A Second Instance of the New Paradigm Asserting Itself

In one of his videos, Graham Dewyea mentioned a Paralympics in Seattle where one of the runners in a 100-yard dash fell and began to cry. All the runners stopped, went back, picked the injured runner up and walked across the finish line together.

That has actually happened elsewhere. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous found that second instance – a girl’s softball game between Central Washington and Western Oregon, in which winning was not all there was.

When a player who hit a home run injured herself running the bases and could not finish … well, let me permit you to see just how things worked out. A tear-jerker and a demonstration of what we’ve come to think of as the new paradigm or the divine virtues – where we are headed – a home run, around the bases and out of the old paradigm.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’d like to view Graham’s video again, go here.

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