What Articles Can Be Used to Introduce 2012 and Ascension?

Every so often, a reader asks what literature on the site could be used to introduce friends and relatives to 2012 and Ascension. Here are some suggestions, which we repost periodically.

First, an article on speaking to others.

“Tell Others, But Just Enough,”

Second, an introduction to the 2012 scenario from a galactic perspective

“SaLuSa: 2012 for Beginners,”

Third, introductions to the 2012 scenario from our perspective

“What in the World is Going On,”

“The 2012 Scenario,”

“Welcome to a New and Unimaginable World,” at

“What is This All About?”

“Time to Stop and Take a Breath,”

“Scott Mowry: Historic Global Economic Transformations Moving Rapidly Forward,” at

“Scott Mowry: Epic Paradigm Shift Poised to Unfold Within US and World Imminently,” at

Fourth, a semi-humorous introductory article that could be used as an icebreaker.

“Ascension Earth; Mission Possible, Top Secret Orders, For Your Eyes Only,”

Fifth, more advanced discussions of Ascension

“What is Ascension?”

“What Will Ascension Bring?”

“Matthew Ward Answers Questions About Ascension,”

“David Wilcock: What is Ascension?”

Jean Hudon, “Engulfing Oneness is What is Ahead of Us All,”

“Jean Hudon: After a Long Winter, Life will be Transformed Back into Its Radiant Pristine Original State,”

Sixth, discussions of the purpose of life generally

“To Know God is the Purpose of Life,” at

“We are Beginning to Understand the Purpose of Life,” at

“Life Achieves Its Purpose Through Spiritual Evolution,” at

“The Divine Plan for Life is Spiritual Evolution,” at

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