Now is the Time

A man who worked by sitting; in fact, by dreaming (Walt Disney)

In the world we live in – my world, your world – people are still fighting. Bombed-out cities remain in ruins. Children are starving, dying.

People write me continuously and say they are on the edge of bankruptcy. They must sell their house. They have no money to eat.

It’s time to be up and working. It’s time to be building the New World. It won’t get built by itself.

It’s time to stop representing ourselves as helpless and waiting for guidance. Push back your chair. Make a survey of your community, Whatever there is to do is to be done right where you are. How many people have said to us: You are where you were meant to be.

It’s all I can do not to pick up a broom myself and simply start sweeping the streets in my vicinity. I cannot wait for the ships to get here. I cannot wait for people to join me. I cannot wait for the money to arrive.

My world is not working. It’s bleeding, starving, thirsting, dying. It has malaria, AIDS, broken limbs, aged bodies. It’s calling out to me.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Am I somehow saying this before the time is ripe? I don’t think so. The galactics told us recently, through Mira:

“As part of the ground crew, you may be required to step into action. Most of humanity is still distracted and asleep. Our fleets surround you. Our Creator has accounted for all possibilities. You will know what to do when the time arrives.” (1)

The spiritual hierarchy through Melchizedek has said:

“Many of you are now venturing out into your communities and are being looked upon in a new and accepting way.” (2)

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles assures us:

“You have been selected out of many that expressed interest to be here as it was felt that you would respond to your call of duty and do what is that you do best. Many of you at this time are recognizing this inborn talent and are now deciding to take the reins and be the leader that you are.

“There will be in the days ahead many opportunities for you to put your talents to good use and forge paths for the others to follow. There will be many leaders among you who will make themselves known as we move forward, and there will be many who make it known who they wish to follow in accordance with what they resonate with. (3)

They tell us that soon we’ll receive the call to work alongside of them. But why wait?

“It is almost time for those of you that will be working with us to meet us in person face-to-face. We look very forward to these introductions, and look at this meeting as an historical event that will be recorded in your history books for posterity and for future readers to look back and learn how first contact was made with your celestial neighbors.

“Those of you who will be involved in this project will be remembered for your courage and your efforts to be the Wayshowers of your fellow man. Many doors will open upon our introductions and we are able to begin working together in a peaceful cooperation.” (4)

SaLuSa took the better part of a message to urge us:

“Once the advantages are announced it will result in much support, and an eagerness on many people’s part to play an active role in it. There will be opportunities to take part and we will certainly need the support of all of you who are ready to play your part with us. Community work will be required to convey the nature of the changes, and how they can be implemented with the least inconvenience. Be assured we know you all and what your particular talents are, and what you came into this life to do.

“We see a great Love and Light expanding over the Earth and it carries the energy that will lift many up out of the darkness. In the poorer countries of the world, many have lost hope as they see their plights largely ignored. They need sustenance and their basic needs covered, just so that they can survive the harsh conditions they exist in. Talk of Ascension has hardly any meaning to them and their faith in God and humanity is at a low ebb.

“There are people and organizations that care, but the task is so great it needs a coming together of those countries who are affluent and can afford to act. Humanity cannot in future stand by and allow such conditions to exist, and must grasp the truth that All Are One. Having said that, we know many of you are very compassionate and greatly desire that help is given to the world’s poorest people. You will be pleased to know that the means to remedy the hunger and desperation, is ready to be put in hand.” (5)

No, we can’t afford to stand by and allow conditions that exist in the world to continue. We’re called upon, every one of us, to shake the sleepy dust from our eyes, stretch, and get out of bed. It’s time to begin.  Let’s not waste another day. This world that was so wracked by the cabal and is now being set free is now calling out to us to take our tools in hand and our willingness and courage and set to work rebuilding her.


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