Dream Boldly

Supposing God appeared to you and said, “I will give you abundance, health, youth, longevity, bliss and anything else you want – if you only ask me, open, and receive.” What would you say?

No? Probably not.

You’d probably say, as I would: “Thank you very much, Lord.  I do in fact ask you. I open and I will receive. Bring the whole shooting match on!”

But isn’t that exactly the situation we’re in? The Divine Plan holds out to us abundance from NESARA (whenever it gets here!), abundance on the Fifth Dimension, an absence of disease, a return of lost limbs, the return of our youth, a long life, the bliss of Ascension, and anything we want from replicators before Dec. 21 and by our own wishes after. And all we have to do is to ask to ascend, open ourselves to these wonderful vibrations, and then receive them and assimilate them.

What more could we ask?

Nothing that we can presently conceive.  It’ll take us a long time of enjoying what we have to think of anything being missing.

But there’s more to the situation we face at the present time. I’ve been watching things very closely and I feel willing to say that, viewed from my vantage point, I’ve been able to grow and grow, expand and expand more each day. And on Aug. 10, 2012, we heard SaLuSa say that that’s how it will be from here on in.

“The energies around you are speeding to new heights, and those of you that are sensitive to them will feel a great upliftment. It will continue all the way to Ascension, by which time you will be fully ready to ascend.” (1)

And Hilarion has said something very similar today (Aug. 12, 2012):

“There have been and will continue to be many, many downloads of energy, information and activations as is resonant with each person’s ability to safely integrate. You will find that each day the changes within you are taking place in a rapid manner and will find yourselves feeling more vitality, clarity and empowerment as the weeks and months continue.” (2)

While I was away on our short trip through the Fraser Valley, it hit me hard that every day I seem to be expanding and that so much was becoming ever more possible each day than previously. And I got that I don’t want to miss a single twist or turn in the road. This is definitely the time to be absolutely conscious, totally aware.

This has consequences. I need everyone around me to know that I’m serious about wanting to expand as much as I possibly can in these coming months and want to be conscious of it too. I want to watch each moment unfold.  So if anyone were to intend to bring drama into my life, for example, I’d have to say I have no more interest in it.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I want to be part of the events that are unfolding. There isn’t a cell in my body that wants to hold back. But by the same token, I plan to be discriminating. Unlike when I was a happy child (or a miserable child, which was just as likely back then), today I only want to be around adults, people who speak in neutral language, people who actually listen to others, people who operate by the Rule of Four, (3) people who keep the peace, are responsible, and so on.

For me at least this next half a year is simply too good, viewed from any possible perspective, to waste a minute of it. Such an opportunity to watch a rapid transformation occur in this locale (me) may never come again for hundreds if not thousands of years.

As the poet said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” (4) Begin it now. Dream boldly.


(1) SaLuSa, Aug. 10, 2012, at I am aware that SaLuSa has agreed that Archangel Michael’s recent description of events from here to Ascension is a well-constructed depiction.

(2) “Hilarion: Weekly Message August 12, 2012,” at

(3) “The Rule of Four,” at

(4) William Hutchinson Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition (1951).

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