We are a Co-operative Commonwealth

Who says one person cannot change the world?

In my last reading with the Boss, I asked him what I should be writing on next and he said to get in touch with my vision for the world and write about it. This is my vision for the world and this is the fulfilment of that assignment. Seen particularly, it’s my vision for the 2012 Scenario community – editors, moderators, staff, discussion group, and readers. Seen generally, it’s my vision for the world.

It’s just my vision. You’ll have your vision. I’m not trying to force anything on anybody. We all need to have our own vision. And hopefully we’ll communicate it. My understanding is that by formulating it and putting it out, we draw it to ourselves by the Law of Attraction.

The 2012 Scenario community, but the world as well, is, in my eyes, a co-operative commonwealth.  By “co-operative,” I mean that we co-operate, share, work together, restrain ourselves when restraint is needed, extend ourselves when extension is needed.

By “commonwealth,” I mean not that we share our wealth, although it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we did. In fact very soon I’ll be making another financial appeal and we’ll have the opportunity to engage in the simplest act of co-operation: sharing with those who have not. But what we work for is the “common weal” or “common good.”

The idea is not mine. It was devised by American workers in the Nineteenth Century and became enshrined in the name of a Canadian political party – the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation or CCF.

It arose in an age that saw the “social gospel” arise, the inner-city movement, the trade union, and many other worthwhile projects and movements in social activism.

A co-operative commonwealth, in my opinion, sees its members behave dharmically, not adharmically; like adults, not like parents and children; true up to the divine qualities, not to their undivine equivalents.  A co-operative commonwealth sees people extend the common frontier of striving for perfection,  for the highest common denominator, not the lowest.

A co-operative commonwealth sees people operate holographically. Each person is the whole in miniature. Each person takes responsibility for the whole and acts locally while thinking globally. Each person does not wait for the green flag but begins the moment the thought occurs to them. And each person does only what is possible; the impossible is strictly optional.

We also bring to what we do a realistic appraisal of what events we’re situated in. Those events are connected to a pragmatic  acceptance that we are in the last days, weeks, and months of the end of a cosmic cycle, that we are preparing for a global transformational shift at year’s end, and that we are part of a movement that includes beings we can’t even presently see.

A co-operative commonwealth accepts life as it is but aims to have it be as we would like it to be. And how we would like it to be, what we would like it to be is, as Werner Erhard said, a world that works for everyone, with nobody left out. That is our ideal. That is what we are aiming for. We are building a divine order, Heaven on Earth. We are spirits having a human experience, and raising that experience to the spiritual or divine.

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