Starseeds, Spiritual Experiences, and Enlightenment

In earlier years, I seemed to go from one spiritual experience to another, enough of them that I gave them names to keep them straight – the Silver Bullet, the Flame in the Heart, the Highway to Heaven.

I had rings of fire shooting up my spine, brief spells knowing I was God, insights into the nature of awareness, views of the inner universe.

Out-of-body experiences, visions, trips above the line, peak moments, transformational experiences, “gets,” call them what you wish – every year was something different.

At the time I felt myself quite knowledgeable about what to do and how to relate to a transitory spiritual experience, but I have to say that I’m out of practice these days.

I knew enough then never to make a life-altering decision in the midst of a spiritual experience, always to wait several days after before acting in any ambitious way, always to watch for the snapback effect, etc.

But none ever resulted in the experience of enlightenment. However, if the information is true about our origins as Starseeds, then we’ve all experienced enlightenment in other lifetimes.

I recall the Boss saying to me some time ago that I was not to expect dramatic or blowout spiritual experiences such as enlightenment this lifetime because I needed to continue writing as my contribution to Ascension and dramatic experiences might interrupt, interfere, or even cancel out my ability or desire to write.

So you and I may be advised to have modest expectations of this lifetime exactly because we’ve signed up to serve. After Ascension we’ll all be released to return to our native dimensions and our reward, if reward we seek, will come then.

The experience that came yesterday seemed like one of the (relatively) gentle increases in dimensional experience that we probably can expect to see as we move through the year.

That experience is settling down now. I feel a residuum of increased confidence and stability. I go in and out of exhaustion but I know now that that too is an accompaniment of the gradual upward dimensional climb that we’ll probably all be involved in.

One of the lessons that this latest experience conveyed was that, if I remained in the space that it revealed, I would probably not be able to write more research compilations. I think I’d only be able to write in the moment and certainly would have no motivation for doing otherwise. So again I have to choose what it is I want to keep doing and that choice cannot come from ego.

If it were to come from ego, why, I’d choose the higher-dimensional experience. Who would not? But if the mission is to serve, then choosing the higher-dimensional state of being may be counter-productive. We also serve who only wait tables and carry the food in from the kitchen. All of us are needed at the banquet of Ascension.

There’s a class of beings known as bodhisattvas who refuse to enter Nirvana in order to remain outside and serve humanity.

There’s another class of beings known as the Nirmanakaya, or Guardian Wall, who choose to stand on guard and keep away from Earth the wider catastrophes beyond karma that could otherwise overtake it. Their choice means they refuse to pass on from the human octave.

There’s also a group of the Melchizedeks who’ve won for themselves the right to leave the human octave but don’t. They come back instead to teach. So the example of beings who’ve won the right to move on and don’t is extensive in the spiritual world.

Similarly we Starseeds have chosen to migrate from our native worlds and higher dimensions and spend a lifetime in service, waiting tables at Ascension. And it may not be appropriate for us to seek the higher experiences that may be appropriate for those we serve. I don’t know for sure. It’s just a hunch I have.

We wear our waiter’s garb and pride ourselves on doing our service well, without attracting attention to ourselves. And so perhaps it should be to fulfill our agreements.

Just know that, if you’re a Starseed, I appreciate the sacrifice you made and I know what that sacrifice is. I honor your commitment to take the years of this life and invest them in Earth’s humanity without expectation of return. You’ve donned this heavy, tiring wetsuit of a body, surrendered your life in the Elysian fields, so to speak, and consented to labor in the fields of Third Dimensionality. All honor to you.

Undoubtedly most Starseeds here are not seeking reward. I don’t exactly know how all of this works because, as long as the blinders remain on, I can’t access much of the knowing that I believe I have. I only sense things. There isn’t much that I’m aware of that attracts me in this life. Serving does and it attracts me more than the idea of reward. I have to assume that this is a characteristic of most Starseeds until proven otherwise.

So onto the next chapter or the next experience as we prepare ourselves for the arrival of the guests to dinner or the banquet of Ascension itself.

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