Reader’s Comment on “Factual Inaccuracies” in Ben Fulford’s Recent Column

Reader “J” sends along this note on “Benjamin Fulford: “It’s Time to Take the Ring of Power to Mount Doom,”April 16, 2012

A lot of Ben’s columns contain spurious factual inaccuracies. For example:

Coup d’etat in China? – “Groomed leader Xijinping has not been seen on Xinhua news agency since (..) last year” In fact he’s been in the news daily in both official mouthpieces of the Chinese party China Daily & Xinhua; See attached –

[The Internet search referred to shows Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping actively meeting foreign dignitaries in China and abroad throughout April 2012.]

“Zvonko Berdik Albert” tried to get his hands on trillions of funds on behalf of Committee of 300 claiming to represent Asian dragon families. A quick search will show Berdik Albert is a wellknown international fraudster – the last person people who control the world would use to represent them in finance negotiations (see

I am familiar with Asian Banking institutions and families having worked in [the Far East] – the above checks can be run by anyone using Google searches on the internet; no prior knowledge needed.

Here is the latter article

The Man Behind US3610 Billion Scheme Revealed

The uproar over the Prime Minister signing a contract to receive up to US$10 billion including US$500 million in commissions in return for endorsing technology to reduce C02 emissions by 900% that nobody seems to know anything about has taken another turn.

The secretive man behind the scheme of which Trevor Pettett says he is simply ‘the messenger’ is a Dr Betik Albert who signed the contract on behalf of Bedford International Finance Group.

According to Clarence Marai , Albert said in his correspondence with the Prime Minister, “As you know the Royal Family funds are under my sole signature .”

Mr Marai who was involved with the arrangements on the contract has advised Daily Post these are not the British Royal Family funds but the Thailand Royal family funds. He advised “Pettett should have advised you on this.”

On closer examination of the name and signature the Post did some investigations on Dr Betik Albert and found some interesting information on the internet through some obscure banking forums that show the doctor was linked with some bad transactions.

A very similar name along with Bedford International surfaced in a major counterfeiting fraud in 2003 in the Dominican Republic. A translated text from The Dominica News on September 13, 2003 states, “The largest attempt proliferation of counterfeit money in the history of the Dominican Republic has been foiled. It worked for the Dominican police and Interpol. The perpetrators of the coup was the Hungarian Zvonko Berdik Albert (60) arrested.

Wrong US banknotes, cheques and alleged securities of Asian and Swiss banks with a total value of 40 million US dollars have been secured. A Yugoslavian with Dominican Cedula is unmasked as accomplices. Zvonko Berdik Albert had tried the fake banknotes and documents, together with his partner about his own shell companies, “Financial Corporation and Monetary Corp. Foundation. Inc.” And “General XCEO Bedford International in a Dominican bank deposit.”

This appears on the translated web site Dominica News


The name Zvonko Berdik Albert appears on the Blacklist Diliigizer, a list of names of individuals who are defendants in lawsuits, or have had judgments and / or cease and desist orders filed against them, or have been indicted, arrested and / or incarcerated / jailed. Normally, but not always, this is as a result of their participation in fraudulent investment transactions relating to unregistered private placements, HYIPs, the buying and / or selling of corporate / bank-issued instruments, loans, project financing transactions, or other business practices . This is on the translated web site

The same Zvonko Berdik Albert appears to have a ******** record in the Dominican Republic on a court case on 3/11/2004 according to translated internet reports that state:

“Ruling. 675 issued by the Magistrate’s Court of the First Circuit of the National District, on June 6, 2001, the device is as follows: First: It reaffirms the defect prevented against Mr Albert Zvonko Berdik, not to appear despite summons Legal Second: the conviction prevented Albert Zvonko Berdik, of violating Article 401 of the Penal Code, in its paragraph 1ro., and therefore condemned to suffer imprisonment correctional six (6) months, and was condemned pay a fine of two hundred pesos (RD $ 200.00) and costs; Third: It declares regular and valid as to form, premo?enjskopravni made by the Internet Corporation for Hotels Ltd., Hotel Hispaniola, having been carried out according to law; Fourth: On the merits, condemning Mr Albert Zvonko Berdik, to pay compensation of one hundred thousand pesos (RD $ 100000.00), in favour of the Corporation for Hotels Ltd., Hotel Hispaniola, as just compensation for damages; Fifth: It condemns Mr Albert Zvonko Berdik, to pay the sum of Eighty Four hundred thousand pesos (RD $ 480000.00), in respect of hotel services consumed and not paid, plus interest payments LEGAL that amount from the date of the complaint; Sixth: It condemns Mr Albert Zvonko Berdik, to pay the costs of civil proceedings, ordering and distraction in favour of Dr advantage. Jose Manuel Sanchez Fortuna, having advanced to assert mostly ‘; THIRD: It condemns the appointed Albert Zvonko Berdik, to pay the costs for civil and lawyers.”

Dr Berdik Albert has been involved in financial transactions in Cambodia that provoked the following comment on a banking forum on

“Some people from Hong Kong told me that their connection can utilize the bank guarantee from the central bank to get into the HYIP directly.

Some government personnel from Cambodia had agreed to provide the bank guarantee. The only condition we would require is that the details for payment (which bank, when and the amount) must be confirmed prior to the establishment of the bank guarantee.

When I reached Hong Kong last week, I got to know the connection, Dr. Berdik Albert. During the meeting, he changed the method to government bond and the payment will only be confirmed AFTER the bank guarantee is confirmed to his banking coordination in Canada.

I asked another friend and he came up with some internet information that the Doctor was linked in some bad transaction before.

The funds will be used to develop the road transportation in the country side and to cover the initial expenses for the establishment of a Cambodia entity that will look after the undersea oil and gas exploration.” ends

It should be relatively easy for Financial Intelligence Services to find out whether Dr Berdik Albert or Trevor Pettett has the sole access to the Thai Royal Family funds amounting to billions of dollars and whether the Thai Royal Family are happy to give away up to US$10 billion including massive commission payments to a small South Pacific island nation in return for endorsing CO2 emission technology that nobody knows about, has absolutely nothing on the internet and that Vanuatu doesn’t need.

Daily Post has also learnt from sources involved in the scheme in Vanuatu that the reason behind the so called ****, according to George Bogiri, unraveling in Vanuatu and police picking up US citizen Peter Wagoner and Grey Robert Bruce from the UK is because they reportedly tried to get US$1.5 billion each in commission from the Vanuatu government and Bedford International and were asking for the US$10 billion to be increased to US$13 billion to meet their demands.

Despite Government media spokesman Patrick Crowby declaring that “no fraud has been made” and the contract was in Vanuatu’s interests the following questions remain unanswered.

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