Inaugural Cruise of Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond

Dave Schmidt and Sierra Neblina hosted their inaugural Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond show Tuesday evening. To listen to it, go here:

One of the really interesting things is hearing Sierra’s life story, which she shared on Graham’s Our Galactic Family some time ago and which has to be pretty amazing. (1)  (I’ve since heard Sierra on various other shows as well.)

Dave discussed what he calls his “conservative” background which puts him in something of a hotseat as a “New Ager,” so to speak, and yet allows him to talk to people knowledgably of a more fundamentalist background about the events of 2012.

Among the callers was Dale from Dale after Dark (Blogtalk Radio) and The Hollow Earth Network.  One thing that struck me about all the callers (Mia and Russell as well) was the high level of knowledge that people had. It’s obvious that the conversation about 2012, at least with Starseeds, is well-developed and mature.

Another thing that struck me was the range of offerings from Graham’s developing radio network, InLight Radio.  One reader shyly admitted that she had never been to the 2012 Scenario, but was an enthusiastic listener of InLight Radio.  Hey, not to worry. I’m also an enthusiastic listener.

It becomes quite clear from participating on a show like this or listening to it that a committed conversation around the 2012 Ascension scenario has arisen. From time to time, I wonder whether people are actually picking up or following the events of this year. How widely are they becoming known? Have we hit the hundredth monkey yet? What proof is there that the word is getting around?

And hearing the callers’ questions does demonstrate that the word is indeed getting around.

Mia, I think it was, asked about how to discuss 2012 and how far one should go.

Besides printing off a few discussions from here and other sites, you may wish to have handy a list of materials to read on the subject you can hand out. (2) And you may wish to discuss the subject a bit and then pause to see whether the other person has had enough. (3) You may wish to keep in mind the fact that people may want to hear a bit and then go out and discover the rest for themselves.

But you may also wish to keep in mind that the achievement of balance and groundedness within yourself will probably be the best recommendation of this perspective. If people see you responding to the sudden appearance of spaceships above the Earth with a calm acceptance and approval, that may be the best way to impact others and have them relax about events which could send them into panic and alarm.

What’s coming down the pike will likely challenge us more than anything has in our lifetime.  The galactics and spiritual hierarchy have been preparing us for it, but, in the end, perhaps nothing can prepare us for it entirely. The shortfall we’ll have to make up by falling back on our native strength and courage.  We also serve who only serve as spectators, but do so with calmness and decorum.

One correction to a listener’s comment. InLight Radio is not somehow an outgrowth of the 2012 Scenario. Graham Dewyea has built this service himself. Not like I wouldn’t be proud to say it was, but to Graham belongs the credit.

I’m so happy to have a show that allows people to call in and get their questions answered. I’m not clear that that format suits a show that features the Divine Mother, Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara. But there is definitely a need for it nevertheless and I couldn’t think of two people better suited to run it.


(1) See “Sierra Neblina, Starseed Extraordinaire,” at

(2)  “What Articles Can Be Used to Introduce 2012 and Ascension?” at

(3) Such as “Tell Others But Just Enough,” at

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