It’s the Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown

As I write this, it is the wee hours on Saturday morning here in Australia.

The anticipation is building. Serendipitous signs and synchronicities have been flowing steadily and fluidly since yesterday. The usual sightings of my favourite numbers 44 and 444 have been everywhere – TV commercials, car licence plate numbers, building numbers – ever so fleetingly, you’d miss them if you blinked.

Yes, in a few hours, I may be among the first worldbridgers to be escorted to a grand galactic reunion.

Can I contain myself? Just barely – but in another sense, energetically? Absolutely!

If you read Steve’s last post on “The Monumental Act …., you will know that the 2012 Scenario site reached an all time high of 80,000 hits yesterday – for the first time ever. I won’t re-hash what he wrote, but these are certainly exciting times!

Equally important is how we ALL come together, elevating our vibrational levels of consciousness and love. We are no longer novice fringe dwellers, standing at the edge of the event horizon. We have donned our 5D bio suits and are now on the precipice of being fully fledged epic explorers weaving our own unique brand of magic into our every day existence as galactic citizens.

We have stepped up to the plate as multi-dimensional beings seeded here on Earth with a mission – whatever that may be.  Some write, some paint, some sing, some heal, and some need only smile radiating their soul essence in this wonderful kaleidoscope of community. We come together, reflecting each other’s sparkle and brilliance!

These are momentous times indeed. The quickening and awakening is happening in super quantum ‘time’. You are either on board .. or not. You have either heard the clarion call .. or you have not. We have all chosen to be here on Earth at this time. Whether or not we remember the reason why is not so important – as following the call of our soul, our highest personal source code.

Somewhere in that divine act of remembering is a grace bestowed upon all of us. A sacred covenant that can never be broken – perhaps forgotten, but we only need dust away the cobwebs of etheric veiled memories to reveal the splendour and glory of who we all are. We are all a part of a fractal tapestry of Bliss and Divinity.

Whether or not this maiden voyage happens  – and it WILL (either way, now or later) – if we ALL maintain diligence and consciously hold the energetic resonance of the highest outcome for all, this will be a huge achievement. We are setting the precedent for action. It is time to drop the old 3D paradigm like a dirty rag or a cheating partner .. and embrace a brave new empowered world of vigour and veracity, of integrity and authenticity, of guts and fortitude.

Your role in this is paramount. YOU and your participation are a valued and integral part of this movement. In the past few days, we have been inundated with so much love and support (as well as ridicule) for stepping up beside us and we encourage you to continue to hold the space in the next few hours by keeping your energies high and your vibrations open to love. AAM said the ONLY thing impeding this mission is human doubt. How we individually and collectively handle this will determine the outcome of the mission. The majority must be in strong conviction that we are all poised for success or else it could hamper our overall efforts.

Grener, AAM and the galactics are quite possibly tuned in to see how we are doing as a collective spirit.  They are most likely assessing whether or not humanity can actually cope with Disclosure. YOUR efforts are needed in order for this to truly manifest and transpire. Do what you feel needs to be done. Clear the space. Set the intention. Chant. Sing. Smudge. Dance. Meditate.

Are we ready? Yes! We are more than ready. The team here is on standby. We are all frequency conduits – we either accelerate the process or inhibit it by our thoughts and vibrations. If you were not confirmed for the first voyage, please do not be disheartened. Remember there will be other flights. Your current vibrational homeostasis is imperative right now for this mission. The entire light worker community can no longer appear fragmented or divided.  As co-creators and manifestors, we have the perfect opportunity to show our galactic brethren that we are all united. We are all One. We have the ability to share in each other’s joy and successes.

You have the power to  sway the balance. One person CAN make a difference to the collective efforts. Never underestimate your ability to do so. The group collective consciousness is an energy field which aids in ascension. The amplification of your intent and energies, whether or not you are on the list, will make incredible headway for us all. We suggest monitoring your levels of energy and vibration carefully with impeccable compassion and faith in the next few hours to ensure it is alignment with our goal.

Yes, there has been much controversy behind the scenes – we all have free will and are entitled to our own opinions, so let’s respect each other differing views and points of difference and steer clear from the petty squabbles and intellectual diatribes, which run fierce in a 3D world. If your current reality prevents you from paving an alternative route out of this matrix and 3D complex, do not interrupt those trying to do so. Nothing changes at the same level of thinking or paradigm in which it was created. The new earth is an energetic zip code in our hearts. The sooner we all open up and let each other in by embracing courage in the face of adversity .. the faster we move into a glorious expansion of multidimensional realities.

If we fall, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. A baby doesn’t give up the first time it falls when learning to first walk. It stumbles many times. Einstein did not stop after his 100th failed attempt. Evolution happens in quantum leaps and bounds. You may call us names, attack our reputation – but it will say more about your character than it does about our faith, determination and commitment. Once any of us hold a strong belief in any thing, there comes a time when we will be sorely tested to stand true in defence of this belief, with every conviction in our heart and soul, in the face of adversity and against all odds.

I ask you to look deep inside your hearts, to support the underdog, not with your harsh levels of criticism and conjecture, but to appeal to your discerning senses and to sincerely wish everyone a blazing path to success and infinite wisdom.

This is in your hands, just as much as it is in ours and our star brothers and sisters. They are just as eager to play and share with us as we all were, back in kindergarten. We need to be able to meet each other half way – this means in intent, vibration and action. Each and every single one of us are catalysts of transformation. How you ‘show up’ to support yourself, each other and this global galactic community reveals the Soul that you are.

YOU are divine delegates in possession of a treasure trove of infinite intelligence.

It is time to claim your place as a galactic citizen in this vast galaxy.

I’ll see you on the cosmic dance floor at the homecoming dance!


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