Why Ascend to the Fifth? Why Not Stop at the Fourth? – Part 1/2

A participant on the 2012S discussion group asked why Ascension carries us into the Fifth Dimension as if the Fourth Dimension were something we don’t want. Why did we not stop with the Fourth Dimension, she asked. I apologize that this article is a bit long and perhaps a tad complex. But the answer takes a little preparation.

The short answer is that our Ascension involves a leaving of dualistic consciousness and an entering of unitive consciousness and unitive consciousness only begins with the Fifth Dimension.

The Fourth Dimension, or Astral Plane, is still dualistic in consciousness.

I asked Archangel Michael to confirm that the Fourth Dimension was the Astral Plane and the Fifth the Mental and he did here:

Steve: Can I just confirm with you that the Fourth Dimension is the closest equivalent, not exactly equivalent obviously, of the Astral Planes, and the Fifth Dimension is the closest equivalent in the physical world of the Mental Planes. Is that correct?

Archangel Michael: Yes. (1)

The Arcturians speaking through Suzanne Carroll acknowledge that the Third and Fourth Dimensions usually are thought of as going together:

“When we speak of the third dimension, we include the fourth as the etheric emanations of the physical world. This fourth dimensional etheric reality connects you to the higher worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.” (2)

Humans are generally thought of as cycling through the Third and Fourth Dimensions so that progress to the Fifth is the real accomplishment of Ascension, as the Guardians through Lisa Renee imply here:

“The cycle of karmic regression of the human species has included repeated incarnations in this 3D realm and the recycling of the consciousness through the 4D realm, the Astral plane.” (3)

Here Archangel Michael acknowledges that Ascension movement to the Mental Plane – and also beyond.

“The ascension process entails mastering the Physical Plane, the Astral (emotional) Plane, the Mental Plane and, eventually, up through the higher dimensions.” (4)

Ag-Agria tells us that the accomplishment of Ascension will be the attainment of unitive consciousness, which he calls “accepting that you are all One.”

“Spiritually your biggest leap forward will come from accepting that you are all One. For too long you have been separated by your schisms, color, language and creeds, but modern day education and communications have narrowed that gap. There have been too many different gods, with too many interpretations as to their place in your lives. In a world that is a time capsule of so many different periods of religious teachings, it is no wonder that it is difficult for you to find a common thread that links you all together.

“That will come in a relatively short time, but only if people are prepared to ease their rigid hold to their beliefs.” (5)

Matthew Ward also describes Ascension as the attainment of unitive consciousness here:

“Ascension is spiritual growth, soul evolvement, and each soul experiences this in many places in the universe while ‘Ascending’ into the Oneness of All—a return to our Beginning.” (6)

And SaLuSa here:

“As you make your way into the realms of Light you will become more aware of the Oneness of All That Is.” (7)

Diane of Sirius also tells us that what is drawing to a close is the cycle of duality itself:

“One of the greatest lessons you learnt was in recognizing the Oneness of All That Is, and the immutable link you have with the Source being an expression of Unconditional Love. In these concluding times as the cycle of duality comes to completion you have expanded your consciousness, and many are now practicing Unconditional Love, which they are carrying for everyone else.” (8)

(Continued in Part 2)


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(Continued in Part 2)

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