It’s OK to Mope

A lot of people these days are saying they are moping, kind of dragged out, not inspired, etc.

I was this morning. In the bath, moping, wondering when the party would start.  Even though I know that arrangements are going ahead behind the scenes, I still wanted things to go faster and get more exciting. And my friends overseas were in the same boat and others in the East, etc.

I described it to a friend as being like standing outside the gates of a New Year’s Eve public bash that said it would open at 7:00. And then they said 8:00. And then 9:00. And finally at 10:00 they opened but by then I had lost a lot of my enthusiasm.

Over the course of the day, as more and more exciting things were discussed, I emerged from my down space. But even if I hadn’t, what a friend in Europe told me was very deeply interesting. Just unto itself.

She pointed to all the messages that said that we’d need to go down into the depths of despair before we emerged on the other side. She cited the latest message from Kryon on the matter, some things that Adamu said, and even Archangel Michael the other day saying all our “what ifs” are emerging.

There are some deep vasanas of discouragement, depression, sadness, dismay and every other dark attitude and feeling that may need to be raised to awareness and experienced through to completion before we really do begin the upward journey in earnest. Then there’ll be no holding us back. But first we have to dredge up and get out those last black funks.

And to win release from them, in the absence of simply asking Archangel Raphael or the Divine Mother to take them away, we may need to experience them through. To do that, we may need to mope. But not to mope because we want or love to mope.  But because the only way through feeling mopey may be to actually allow that feeling to play upon us instead of resisting it. We may need to consciously mope to be free of moping.

That’s why I say, from my viewpoint, it’s OK to mope. Consciously, awaredly. We may need to do just that to complete and free us from the persistence of the experience.

Having said that, a large number of us, I believe, are worried that this thing will not get off the ground. And of course we really don’t know if it will or not until it does.

That’s why I say that the antidote for me at least for “what if” is “as if.” I am acting as if  all this is coming true. In the absence of knowing whether it’s all true or whether I’m in the middle of a very bad dream, I’m acting or orienting towards things as if  they’re true.

I’m very much convinced that every word SaLuSa, Saul and the others say is true, but until the truth reveals itself to me and I no longer need to wander around in uncertainty, I’m choosing to orient towards it as if  it were true.

I acknowledge that the waiting is hard and it ain’t much fun and we’re being asked a heck of a lot to wait this long. But I also acknowledge that I personally have at least the advantage of knowing what’s going on behind some scenes (not all scenes certainly) and so I do know that things are moving ahead as fast as they can.

I also know that the reason for many delays is us. I hate to say it and I know someone will pitch a rotten apple at me for saying it, but we lightworkers have not been able to get our acts together in many instances and push the cart forward. To coin a phrase, we have not played our parts in a stellar manner.

I couldn’t get the Neptune to succeed. Other projects have been delayed and again it is us lightworkers who caused the delay. So it can’t be blamed on the galactics and the celestials. It’s us who are in many cases the delayers. Our disputes. Our going for control. Our unwillingness to work together.

The galactics have to allow us our part in things or we won’t learn from all this. And some of our projects have not moved forward because we just did not get our acts together. The galactics and the celestials end up carrying the can. But the guy in the mirror knows who really dropped the ball.

I believe SaLuSa when he says that none of this will affect the outcome. Whether or not we had a gala party for six months (it could also have been a six-month work party), we will ascend on Dec. 21. Or at least that’s the square my money is on. And the largest number possible of us will ascend as well. (I’ll have more to say about that after my reading with AAM on Friday.)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. That’s the as if  I’m acting out.  That’s the noble venture, the grand experiment, the greatest show on Earth that I’m participating in.  I’m fully open to whatever shows up and I’ve never had such a great time in my life, whatever tomorrow brings. And whether the train is late or not, I know it’s coming.



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