Having a Global Conversation

No, I’m not a megalomaniac or an egomaniac, but I do believe that we need to make a leap in our communications and I believe the time is here to make it.

I’m sure everyone has experienced breaking through to being able to make a speech before the class, perhaps before the school, then maybe on the radio, etc.

Each time we break through to a new level of communication, there’s a corresponding expansion of consciousness.

I’m suggesting that the time has come to have a conversation as a world.

No, I don’t mean the world conversing with the world. I mean us addressing the whole world in our communications. It’s a level of communication but it’s also a level of consciousness.

I’m convinced that our former planetary controllers dumbed us down, divided us and conquered, and erected artificial barriers based on language, religion, nationality, class, color and many other variables. Any variable in fact could be made a barrier and many were.

It’s now time, I believe, to begin the slow march back towards addressing matters without those barriers, to address each other as a world.  In doing so we accomplish numerous goals. We roll back the artificial divisions imposed on us by the powers that were.  We recognize our commonality and our shared interests. We promote unitive consciousness, We prepare ourselves for Ascension.

What does it look like to have a conversation as a world?  I can’t pretend to know that. I can only imagine it. It means, for me, to start thinking in terms of men, women and children, regardless of location or any other variable. It means to start thinking in terms of the human condition, of what all human beings want and what all human beings have. It means to dedicate ourselves to seeing that everything on the planet is fairly shared. If there is not enough to go around, then we all share the pain. If abundance flows, then we all share the gain.

Readers of this site will know that abundance is in fact around the corner. You’ve heard of treasure ships sunk in the sea containing fortunes in gold, platinum, currency and bonds. You’ve heard of rooms as big as gymnasiums filled with gold. You’ve heard of funds coming from St. Germain’s World Trust. You may not be as familiar with gold being brought here from other planets. You’ve heard of projects starting up worth trillions of dollars designed to kickstart the new economy. Wrap all these reports up and more and put them in a file marked “NESARA” because they are all about NESARA. (1) So abundance is on its way. Once the cabal has been arrested and removed from the scene, I expect NESARA will begin (not like I know).

In our conversation as a world, let’s stay with this one subject. What does it mean that NESARA comes in? Well, it means that our debts will be relieved, our needs will be met, and services will be established such as universal medicare and other aspects of the social-safety net.  But it also means that many of us will volunteer to take the fruits of NESARA to places where people currently exist for under a dollar a day. NESARA will spread from the developed world, if I understand matters correctly, to the underdeveloped world. And we will lead that effort.

Looking at that one subject alone and having a conversation as a world, the task before us will be to work together as a community without borders, without divisions, without separative interests. Knowing this ahead of time, the work that we can accomplish now is to begin to obliterate the borders in our mind, to cease thinking as Britons, Australians and Mexicans, Americans, Chinese and Russians, and begin to think as sovereign citizens of Planet Earth.

Borders were yesterday; the world is today. National interests were yesterday; human interests are today. National security was yesterday; planetary wellbeing is today.

We must make the leap, first in our minds, next in our speaking, and finally in our actions from a world of nations, classes, and so on, to a world without borders or divisions.


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