A Tightrope Between Accuracy and Comprehensibility

A reader has asked a philosophical question on Ascension which looked at several spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism, Shaivism, Vedanta), that spurs this comment.

The response may not be of interest to all readers. It may only be relevant to those who are explaining 2012 and Ascension matters in terms of cross-cultural spirituality.

As we Starseeds turn to the task of explaining what on Earth is happening and explain it to widely-varying audiences, many at different levels of comprehension, we encounter some difficulties that we need to watch for and avoid.

One predictable pitfall is the equating of various non-equatable interpretations with each other.

The very simplest way I could put the matter is that, if we critique the arguments of a person who says that 2012 will end in doom and gloom by comparing them with those of a person who says that everything is maya or illusion, what we are doing is comparing a person arguing from the relative level of existence with one arguing from an absolute level. If we aren’t careful in how we approach this task, we may end up as confused as we’ve made our readers be.

Gloom and doom happen on a physical or Third-Dimensional level. Everything being illusion is a viewpoint characteristic of the highest Transcendental or Absolute level of existence, not characteristic of the physical or Third-Dimensional level. In answering questions, we need to sort out the various levels or dimensions that are being discussed.

Let me illustrate by referring to a saying I used some time earlier: “Die before you die.” Two deaths are being referred to. As long as we think both are physical deaths (Third Dimensional), the saying will not yield its meaning. But when we see that a spiritual death (death of the ego and higher dimensional) is being discussed alongside a physical death (death of the body and Third Dimensional), the saying yields its meaning: Cause the death of the ego before experiencing the death of the body, if you wish to be enlightened while alive.

So again, as we begin to look at esoteric Buddhist doctrines relative to enlightenment and compare them to everyday strands of Christian doctrine relative to, say, the Rapture, or Hindu dualistic doctrine and compare it to Hindu non-dualistic, we absolutely have to remember that what life looks like on the relative plane is different than what it looks like on the absolute plane (if the absolute could be said to be a plane, which it really can’t).

Many, many a ship of interpretation has foundered on these rocks.

As we discuss dimensions of reality more in the time ahead, we’ll experience yet more confusion, I think, because life viewed from each higher dimension – Fourth, Fifth and beyond – I would imagine, will look radically different than life viewed from this Third-Dimensional one. So a lot will depend on us identifying what level of reality and understanding the people are speaking from whose arguments we’re looking at and what level of reality our arguments are being pitched from.

It may be fine to assess the arguments of one who interprets physical reality from an absolute standpoint, providing we identify what we’re doing and providing we assess them on their own terms (although how many of us have that understanding? I certainly don’t), but one can readily see that it won’t yield fruitful results to try to reduce an argument from an absolute level to a relative one so as to compare and contrast them. They are apples and oranges.

Everyone can encounter problems of communication

That having been said, a second necessity plays upon us Starseeds who have signed on to be interpreters of the new reality from a terrestrial standpoint, and that is the necessity to explain things in comprehensible language, language that our readers can understand. And our readership is the widest possible or imaginable because everyone will want to know what’s happening and we have only a few short weeks or months to do the explaining when that explaining begins.

We often hear our sources admit that they are using language suitable to our understanding. When I called the Father the “conditioned Brahman,” the Divine Mother chastised me in the following manner:

Steve Beckow: When you use the word “the Father,” are you referring to the conditioned Brahman? And if you are, could you tell us about your aspect as the transcendental Absolute?

Divine Mother: Many who listen do not understand … these terms.

SB: Yes, I realize that.

DM: And part of my desire is to make [myself] very clear, [so] that people do understand. So, ensure, beloved, that you do make these terms very clear for your readers and listeners.

SB: I will. But if you would just confirm for me that you are speaking about the conditioned Brahman rather than the Transcendental Absolute, I can do the rest.

DM: Yes, that is exactly what I am speaking of.  (1)

This was a great revelation to me. Up till this time I was beginning to think that some of what our sources were saying was not muscular enough. But the Mother revealed that they were aiming their talks at a level that the majority of listeners could understand. If we terrestrials did this, others would accuse us of not understanding things properly. But the Mother speaks for comprehension and doesn’t care what Earthly reviewers may think.

Sanat Kumara also revealed this same intention:

“I try to use language that is completely understandable, not only to you, my beloved Steve, my beloved Graham, and my beloved Linda, but to all of our listeners; I try to use language that will make common sense to each of you.” (2)

The galactics too practice this measured and responsible approach to communications. Witness SaLuSa:

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation I am always pleased to present my views to you. They are measured for your enlightenment, as we do realize that they cannot meet each of you at your own level of understanding.”  (3)

Since the time the Divine Mother chided me, I too have tried to make what I say more comprehensible, sacrificing a fastidious desire for accuracy to the the need for comprehensibility. The need for comprehensibility is one factor to pay attention to and the need to sort out the levels of reality we are discussing is a second factor. The assignment for us Starseeds as interpreters of events and the new approaching reality is to walk this difficult tightrope between accuracy and comprehensibility.


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