The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 5/7

Saul's channel, John Smallman

The interpretation expressed here is entirely mine and should not be construed as having emanated from John Smallman or as binding him in any way.  I say this of my own initiative and not at John’s request.

On April 30, 2012, I asked Archangel Michael if the Transition was what John Smallman’s Saul had been discussing for so long. He said, “Yes, this is exactly what Saul has been referring to.” (1)

Let’s therefore listen to what Saul has said about this time.

Saul appears to be discussing the Great Awakening as far back as May 2010,  which is as far as my accounting goes. He tells us:

“Humanity’s move into full consciousness … is programmed to occur quite soon. …

“It is the state toward which you have been working for a very long period of Earth time, and through many Earth lifetimes. The moment of fulfillment of God’s promise to humanity of a new Golden Age is shortly to dawn. When it does your joy will be stunning for you, as understanding of its meaning floods into your awareness — like the depths of winter changing instantly into the lushness of full summer.

“Your thoughts, your imaginings, even your dreams have given you not the smallest inkling of what is about to occur. Rest assured that the wonder of this approaching event leaves absolutely no room for even the slightest sense of doubt or disenchantment.” (2)

“Quite soon” appears to have been two years later. But the use of the words “quite soon” was what originally caught my attention because it begs the question: sooner than what? And the only event it could be contrasted with, it seemed to me, was Ascension. So it was at this point that I began to suspect that Saul was referring to an event apart from Ascension.

On Nov. 6, 2010, he told us that “the end of the illusion, and the suffering it engenders is approaching. Your happiness and exhilaration in the joy of being alive when you finally awaken from this deranged and stifling nightmare will overwhelm you.” (3)

In Sept. 2011, Saul again spoke of “awakening,” but nowhere refers to ascension.

“In the spiritual realms, delight and excitement are rampant as we observe ever more of humanity twitching and stirring as you move towards wakefulness.  This truly is a time of great expectations which will be mightily surpassed when awakening occurs, and you, as it were, open your eyes, stretch, yawn, rub the sleepiness from your eyes, and stare with wonder and amazement at the sight that greets you, and the awareness dawns – you are Home!  The ecstasy of that most fantastic moment is waiting to welcome you.” (4)

In October 2011, Saul again referred to our “move into full consciousness.” But his discussion of our “heavenly destination,” “glimpses … of the wonders that await you,” and “almost Home” could refer either to ascension or to a separate and distinct awakening.

“The density of physicality is diminishing as your frequencies rise in preparation for your move into full consciousness. This is demonstrated by the sense of impermanence that many are feeling as they move through relationships, jobs, places that they call home, and as contact with old friends and family is lost or much reduced. Everyone and everything seems to be on the move, and in a way that is the case, as you move into position to take on and fulfill the new roles awaiting you when you awaken. …

“It is to be a mass event bringing intense happiness, which, in your present state, is quite inconceivable to you while the illusion still seems so real. So holding your Light high and sharing your love unconditionally and indiscriminately also helps you in the final stages of this arduous journey.

“As you continue to move ahead toward your heavenly destination, the divine energy field enveloping you is intensifying, and you will begin to get glimpses, intuitive sensations, and premonitions of the wonders that await you. You know that you are almost Home. Focus on that knowing and allow time to speed up and whisk you Home to a tumultuous welcome.” (5)

On Nov. 13, 2011, he told us that “the time of waiting is almost over. You have struggled long and hard to reach the moment when you will awaken, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.” (6) Since the time of waiting for ascension was more than a year after this pronouncement, again the prospect is raised that he could be speaking of a different and distinct event.

On April 18, 2012 Saul mentions “the grand awakening,” terminology that the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon has also been using.

“When humanity awakens it will be to a fantastic welcome from all who have been watching and encouraging you on your homeward journey since it began, eons ago. …

“This enormous change in perception is the driving power that is propelling you forcefully forwards towards the grand awakening that is both your desire and your destiny.” (7)

On April 22, 2012, Saul said that “the grand moment of awakening … approaches.” (8) Three days later he describes what will happen.

“As you move ever closer to this magnificent event, your energy will continue to intensify, and the required changes that you are making happen all over the world will come about with increasing rapidity. Already many on Earth are aware that something of enormous significance is shortly to happen, and while they may feel somewhat anxious or worried, they are also experiencing the sensation that all is for the best.” (9)

On April 29, he tells us that the “glorious awakening” is right on schedule.

“The forthcoming event to which you – humanity – have been progressing steadily for so long, with not infrequent, apparent back-steps, gets ever closer. Yes, all is on schedule, and your awakening is to occur precisely as divinely planned with your enthusiastic help and agreement. …

“And it is these remaining unloving aspects you still hold in your hearts that you are in the process of addressing and releasing as the moment for your glorious awakening approaches.” (10)

He went on to advise us on how to clear our issues. On May 2, 2012 he acknowledged that we’ve been waiting a long time.

“It does seem to some of you that you have been waiting an interminable amount of time for your awakening, and this is mainly because time seems to pass so slowly when you live in enthusiastic expectation of an event that you know will bring you all amazing happiness, the like of which has never before been experienced on Earth. And your expectations are absolutely valid.” (11)

However, he said, no one would be disappointed by what occurs and went on to paint a word picture of it.

“There will be no disappointments because what God delivers is always way beyond expectations! And He will deliver.

“You have been promised a New World in which peace, happiness, harmony and abundance are eternally present for all, and this is what is about to occur – no ifs, ands, or buts! And when it happens your hearts will be filled, infinitely, with joy. A joy so intense that it is utterly beyond your ability to imagine; it has to be experienced, as it most certainly will.

“That is the Good News. And while it may not be new news, because you have always known that its time is coming, it is eternal, timeless, and permanent. What you are waiting for is almost upon you, and signs of the great changes that will herald this grand moment are appearing all over the world. ….

“Because of the work that the Light-holders are doing – changing their attitudes by releasing all that is unloving, and embracing compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards all – the divine energy field enveloping the planet is intensifying and infiltrating the individual energy fields of everyone on Earth at this time, and awaking within them the hope and the faith that has lain there for so long hidden and unacknowledged.” (12)

On May 9, 2012, he gave another description of what we could expect from the event.

“When you all awaken into the amazing brilliance of Reality your joy will be ecstatic. It truly is your natural state – constant ecstatic joy – and it will be as though you had never left, which of course you never did. Your memories of pain, fear, betrayal, scarcity, and suffering of any kind, which are such heavy burdens for you now, will be no more – because they were completely illusory and dissolved with the illusion.” (13)

And finally on May 13, 2012 Saul said that the awakening would be an event of immense importance and was about to envelop us.

“The awakening of humanity into full awareness of its true identity will be an event of enormous importance for all of God’s divine creation, and that importance cannot be overemphasized.

“Many eons have been spent preparing for this extraordinary event, and now, with the preparations complete, a most wonderful experience is about to envelop you.” (14)

The gamble is that we are now facing that event. I personally have no independent knowledge of it. I’m as weary of predictions that don’t come true as you are and wary of making one myself. But I also feel honor-bound to report what others are saying.

So we have Archangel Michael saying that Saul’s descriptions refer to the Great Awakening rather than to Ascension and we have Saul promising us soon a return to full consciousness, constant ecstatic joy, and freedom from all memories of pain and suffering.

These are strong words and, if the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael are to be believed, the event that Saul is pointing to is destined to happen within or shortly after the month of May.  I can say, from my own experience, that I definitely feel I am expanding in consciousness and becoming more peaceful and loving. But that’s as much as I can report so far.

Others have also predicted a Transition or Great Awakening and, by way of wrapping up our look at the Transition or Grand Awakening, we’ll look at their descriptions next.


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