My Stand in This Matter

A reader has said that she thinks I am somehow at the end of my rope and ready to quit. Not at all. I’m excited and working happily.

I just want you to know that the buck for this effort stops at my desk. No excuses from me if things don’t go as planned.

Our initial request to Grener to allow twenty people to come on board the ships has grown to at least 120 people, all of whom are willing to embark on an adventure with us.

It has also resulted in a tremendous discussion behind the scenes among lightworkers.

That discussion has almost entirely been amicable, but very serious.

I won’t be naming any of the people with whom I’ve had discussions and I’ve told them so. I will not be publishing anything more than the most general of summaries of what has been discussed.

At the same time, any lightworker with whom I’ve had a discussion is welcome to publish anything I’ve said to them.

I’ll summarize their concerns here.  I do so believing that this much is allowable and will not identify or harm anyone.

Some people are concerned that our alleged discussions with Grener, Archangel Michael, etc., jeopardize the credibility that all others associated with the Light have labored so long and hard to build.

Some lightworkers point out that no prediction anyone has ever made has come true. Why then would this one?

Others say that they themselves have sources that would have confirmed this matter if it was true. And those sources have by and large not. (Fran Zepeda’s appear to have, but so far that is all.)

It’s time for me to declare myself and my stand in this matter.

If this event does not shape up as I have been told it would by my sources, the responsibility will be entirely mine. All the mistakes made are my mistakes. I will not offer you excuses. I will not try to shift responsibility or mince words.   I have initiated these events and I will carry the burden if they fail to come true.

I am staking all on this event – all the credibility I have gained from you for all the work of the past three years, all the support I have garnered, and all the goodwill you have given me.

Several teams of volunteers work this site, moderate the discussion group, and man the Bridge Fund. And they do it because they’ve placed faith in the quality of my own discernment and have chosen to go with the sources that I’ve said I find credible.

I’m very grateful for the faith they have placed in me and I will do all I can to warrant that faith. But others are not responsible if this effort fails. I alone am.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not blowing my horn or seeking something from you. I have, except for one or two exceptions, never sought anything from you and I seek nothing now.

I’m simply saying that I’m completely responsible for what follows. No one hoodwinked me, forced me, lied to me, or anything of the sort. I chose this course of action completely. I’m not a victim in any way.

We’ll know by late Saturday evening whether or not this roll of the dice was successful.  If unsuccessful, I will retire from this work and carry the responsibility for the failure of this effort with me and with me only.

To the lightworkers who are worried that I am endangering their own credibility, I hear you. I can appreciate your apprehensions. I love you and respect your concerns.

For me personally, this gamble is worth it. I’m not saying it is for you.  For me, it is High Noon and the galactics will either show up and offer us tangible proof that all this is true or they won’t.

I’m casting aside fear, which has never served anyone anyways. I have no reputation I choose to protect.  I seek only to serve the Light and, if I must depart because this effort fails, I will serve the Light by departing.

With that, I invite you to go forward with me (with us), act with determination but maturely and wisely, and let’s see what comes of our best effort. In four days we’ll know.


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