Archangel Michael Discusses Transition in Consciousness on Tonight’s Hour with an Angel

We’ve just pre-recorded An Hour with an Angel and in this week’s program Archangel Michael gives as much detail as we could possibly want about the transition to higher consciousness that is happening for lightworkers over the next month.

He says some think of this event as “the attunements.” Others call it “the clearing.”

You can listen to the program tonight or later from the archive but do listen to it.

I’ve long suspected that John Smallman’s Saul, who has been saying for many months now that a watershed event will soon happen for many of us, has been speaking not about Ascension but about the transition that Archangel Michael is now announcing. I asked the Boss about this and he confirmed that my suspicion was correct: this transition is the event that Saul has been speaking about.

So now everyone who has been thinking that Saul was nuts for saying over and over again, “It’s coming soon!”: he is not nuts. This is it.

I plan later today to begin posting some of the references from Saul about it. But here I’d like to post just a snippet from this evening’s broadcast.

And, by the way, listen to my voice in this snippet because I’m sure you can hear the impact on me of just a few days of this transition. I certainly can.  I apologize that you can hear me typing in a few of the seconds of this snippet. I’ll ask Graham to remove it from the final version.

I didn’t have the opportunity to ask Archangel Michael if “the intelligence of love” refers to the fact that knowing increases with bliss, but I’m pretty sure that is what he means.

A few things about it. (1) This is, as far as I’m aware, the shedding of the blindfold or veils that have kept us from experiencing our native dimensionality. (2) This is not physical Ascension but it sure may be spiritual Ascension. I think it’s designed to assist us with our lightwork and shift our experience therein from effort and struggle to effortlessness and sharing. (3) You must ask for it and the extent you receive it depends on the extent you open to it. (4) You may need to rest in the face of it. (5) It will affect different lightworkers differently in the beginning.  For instance, some may feel a wee bit more clearing of flotsam and jetsam before feeling the bliss and euphoria. But all who’ve asked  – if my understanding is correct – will get to the euphoric stage. (6) According to AAM, it is unstoppable. (7) It is a gift from the Divine Mother, also known as the Holy Spirit and Shakti.

I am at this moment experiencing euphoria so I can vouch for the fact that this is happening.  As soon as I finish this article, I’m going to do one that extracts from some of the things that Saul has said in the past months because they as well refer to this transition, attunement or clearing.

So ask for this attunement and then open yourself fully to it. Ask your children to ask for it. Ask your relatives to ask for it. Ask everyone to ask for it.


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