Sierra Neblina, Starseed Extraordinaire

Thanks to Pamela, we have a transcript of Graham Dewyea’s interview with Sierra Neblina, walk-in, starseed, and Pleieadian ambassador. With so many stories being published and space becoming a premium, we’ve extracted two parts of that story and located the rest to the pages section of the site. Just click on the link to go there.

Sierra Neblina, Starseed Extraordinaire

InLight Radio, April 8, 2012

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GD: Hello and welcome to Our Galactic Family, I’m Graham Dewyea. My guest today is Sierra Neblina. Sierra is an Intuitive Pleiadian Starseed, an ordained Minister, a Desert Storm Veteran and the Co-Host of Starseed Radio Academy, on Blog Talk Radio. Welcome, Sierra, and thanks for coming on the show.

SN: Oh, thank you so much, I’m so, so grateful to you and your listeners to have me on the show.


GD: You have a conscious recollection of those incarnations, right?

SN: That’s correct. That is correct. I needed to have my consciousness expanded at a very rapid rate. Because, of the work I agreed to come here to this planet to do, which was to be an ascension worker. To help human beings to really make it this time, to make that jump from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th Dimension. For the ascension, or the shift, whatever people are most comfortable using the terminology for.

So who I am most recently has been a Commander for a Pleiadian Starship and an Ambassador for the Pleiadians. So that was one of the things I needed to come to terms with the quickest. Because, what had happened was I had been evolved out of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Dimension for millions of years. I chose to put my hand up. Because, of my love for humanity and my investment in their success here on Planet Earth. So I put my hand up and I volunteered to come down and be born into a human body and go through this human experiment.

At a certain point there were certain things along the way that were supposed to happen, pre-ordained things, at major points of my life, that I agreed to be a part of. So I could bring a message to humanity and also live as a demonstration to humanity and their expansion. That was very exciting. It was, I can’t say it was a cake walk. There was an actual physical experience, emotional, spiritual, energetic experience with the expansion. A lot of people right now are actually feeling that.


GD: You’re feeling pretty optimistic about what’s to come?

SN: Absolutely. There are messages that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters want us to know. First, and foremost we have to remember who we are and our connection to Source. The greatest lie that has happened to us, the greatest travesty is that we have been conditioned as human beings to forget how powerful we are and how we can create our own reality. It’s so important. We have been born into, we have inherited conversations, we have inherited social conversations, we have inherited economic conversations and we get trapped in thinking we’ve only got x that we can do, or we can only do x, or we can’t do x.

The thing of it is…everything that we think; everything that we intend has power. It truly, truly has power. We create our own Universe our own reality. Every human being on this planet creates his or her own reality. When we stop buying into the lies and when we stop buying into the fear, we can start to see the impact that we have on each other and on our environment, in a positive way. The most important thing besides that is that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters want us to know that don’t buy into the fear. Right now is so important. It’s such a beautiful and exciting and breathtaking time to be here on the planet right now and you need to know you came here to witness this, to be involved in this and to assist in this ascension with human beings, with everybody.

Whether you consider yourself to be a Starseed or not, you are here to participate. Participate is the keyword. Apathy is the soul killer. For so many years we’ve been bought into and lied to and sat back on our laurels’ in our apathy and watched things happen to our brothers and sisters on our planet. Right now is the time to wake up and get involved. You have a voice, use it. Speak your truth. Get involved. Go out and do things in your community.

GD: What’s your specific role with the Galactic Federation as a Pleiadian Starseed?

SN: There are several different ways I am raising the consciousness on the planet. Every single night I’m aboard ship, or I’m out of body doing work and still being trained myself by Ascended Masters and Ascended beings. I’m still learning and integrating. So basically I go out and I energetically come back and I literally ground consciousness into the planet, into the Earth, into people. Just by being, by hearing my voice, by being in my presence people are starting to wake up whether they know it or not. It’s an energetic thing that I’m providing. I’m also providing it by demonstration, coming down and being born in this body and working my way all the way up to this point. By demonstration to show people that no matter what your situation is you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to.

GD: Why don’t you mention your web site and maybe again mention the title of your book they can be looking for.

SN: Absolutely. One other thing I’d like to finish up with is one more point they would like everyone to know…it’s always darkest before the light and the thousand years reign of peace is just beyond our finger tips. Have faith and believe and know and create towards you the world it is that you want to live in. The beautiful, peaceful world.

GD: What is that vision for you?

SN: Oh, my goodness. I see where human beings live in cooperation with each other and their environment on every level. There is a balance between human being, environment and animals and the world. In fact, that in itself propels us to be on the Galactic level with our brothers and sisters.

GD: Beautiful.

SN: So just, no matter how bad it looks, no matter how bad you think it is…don’t buy into the fear. Because, there is another program running that we need to throw out completely. No more fear. Please don’t be afraid and please love and bring light and bring hope into every dark place that you find.

GD: Well said.

SN: But. So I’m the co-host on the Starseed Hot Line, go to and if you want to listen to my story go to We are also on\StarseedRadioAcademy. We are on every Tuesday evening 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. We have a lot of great guest.

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