AIDS Was a Man-Made Pandemic

Stephen Cook wrote yesterday: “Next, they’ll be admitting that AIDS (or rather, HIV)  was a man-made virus…” (1)

Indeed, although it isn’t generally known, AIDs was a man-made virus, according to Matthew Ward, who wrote in 2003:

“In the higher frequencies where spiritual clarity reigns, there will be no new laboratory-made diseases—which AIDS, SARS and many other contagious diseases now afflicting Earth are—or toxic pollution of air, water and soil, which also is man-designed for the purpose of causing sickness and death.” (2)

Millions and millions have died from this man-made pandemic, he says.

“While millions in African countries have died and many more millions are suffering from the effects of AIDS, most governments have virtually ignored the plight of the weakened nations where the disease is endemic.”  (3)

The release of what Matthew calls “designer diseases” into the world serves several purposes. The first is to spread panic and fear, which aids the cabal in many ways.

“The media-created stir over new diseases like SARS and exotic flu types [is] intended to send the rest of the world into panic and everyone running for an inoculation.  And those diseases would have caused justifiable panic if their full effects had not been severely curtailed by ET technology that reduced them from the laboratory designers’ expected bang to a whimper.” (4)

He explained that fear counters the efforts of the Light.

“We devoutly wish that fear about global warming and its projected effects would subside. We wish the same about the fear of … AIDS and new diseases that will kill more billions, and, and, and. Fear is being deliberately created by the dark forces because fear’s energy is incompatible with the energy of light, so you can see that the fearful “what if” situations are making the progress of the light more difficult.” (5)

Creating laboratory diseases also enriches the pharmaceuticals industry, Matthew said. “African AIDS victims have no money to buy outrageously expensive drugs.” For that reason, “the new designer diseases are released in populations that do.”

“So, even though not much longer will AIDS plague Earth’s peoples, exposing the fraud about drugs is part of the truth-bringing. Most create additional adverse physical conditions that still more drugs are prescribed to ‘treat,’ and the manufacturers know this.” (6)

However the darkest reason for creating man-made diseases is not to instil fear in people or cause them to buy expensive cures, but to eliminate a large proportion of the Earth’s population deemed to be “useless eaters,” Matthew says.

“Far more pernicious than greed and fraud is the larger goal of the peak of darkness, which is to vastly reduce the population this force considers useless to serve them.”  (7)

Of AIDS, he later wrote: “This laboratory-designed disease is the most successful of the dark forces’ methods within the past half century to reduce the world’s population.” (8)

“As long as the dark forces retain any power, they will continue attempts to unleash their laboratory-devised viruses to vastly reduce Earth’s population—achieving this end has been part of their scheme for global domination. With AIDS and various types of conditions diagnosed as cancer, they have achieved success primarily by means of the toxic medications and treatments, but the introduction of new diseases will not succeed.” (9)

When Suzy Ward asked Matthew about mad cow disease in the U.S., he told her that it was more of the same – man-made diseases being introduced into the population. In the course of his comment he disputed the official story that AIDS came from infected monkeys.

” [Mad cow disease comes from] a ‘planted,’ deliberately infected animal. Thinkers are not accepting the official line any more than they accepted that the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, in two United States cities across the country from each other, were caused by infected monkeys in Africa.” (10)

“Of course the virus did not come from monkeys on a different continent from the one where the first AIDS patients were diagnosed not long after being infected with the virus.”   (11)

While later man-made diseases like SARS and avian flu were stopped by the galactics, Matthew tells us that:

“There was no provision for extraterrestrial intervention, which could have neutralized the AIDS virus as was recently done with the SARS virus and also the avian flu virus, to prevent its intended mutation into a contagion situation for humankind. Many souls, aware of AIDS’ devastating course, chose to experience it as a concentrated karmic lesson that would complete their third density learning and permit evolution to fourth [or fifth].    (12)

Moreover, a cure has existed for AIDS from the beginning, he tells us.

“Always a cure is developed along with these manmade diseases.  The peak of darkness considers the scientists expendable, but the scientists do not see themselves that way, nor anyone they care about, so the means to stop the viral damage is known to them.”  (13)

On the other hand, those who followed the prescribed treatment for AIDS usually died and were intended to die, he reveals.

“HIV diagnoses do not mean AIDS follows, but the prescribed treatment is fairly certain to bring on AIDS, just as the drugs for treating the symptoms of AIDS are fairly certain to cause physical death.  I say ‘fairly certain’ because some individuals who have opted to depart from the established medical regimen have returned to sound health through alternative means.  When this occurs, it is a matter of the pre-birth agreement, with those individuals listening carefully and heeding the messages of their souls to take that alternate therapeutic route and recover.” (14)

The full truth of this dark plan to reduce the world’s population by any means possible, including pandemics like AIDS, will come out along with all the other revelations that can be expected when the world’s media throw off their chains.


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