Observing Unfoldment or Just Imagining?

I’m watching the impact of the new energies on myself. Certainly the floor of my happiness has risen. I don’t go down lower than the floor and the floor is noticeably higher.  The Divine Mother discussed this development in her talk with us on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2012:

“Many of you start to feel better. You don’t know why or how, why you are in a better mood, a better space as you call it, why you are having suddenly good moods. It is not that you are manic, it is not that you are out of balance, my beloved ones, it is that you are coming into balance.”

That certainly rings a bell with me. Coming into balance resonates. And certainly a better mood, feeling, or space – all resonate.

Yesterday I found myself smiling rather broadly at people that I met but what was even more interesting was how many people were actually smiling back at me. Of course this is anecdotal and not proof of anything, but it was noticeable.

Another thing I noticed. People looked more attractive in my eyes.  I don’t want to embarrass anyone by mentioning names but people looked younger to me and just more … not sure what to call it … beautiful? Perfect? Flawless?

And all the people – different shapes and sizes – on any other occasion, I would have been voting with myself. Accepting, rejecting, judging everyone. On this occasion, I found myself simply loving everyone. The shift in my attitude was quite discernible.

Moreover, all I wanted to do was just what I was already doing. Just loving everyone. Nothing more to do. Nothing more I wanted to do.  Periodically I lost track of time, happy to just be there, one in a crowd.

I’ve been meditating more than I usually do and not only that, but understanding my meditative path very much better than I did formerly, almost as if a new dimension of understanding or intelligence is arising. I’ll give you an example of what I mean but you’d have to be in this skin to really get the full impact of what this apparently greater insight feels like.

I’ve done Vipassana meditation – when I actually do meditate, that is – for perhaps 25 years. I’m not saying I meditate a lot. I’m saying that when I do meditate, I usually follow the Vipassana style. But I’ve never – I see now – really understood very much about that style. I accepted what the teacher said that it was a long and arduous path.

But suddenly it doesn’t feel long or arduous any more. I realized yesterday that the Buddha, when he followed the Vipassana path, actually didn’t follow it all that long.  He took it up after he had studied with the Hindu masters of his day and achieved Brahmajnana or seventh-chakra enlightenment and after he had spent six years in the forest living as an ascetic. And he himself only followed it for what is represented as a short time before absolutely stilling his mind and finishing the task of reaching Nirvana.

And as I was sitting meditating yesterday, I too could see that there was no reason why completing the task of  Vipassana needed to take a long time.  It required great concentration and total objectivity – that’s true.  One needed to use Vipassana on the sankaras or sensations on the body the same way I had been using consciousness with vasanas or habit patterns. If one did that, I could see that one could still the mind.

I’m not saying this because it’s a new discovery (although for me it is) but to illustrate the manner in which my mind was … hmmm, expanding is the only appropriate word … that I could even think in this way. I was quite struck at the novel and more intensive fashion my mind was working in. I was seeing things from a new perspective and getting my mind around something was not as difficult as it once had been.

Now all of that could be complete imagination on my part. I might be totally out to lunch. But I do believe I’m observing an unfoldment of capabilities and my hunch is it’s related to the rising energies occurring at this time of Transition.

So these are just research notes and observations; nothing conclusive or even persuasive. For the moment, just watching what seems to be arising, although with a definite touch of amazement.


(1) “Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2011,” at

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