Blink and You’ll Miss It: Total Reassurance for Those Subterranean Fears

I think what Saul said yesterday (1) is so important that I need to lend it emphasis by metaphorically drawing a line under it.

He begins by telling us that “the old established order” or Illuminati, by whatever name you wish to use, “has ruled life in the illusion for so long – under different names, different disguises, and with seemingly different agendas.”

He tells us it is “crumbling and cannot be restored, repaired, or rescued. Its time is past.” Very reassuring.

But then he reminds us that, even though the old order is falling, “that [crumbling] is causing some alarm. ”

People are worried, he says, that “as it crumbles it will destroy all the services and organizations that are presently seen as essential to life on Earth.”

But he assures us that “this will not happen.” And I think this is the essential piece that people have been waiting to hear.  And before going to it, I need to add that I don’t think he’s addressing our surface fears, but deep, unconscious, I’m tempted to say subterranean fears are there that, without the Illuminati, as heartless as they were, every service and organization that exists will crumble too.

Saul tells us that this will not happen. Not only will the Company of Heaven not allow it to but they have a plan in place that will see to our needs as soon as the old world order has been moved aside. He reveals that:

“Everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained, repaired, or replaced as necessary and appropriate with the absolute minimum of disturbance to all of you.”

And he gives us a hint of how this will be done.

“Those who are destitute, in poverty, homeless, diseased, or suffering in any way will immediately have their circumstances improved in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee, because there are advanced technologies prepared and available to clean and heal the planet and all who live on her that will be put into action as soon as the old order has crumbled. Every conceivable disruption that could occur as a result of the old order collapsing has been taken into account; nothing is being left to chance, so that the New Age will arrive and thrive instantly for the benefit of all.”

If we needed any reassurance, here is Saul offering it. Everyone’s circumstances will be immediately improved “in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee.” Advanced technologies will clean up the planet and heal all who live on her. And every conceivable circumstance will be taken into account.

If we really got that reassurance, down to our toes, those subterranean fears would be gone. And please note that we who are reading this are among the few on the planet that know this to be the case. Only we who read Saul will have gotten this reassurance. Others will remain in the fear that Saul describes.

And this is why the Company of Light says that it falls to us to tell them.

Then notice the subtleties in his reassurance: “The corrupt ones themselves will indeed move on.” Not be hung from the nearest lamppost, as George Bush Sr. worries will occur. They will move on. On to their next lives, still on 3D to be sure, but without massive reprisals against them, without us staining our hands with blood.

Yes, they will experience the lessons that come from their actions. Yes, the universal laws will serve as bumpers and guide them back onto the path to God which even they are following. Everyone will reach God one day. Everyone. (OK, a few will have to drop back and start again. But a very small number.)

But, no, they will not be tortured or sent to a heavenly Gitmo or roasted in hellfire or any of that nonsense or destiny that they themselves would have consigned their victims to.  The galactics, the masters, the celestials don’t do those things.

And then he explains to us again the new paradigm that will accompany our co-creation of the New Age:

“Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love. Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity. … Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists. It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally. And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it. And as you awaken, your awareness will return — bringing you untold happiness.”

Where is the new paradigm in this? Universal love, infinity, eternity, awareness, untold happiness – these divine qualities and conditions are themselves the new paradigm. Life lived in a Fifth-Dimensional world of these qualities is itself the new paradigm. It isn’t something we learn; it’s something we will live in. And, even more to the point, it’s something we are.

Here is Saul saying these things day after day, for no charge, scattered on the winds of change for us to read – or not. But what he says is priceless, reassuring, healing, restorative.

We humans sometimes forget as quickly as we read so perhaps put this one message from Saul aside and read it whenever you feel yourself going off the rails.  The masters (and, according to AAM, Saul is the higher aspect of the being who was St. Paul), the galactics and the celestials are doing all they can to inform and reassure us about what lies ahead, just on the other side of this present chaos. We have to do the rest. We have to take it in and say to our doubting side: “Enough. This is what’s going to happen, in large measure because this is what I’m creating, welcoming, opening myself to.”


(1) “Saul: Everything That is Essential for Your Daily Existence Will be Maintained.” as channeled by John Smallman, June 20, 2012, at


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