Marco Missinato, who provides the Italian-language input, also generously lent his musical talents to provide the video’s dynamic score – his own composition, “Good News From Heaven”, which is a slight variation of the new theme music he provided for InLIght Radio’s Cosmic Vision News program.

“The aim of this Inlight Radio disclosure video is for everyone who sees it to take it and make it go viral – via their Facebook pages, their Twitter accounts, Google+, their email lists, whatever social media outlets they have – even re-posting the video on their own blogs and websites,“ says Stephen Cook, who co-wrote the video’s script with Steve Beckow.

“We own our social media: we don’t need to wait for our so-called leaders and media to spread this message of universal peace – we can do it ourselves. So we ask everyone who sees I Know My Galactic Family is Here – Do You? to make their own personal disclosure today – by sending our video all around the world!!”

I Know My Galactic Family is Here – Do You? is released on the InLight Radio YouTube Channel today at

You can share this video today by going to the InLight Radio You Tube Channel and clicking on the share link on the video page. or you can send the video link via email today

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