The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 3/7

Will the G8 Conference be impacted by the Transition?

There are numerous reasons why a person would receive the energy that’s coming at this time and, at least in the beginning, not feel completely lifted up. Archangel Michael says that for some “it is because of the work you have done to date. So, if there is still some clearing, then that will come first. Do not judge it, just let it be.” (1)

Some among us are working with collective compassion to clear the collective and that may be bringing us some discomfort.

“There are many of you at this juncture, now, who are also clearing for the collective, and who have been more deeply involved in what we would refer to as some of the more dramatic human tragedies. So, each of you bring the uniqueness of who you are, but you are being given this gift.” (2)

He included in this category some “star-seeds [who] have come from what you think of as higher dimensions.”

“Understand, in being born, they also have been entrapped in the reality of this planet. So, while they may have, and they have had, a very much easier time for liftoff, as it were, the experience of being trapped has also been more difficult. So, that has been both a joyous and a difficult experience.

“So, do not assume that because you have come…as you well know, if you have come from a higher reality or dimension that it means that your experience to date on Earth has been easier. That is not necessarily so, at all.” (3)

One of the remarkable occurrences that may happen for some of us is a full-life review, something that usually only happens at the moment of death or after.

“Many of you at this time are doing very deep and significant life reviews. And again that is often something that you don’t do, to this extent anyway, until you have left your body and are back with us on this side.

“So you are looking not only at the events, the people, the feelings, what you did and what you did not do, and … examining the patterns is what we would ask you to observe.

“Do not get caught … in any of the drama as you do this. Do not allow yourself to think, oh, when does this end?

“This is not about clearing. Let me be very clear about that one. This is about integration. So if you are looking at your life, if your are one of that group, and looking at the patterns, and seeing how those patterns align, not somehow mislaign but how they align with your soul contract, your mission, with your purpose, allow yourself this time of reflection because it is also a gift.

“The purpose of these life reviews … is not for you to think about what you have not done or how you might have misaligned. It is for you to acknowledge and to see and to remember how much you have done.” (4)

Archangel Michael discussed the possible impact of the Transition on our lightwork, calling this the breakthrough that many of us have been waiting for.

“The transformation of your light and love work. Many of you have felt that you have been at the battering ram trying to break through for a very long time. What you are going to feel is that that is done, that this is literally fluid and spreading, more smoothly, more rapidly; that those resistances that you met — and they have all come from other human beings; understand that — are gone.

“Now, there are pockets of resistance. There are pockets of resistance in individuals. But rather than feeling that you are talking to a stone wall, you will feel that you are simply breathing fresh air into their balloon, and blessing them with your words, with your understanding — not words of judgment, not words of condescension. There is no room for arrogance or ego in this. It is simply love. But it is the breakthrough all of you have been waiting for.” (5)

In his May 14 interview with Geoff West, Archangel Michael said that the Transition was affecting world leaders along with the rest of us and explained:

“Now, think of it: think of it, my beloved friends: everybody, all your world leaders are being penetrated with this universal core love that can penetrate anything. It is the energy from the heart and source of One. It is the creative force of the universe. It changes how world leaders think, how they feel, how they approach issues, how they represent the honor that they represent people.

“It is a shift away from trying to control and yield, or wield — because it is either/or in that duality — power, shifting to an understanding of cooperation. Now, you look at many of your situations, and let us look for a moment even at the economics of many countries that are failing — their financial systems have been proving that they need recalibration, that they do not work. And there are beings that are withdrawing, say, from the EEC.

“But that is a movement forward, because what it is doing, it is creating the reconstruction, the realignment with ways that work for countries, for people. Because we are not talking any longer simply about power structures. That is of the old. That is of the old third dimension. And you have an expression on your Earth about no one saying that the emperor has no clothes. But what I suggest to you, the emperor died, and no one has been saying it.” (7)

The new energies are igniting a willingness in world leaders to arrive at concrete actions to see to the wellbeing of those who have not shared in the world’s prosperity so far.

“But now what is coming forth is a willingness, because of the new shift, the paradigm shift, the consciousness-heart shift. In these meetings, what you are going to see — and I am not simply talking about an air of cooperation; I am not simply talking about a mood, a new mood of cooperation; I am talking about concrete actions beginning to flow, decisions that are inter-dependent, cooperative ventures to begin to shift monetary systems, financial systems, social systems, intergalactic and galactic systems.

“What is happening is what you have been asking and praying for, and knowing within your very core. Your planet is becoming kinder. And the reflection of that kindness, of that understanding of unity, [is] that there is no such thing as isolation or separation — that is a fool’s dream. They are coming to understand the need to create together. This is a milestone.’ (6)

Finally he told us that the Transition “will continue for about a month. You know that May is the month of the Mother, and this is her gift. And she has already begun.” (8)

In the next part of this series, we’ll listen to the Divine Mother discuss the Transition, which she called “the Great Awakening.”


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