Steve will be away on holidays till Friday.

On An Hour with an Angel, May 28, 2012, Archangel Michael asked me to start a page to which people could add their sightings, not only of UFOs, but of St. Germain, Serapis Bey, Archangel Michael himself, Archangel Gabriel, and others.

So I’ve opened a page called “Sightings,” which you can find in the righthand column.

Let me add the first two. About two months ago, I exited my apartment and ran into a young man who was simply standing there, facing our apartment door. I looked at him a bit askance and shut the door behind me and crossed the street to the car. Halfway across I turned and looked back and he was gone. I asked my wife to drive around the block but we couldn’t see him. How could he have disappeared so quickly?

Later I asked Archangel Michael in a reading if that was him and he said it was. I’d been asking him so often to see him that he decided to appear.

More recently, my wife and I went our separate ways after dinner and she encountered an old man on the street who engaged her in a spirited discussion and hugged her at the end. My wife felt herself energized by the encounter. In our reading with AAM on May 26, 2012, I asked AAM if that was him and he said it was. He just wanted to give D’Arcy a boost.

So there are the first two “Sightings.” Please add yours by way of the “Sightings” page where the comments will remain open.


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