Time for Our Final Push – Part 2/2

(Continued from Part 1)

He then walks us through an imaginary upset, detailing how we can use this upset clearing process to work our way through our triggered emotions or vasanas.

“Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching.

“You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear.

“So you are being drawn in two ways and pulled away from consciousness, the exit I talked about in the beginning: the exit that is the road to inner peace. Your usual ways of dealing with emotions draw you away from that center point, as it were, away from that consciousness, and yet this is the only way out.” (16)

Here Jesus has introduced the notion of the center point again, call it “heart” if you like, where the soul resides. Reacting and judging draw us away from our center point but Jesus tells us that that center point is the exit to peace.

He continues to describe what occurs from simply observing our heightened emotional state:

“Only by silently observing the full extent of the emotion do you not become unconscious. You remain entirely present. You do not let yourself be drawn in – neither by the emotion, nor by the judgment about the emotion. You look at it in full consciousness and with a feeling of softness: ‘This is the way it is in me.’

“’I see anger arise in me; I feel it course through my body.’ ‘My stomach reacts, or my heart; my thoughts are racing to justify reasons for my emotion.’ ‘My thoughts tell me I am right and not the other person.’ All this you can see happen as you observe yourself, but you do not go along with it. You do not drown in it; you do not go under.

“That is consciousness – this is clarity of mind. And in this way you bring to rest the demons in your life: the fear, the anger, the mistrust. You give them strength when you identify with them, or if you fight them with judgement – either way, you nurture them.

“The only way to transcend them is to rise above them, as it were, with your consciousness – not to fight them, but simply to let them be.” (17)

Here then are the ascended masters, discussing vasanas because, I think, we’re now in the time when the rising energies are flushing up our remaining vasanas or old business to be cleared.

I would add one more step to what Jesus says, not because it’s incomplete. I have a friend who teaches how to clear vasanas and we spend endless hours debating with each other over precisely this issue. He does not use the next step, just as Jesus does not, and I do.

The next step, for me, would be to ask the mind what the original situation was in which the twig was bent. The mind obediently throws up an image or a word or thought. And I would then allow myself to be with that image, experiencing all the feelings I refused to experience long ago, until I have moved through everything that needs to be experienced and the vasana lifts naturally.

You can do it either way. But what Jesus called “the Third Way” is the way to handle this unexpected and overpowering negative energy that’s coming up these days.

You can think of it as clearing third-dimensional karma or lightening our density, however you wish to consider it. But this is so important a step that having a way to move through it becomes more important for me than almost anything else I can think of.

Remember that you cannot clear or “source” a vasana unless it’s up. So having yours erupt is wonderful! At last you have a chance to clear them.

And, finally, please remember that everyone has vasanas. If someone at this time offends you by acting out their vasana and projecting it on you, just recall that we’ll all ascend together and we’ll need to forgive each other. Just hear it as “the vasana speaking,” and not the person in their right mind.

If you wish, think to yourself, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” because truly most people don’t know what a vasana is, let alone how to work with it.

If what’s said here is not enough for you to proceed with confidence, an extensive literature exists on this site that walks through the process of flattening a vasana, step by step. You can find it clustering under the page: “On Processing Vasanas”.


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