Life is Good

This is the last March 22 I plan to spend in this lifetime, in this clime, on this planet as it is. And the last March 23, 24, etc. I have my cosmic bags packed and am gradually leaving off thinking about replacing the old quilt on the bed and considering each purchase for whether I can do without it until next year.

I can’t take any of it with me so what’s the point of accumulating more? And since I plan to get much younger soon, there doesn’t seem much point in investing in a few things I won’t need when I sport my new look.

It’s Spring here in the Northern climes. The sun is returning to grace its Northern children, its Southern children having enjoyed it for the last half  year and consenting to share it with us who have frozen in the dark so long. I realize that we’ll need to give it back a half a year from now, but that’ll be the last time for that as well.

I’ll miss the Northern temperate rainforest. I’m not a big sky person, like my prairie friends. I need to rub shoulders with mountains, watch the Orca swim, and distinguish various shades of grey in the clouds overhead on a moody wintry day. It positively gets the ink in my veins flowing and brings up so many moods I like to write about.

Yes, and I’m gonna miss coffee milkshakes and na-to sushi and staying home from work with a cold.

One third of 2012 is past and I’m a bit gripey and grumbly, waiting for the big top to come to town. I’m a great deal happier than I was. Today I smiled at almost everyone on the street. Some people smiled back and some gave me a wide berth.

A Skype buddy said today: “Just as the cabal knows their time is up, so does the ego.” Then she stopped, thought for a minute, and added: “Come to think of it,  I [i.e., the persistent and fearful ego] am the reason Disclosure hasn’t happened.”


Last week I was exhausted – as were so many others.  There were days when I could only sleep.

But exhausted or not, I smile more than the Enzyte man. And for different reasons. The energy keeps rising. Israelis are connecting with Iranians. The Greeks are not taking it lying down. The planetary party-poopers are leaving.

People are opening new blogsites, new radio shows, getting the word out.  Life is good.

Happy last March 22 for the rest of your life. Every day from here on in is a “last.” Make it the best.

Happy End Times. Happy end of the Mayan Calendar. Happy D-Day (1) minus 274.

Welcome, Brave New World. Welcome to a world that works for everyone. Welcome to a long and happy life, lived outside of time, on a planet full of people who live and love as one.


(1) Departure Day.

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