If We Want….

If we want to have a knowledge base that’s organic, balanced and holistic, which would prepare us for the transformational shift expected at the end of this year and which would attract to us the contributions of our  modern-day masters who are drawn to us by depth of knowledge, commitment, and vision, then one of the very first things we need to do is to put our arms around our knowledge base and make it once again our servant.

We’ll need to draw together disciplines that are known today with disciplines that have been held at arm’s length and disciplines that have been all but lost.

There needs to be a pooling and distilling of knowledge of how the body works, how awareness works, and how the body heals itself of physical and emotional damage. There needs to be a deep understanding of how the mind works and how it gathers and releases itself of trauma.

There has to be a hands-on understanding of how the emotions provide a doorway into the deeper recesses of the mind and a means to release the upset buried there. There needs to be a cross-cultural convergence of religions and spirituality, not only revealing life’s purpose and plan, but also its design and ways of accomplishing that purpose.

There needs to be a model at all levels that is as multidimensional in its penetration as it is in its understanding.  It needs to provide a view of life that is continuous, just as life itself is.  It cannot stop at “death.” It cannot stop at the boundaries of this planet. It must be continuous in all directions, all dimensions, and all universes.

And for that to happen, there cannot be disciplinary boundaries any longer, national boundaries, gender boundaries or any other boundaries. Our appreciation of everything that constitutes and impinges on life has to be expressed in a language that ignores boundaries and allows for as integrated an understanding of all levels and layers of life as possible.

I don’t know how to do that. I simply know that it has to be done.

It’s time to set aside all thoughts of self-importance. It’s time to set aside all thoughts of self. It’s time to come together in our communication about what our situation is today, what needs to be handled to make the human community work, and how we are to achieve the goals that already face us in our future.

We need to create collective consciousness, collective compassion, and collective will. And we only have months to do it in. If we fail in this task, we won’t miss out on the shift that looms before us in our future. Rather what we’ll sacrifice is the breadth of those of us who can take advantage of it.

We’re working at this moment to extend to the greatest possible number the opportunity to take advantage of that shift and to leave this vale of tears, to walk out of this heavy vessel prone to disease and hunger, and to enter into a life of bliss and abundance which prior to this time has only been available to a few.

Our efforts will make it available to the many. Our intent will widen the door and make that passage available to all. And our common movement and resolve will stir the currents of spirit and carry us forward in a way, which compared to now, will make our passage seem effortless.



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