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Getting to Peace or Leaving Behind Conflict?

I’m in the middle of another of those powerful, life-orienting realizations which seem to be occurring more and more these days.

This one is so simple and yet so powerful that it’s blowing me over. I’m realizing why there isn’t peace in my life. The reason is because I’m not leaving behind conflict.

Oh my gosh, I hear someone say. Are you just getting that now? (Yes, I am.)

There are some things in life that are digital. You’re either there or not, being it or not, doing it or not, having it or not. And peace is one of those things.

Either I have peace in my life, am peaceful, and create peace – or I do not. There’s no sense me lying about it to myself. The facts won’t change to suit my filter.

Peace is who I am. It isn’t a place I get to. I don’t get there by travelling to a place called “peace.”  I am there naturally providing that I leave behind conflict. If I’m not at peace, it’s almost a certainty that I haven’t left behind conflict. It’s one of those no-nonsense, in-your-face kind of things.

How often in the past have I found myself thinking about peace, planning to get away and find peace, planning to take some time for myself, relax, on and on and on. And yet never have I allowed myself to actually choose and be in peace right now.   I’d congratulate myself on getting up to thinking about it. Or I could see it happening some time in the future. But always in the present, there was some reason why not to have peace right here and right now.

I’d chose one more act of drama, one more scene of animosity, one more checkmate Dallas moment. But tonight I saw that I radically, immediately and uncompromisingly wanted peace – right here, right now. I couldn’t stand having conflict in my life a minute longer.  It was like I was a man on fire.

And not only wanted conflict to leave, permanently,  but did not want to leave the space of peace ever again. I would accept no further excuses from myself.

And what I discovered was that, without that burning desire and uncompromising choice of peace right now, I would forever stand outside of peace, choosing conflict once again in the moment.

And, no, it cannot depend on what’s happening outside of me. That’s an important piece of this puzzle. As long as I wait for the right conditions, I postpone being in peace myself.

Without that refusal to wait a minute longer, I might never claim the space of peace as my own. I may have gone on sowing seeds of conflict forever, so distractable am I. And if I don’t choose peace, and you don’t choose peace, and if I don’t enter the space of peace and refuse to leave it, and you the same, how on Earth would we expect the world to be at peace?

I got it down to my bones. I want peace and I want it now – and forever. This area within one foot of myself on every side is strictly a peace zone. No conflict allowed in this space. Not now. Not ever.

No, I’m not a stable and reliable peace dweller. I’ve just reached dry land this moment and am gasping, “OK, I made it. I’m here on the dry land of peace. And my lungs seem to be working.” The newest arrival, still wet behind the ears.

If I want peace, I have to choose peace. I have to be peace. I have to reject conflict and remain in peace, now and now and now.

If I want to stay in peace, I need to never stray into conflict again. That’s a huge challenge and I’d only do it if and when I had absolutely had my fill of conflict.

I assume it’s the same way with many other qualities. I have to create and claim that space for myself as well, here and now, or I will never have it. As my wife says, you got what you voted for. If I voted for peace, I’d have that; if I voted for conflict, I’d have that.

It’s so simple and yet so difficult to remain with, moment by moment. But that’s what I have to do. Choose peace again and again and reject conflict again and again. And again and again and again. I’m a scrapaholic. And I have to go stone-cold sober.

Is there anyone else for whom this is happening? Or am I alone in this?


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  1. You hit the nail on the head, as usual Steve! People around me are erupting like volcanos. Old family patterns and energy changes are causing havoc. I woke up this morning and realised that I can only gain peace by visualising how this will feel in my life – rather than focussing on what I don’t like or getting sucked into the drama. I also try to get out of my head and into my heart. This process is easier to describe than to carry out, but it works. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    Much love.

  2. I have been struggling to make sense of the “personal affronts” that were sent my direction this last week. I have had the most “out of the blue” (although I KNOW this is never truly the case) issues come flying at me; 3 major issues I had no previous knowledge of being a problem being hurdled at me in the last 4 days. Dana’s Solar Flare article and your article, Steve, have helped shed a little light on the subject and given me some perspective to go forward. The drama has reared it’s ugly head in front of my face showing me there is still lots of work to be done on myself, and the mirror is doing a fine job of reflecting that fact right back at me. Thanks for the article; both yours and Dana’s. Indeed, I CHOOSE PEACE and to remain in a peaceful space!

  3. “Only God is absolutely free.
    And the human soul which lives within Truth knows God as Freedom without limitation.
    When man comes to feel that freedom, all his burdens, all the limitations which oppress him disappear. He experiences peace, liberty, expansion. There are no limits to his consciousness; he penetrates into things at a glance. All the ice under him and around him melts. The sun shines brightly and all the noble seeds planted deep in his soul and waiting for thousands of years to germinate, begin to develop and grow. Freedom is necessary for attaining that higher ideal toward which man aspires.” – Peter Deunov

    I am sure that you are closer to this than I am Steve. I have been lowered greatly by ongoing and multiple illnesses and have lost what took years of work to gain. I only now begin to see how fragile was my bliss and love for God. Your corrections seem to me very minor by comparison, …. rejoice!

    All the best to you friend

  4. I’ve been going through the same thing….though though for me “peace” wasn’t the opposite of conflict so much as the opposite of allowing others to take all my time and energy until I had nothign left for myself. I didn’t listen when my body produced heart trouble (because I was so busy with others that I didn’t drink ANYthing for 3 days straight in the summer), and so I had to give myself cancer before Ifinally said “ENOUGH!” and took back my own space. It’s VERY hard…with my 6.5 year old, it often feels like pure selfishness not to always give her exactly what she wants, when she wants it, but then I realized that her, fear of separation, need for others (which existed since she was born, so my being sick only made worse what was already there) was part of HER “stuff” and I wasn’t required to be part of the game. It turned out that, once I stopped playing along, she finally realized that she did NOT need me as much as she thought,and started doing amazing amounts of things all by herself and gaining self-confidence with it. Although it’s been a serious learning curve for all concerned (she still thinks it implies I don’t love her as much as I did when I killed myself giving her too much), it’s so obviously better for both, that I try hard to stay firm with it. And I LOVE having my space again, to meditate and put crystals on mysefl and feel the other side a bit for a change.

  5. Hmmm, or should I say Ommmm? Your post made me smile and chuckle this morning.

    I find this topic so timely for us all. Peace or conflict. If we are all one, then with whom are we in conflict with? Perhaps ourselves? In my experience this is always so. It reminds me of when I am experiencing a storm of discontent within myself – no one feels the discontent as acutely as me, yet the power of that storm of discontent within has the power to do much harm to those whom I cross paths.

    Although circumstances outside of myself may seem to have the power to change my discontent, it is only I that can choose to change the way I am feeling, only I who can cross the threshold and choose peace, choose connection, choose forgiveness, choose love and choose to embrace Oneness.

    I am finding that many of Steve’s posts these past several weeks disclose insights that have mirrored my own – confirmation of our true nature – Oneness. It is so vital for us all right now to be honest, transparent and vulnerable. Like those design shows where the scene goes to “the reveal” our personal and collective design is in process and what better way to increase our connectedness, our compassion, our peace and our love but by showing ourselves in all our “work in progress” glory – beautiful!

    I have been slogging through so much these past several months in overcoming my belief, or addiction, to duality and the ensuing conflict this brings on to myself. My toughest social, emotional and spiritual lessons have been that of judging those I perceive to be judgmental – “judging the judgers” I’ve called it as I co-signed my own insanity, or not having compassion for those that do not display compassion, being intolerant of those that display intolerance, and hiding myself from and scorning those that exclude. My worst trigger of all, which can send me over the top with outrage is what I perceive as injustice.

    A few weeks ago I had the gift of getting embroiled in a conflict with a trusted colleague. A perceived injustice had really set me off. But this time the result was different. The peaceful, patient and almost pleading way in which my colleague presented to me his desire to connect and resolve our difficulty and the frustration he felt when I raised my voice, over talked and refused to listen hit me square between the eyes. Aghast with shame, tears running down my face I exclaimed, “My gosh, I’m not a Lightworker, I’m an Outrager!”

    This was a huge turning point for me in living beyond duality, in letting go of outrage, of victims and villains. Peace is a choice, a choice we can make right now in our own sovereignty. Thank you so much for revealing yourself to us Steve, thank you for your honesty and transparency and for creating this amazing space for us all to connect, reveal ourselves, heal and ascend.

    My recipe today? Cross the threshold! come home to self, drop the conflict within, forgive ourselves, embrace ourselves, embrace all. Choose Peace. I love this place!

    Namaste to you this lovely BC Day Steve!

    ~ Susan

  6. Sometimes you have to leave certain situations, certain people and certain mind habits
    before you can find peace( some say you can find it any where you are).

    I am one who had to LEAVE to discover and recognize just exactly what PEACE was and I have a lot less money and a lot less people in my life and a lot less that I HAVE to do.
    My mind is at rest(well, most of the time) and I do not miss what I had to leave.

    It’s really interesting that having several months of peace has now shown me that I can
    be with conflict and not get envolved with it …it can stand beside me and I can just smile.

    So Steve, I understand your need for PEACE..go get it and never let go.

  7. I agree with Holly’s statement that when we are in conflict with others, who are we actually in conflict with? We are all connected so anything we do/say/think about others, we do/say/think about ourselves. Observe the conflict/drama and the thoughts. Allow them to come up and then consciously allow them to slip away. Realize how they are affecting the collective consciousness…… (works for me anyway : )

    Peace and Love…

  8. This is so true. Thanks for sharing.

    I find that when I am in peace, all the ‘stuff’ going on around me in my life & on line does not bother me. When I get bothered or upset, I look again & find that I’m not in peace.

    Life is so much easier when I focus on my own peace. Sometimes the best thing that I can do right now is to take care of myself.

    Like they say, Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Then help the person next to you!

    • Thanks, everyone. It’s actually becoming quite interesting to see how synchronistic some of these situations are. It does help me to hear others’ perspectives on it.

      I’m off on holidays now till this Friday. Happy BC Day, Susan.